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Baobao small stainless steel Western tea spoon  

  • upscale exquisite small spoon, baby spoon. the designer, quality model, famous in europe. at an affordable price. exported to europe and the statue was your life taste. over 28 yuan on shipping oh.
  • Material : Stainless steel
  • Knife and fork spoon products : Tea more
  • Source main map : Independent real shot chart

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Style: Yayoda tea spoon 1
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Product details of Baobao small stainless steel Western tea spoon

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Note, moonlight ladel On the back is there is no type of, is the light up the OH.

Product Name: high quality stainless steel tea more, tea spoon, Baobao spoon.
Material: imported high quality chrome-Nickel-manganese austenitic stainless steel (no magnetic or weak magnetic)
Work Art: Artificial cloth round polished mirror light
Production to: China
Gauge grid: Reference baby description
For magnetic: austenitic stainless steel is not with magnetic the, but follow-up process is cold processing, Organization structure also will be to martensitic conversion, Cold Processing deformation of the more large, martensitic into the more, Steel the magnetic also the more big, still, Austenitic Stainless Steel the magnetic and martensitic stainless steel the magnetic far not the same one level on, So spoon may be produced the weak magnetic, mind carefully shot Oh!
Note: stainless steel mirror polishing the, in the production and transport in May will be slightly a scratch. This is not a quality problem, perfect to carefully shot Oh!
[Notes ]:
1, stainless steel food containers in use before, to be with water hot wash a few times, For high temperature disinfection.
2, to avoid knock over, out off the, collision and strong impact, FZ will cause stainless steel products deformation, Impact and beautiful and use effect.
3, stainless steel products do not long time and soy sauce, vinegar and other containing salt the material (or other acid Alkaline substances) Contact, so as not to rust.
4, stainless steel utensils inside of the Sometimes will be due to SEENFAAN things in containing iron and other material of impact and is some red rust spots, Available warm water join diluted vinegar soak thirty minutes after, take full cleaning.
5, stainless steel containers should be with soft the cloth and the warm water diluted the food is cleaning agent cleaning. Do not use alkaline bleach agent, metal scouring pads cloth, chemical rag and other.
6, to prevent odor or stains the is, and can for a long time to clean the use, Stainless steel containers in use after, the cleaning clean and to its fully to dry.
7, stainless steel utensils high temperature heat after, do not directly with hand contact, so as not to burn.
Stainless steel kitchen the maintenance
Stainless steel meal kitchen beautiful and elegant, everybody the favorite. But in the kitchen and other places use, easy to stick oil, cleaning more trouble, Now we introduced two kinds of decontaminated method:
1. The meal kitchen surface wipe decontamination powder to scrub.
2. Roogo decontamination powder is not can completely clean, And then with fine sand in contaminated at light of grinding, can be to remove stains.
In addition, we also Keyi in use the more note, to avoid stains the build-up, Such as cold pot when put oil, with after wash net, and the water stains wipe dry and other, And with Orange leather plus detergent powder cleaning surface, on the can make the old dining kitchen bright as new.

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Style Yayoda tea spoon 1
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