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Acer: Best Prices in Malaysia


Acer - Breaking Barriers Between People and Technology

Headquartered in Taiwan, Acer is a familiar brand among both technology enthusiasts and average household consumer gadget users. Acer is the fourth largest PC maker in the world, ahead of Toshiba and ASUS, and it is famous for its range of laptop and notebook series. With collaboration with suppliers from all around the world, Acer has also managed to establish a green supply chain.

Acer Iconia Tab - Delivering Powerful Tablet Performance

Capitalizing on the powerful Android Honeycomb operating system, Acer brings the Acer Iconia Tab to its fans worldwide. Realizing that tablet PCs are becoming popular since the introduction of the Apple iPad, Acer flaunts gleaming functionality such as multitouch and dockable keyword with its Acer Iconia Tab.

With a powerful processor, users can enjoy extreme mutitasking and their multimedia seamlessly on these tablets. Are you a serious gamer who has been sceptical about gaming on a tablet all this while? Well, the Acer Iconia Tab is the perfect gaming machine for you. The Iconia Tab series of tablets stand out with a cool aluminium casing. They also come with a front facing and a rear facing camera as well as an 8 hours battery life. Push your tablet experience to the max today with an Acer Iconia Tab.

Acer Notebooks - Proven Technology, Exceptional Value

Acer Aspire and Acer TravelMate are the two major series of Acer notebooks. Acer Aspire notebooks are aimed towards household consumers. Acer Aspire laptops are known for having good battery life, reliable performance and a light body. Acer introduced Acer Aspire S3 last year, an ultrabook that promotes mobility while maintaining the level of performance of a powerful notebook.

On the other hand, we have the Acer TravelMate series of notebooks, which is aimed towards businesses, executives and professionals. These laptops are highly reliable and reasonably priced. However, laptop reviewers often voice their disappointment over the laptops' visual appeal as compared to brands like Dell. If you are looking for a reliable but not-so-fancy laptop for everyday use, an Acer TravelMate notebook should fit into your list of requirements nicely.

Acer on Lazada Malaysia

Lazada Malaysia brings our customers the widest range of Acer notebooks and tablets. The price of these devices are highly competitive too. Get your hands on an Acer notebook or an Acer Iconia Tab from Lazada Malaysia today!