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ASUS - Inspiring Innovation, Persistent Perfection

ASUS is a manufacturer of laptops, desktops, tablet PCs, monitors and handphones based in Taiwan. Founded in 1989, the name ASUS actually comes from the word, Pegasus, which was then cut into 4 alphabets to achieve a high ranking order in alphabetical listings.

Famous for their laptops, especially those layered with Lamborghini branding, the company has also ventured into manufacturing tablet PCs in order to stay relevant in the high paced technology space. ASUS caused ripples in the industry recently with its ASUS Transformers tablet, which is their device to compete with the Apple iPad.

ASUS is also famous for their ASUS EEE Family series of netbooks, which is the top choice for people who wants to browse the Internet but do not have a high enough budget for a full-fledged laptop. In late 2010, ASUS again caused another ripple in the tech industry by launching the world's thinnest laptop called ASUS U36.

The consistent drive within the company to stay ahead of the stiff competition in terms of innovation has allowed the company to become one of the largest laptop manufacturers and technology company in Malaysia.

ASUS Laptop - Is It Perfect for You?

Whether it is for business, gaming, leisure or plain web browsing, ASUS has the right laptop for you. From the high performance gaming laptop to the reliable computer for students and executives to get their work done, most devices offered by ASUS are well built and reasonably priced.

Apart from just laptops, ASUS has a tablet PC series, named ASUS Transformers, as part of their offerings. Powered using Google's Android operating system, the tablet is one of the best Android devices in the market. Android OS users have posted hundreds of positive reviews for the device. Significant functionality of the ASUS Transformers Tablet PCs include a removable docked keyboard that can turn the tablet into the lite version of a laptop.

ASUS on Lazada Malaysia

On Lazada Malaysia, we carry most of the notebooks that ASUS offers. We have it all from the ASUS Eee Pad Transformers, special edition laptops (Lamborghini and Jay Chou) to the elegant looking ultrabook series. With free shipping and reasonable prices, you are sure to find one ASUS laptop that suits your needs.