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Apple - It's The Most Amazing Company Yet

Today, Apple is the most valuable company is the whole world, ahead of oil company, Exxon Mobil. Apple, the brainchild of famous entrepreneur, the late Steve Jobs, designs and sells consumer electronic products. Its line of products includes mobile computers, desktop computers, MP3 players, handphones, softwares, various technology accessories and more.

Apple is also seen as the most innovative company on Earth and this is proven with the number of industries that they have successfully disrupted. To name a few, the music industry, the books and newspaper publication industry, the personal computer industry and not to forget, the mobile phones industry, are the few industries that Apple successfully disrupted.

Apple iPad - Resolutionary

In early 2010, Apple introduced the Apple iPad, a much awaited tablet device that let users browse the web and enjoy their digital content effortlessly. This new way of consuming content is well received by consumers from all walks of life. This simple device also changed the way how people read, forever. The sleek design and the intuitive interface of the device is simply stunning.

In the first quarter of 2011, Apple, not satisfied with the wild success of the Apple iPad, introduced an updated version of the tablet device, named, Apple iPad 2. Two cameras, one on the front and the other on the back, are added to the device and the Apple iPad 2 is also faster, lighter, thinner. Consumers went wild during the launch day and lines were formed outside Apple Stores all over the world. The Apple iPad 2 is Apple's best selling tablet device to date.

Apple - It Just, Works!

Other than bringing us the wonderful Apple iPad, the company has revolutionized the mobile phone business by introducing a series of iPhones over the past few years. The company caused existing handphone powerhouse like Nokia, Sony Ericsson and Motorola to lose significant market share. For a new player in the industry, its ability to gobble much of the market share with the first attempt is mind boggling.

Microsoft is another company and brand with long standing rivalry against Apple. With its line of computers named Macbooks and operating system, Mac OS, Apple and its fans are in constant spat with their Microsoft counterparts.

Apple Products on Lazada Malaysia

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