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BlackBerry - Be Bold

There was a time when checking emails meant sitting down in front of a PC, booting it up, connecting to a dial up network, firing up Internet Explorer and going about it. If you are a busy business executive with emails that can pile up your inbox overnight, this can be very frustrating. RIM came up with a solution for this mundane problem in the form of a device called the BlackBerry.

Introduced in 1999, BlackBerry got its name from the fruit, black berry. The little buttons on the device resemble a collection seeds. But be warned; don’t be fooled by its seamlessly arbitrary name, the BlackBerry is no little fruit that leaves a stain or makes a tasty jam.

Blackberry Malaysia - Bold and Playful

In Malaysia, BlackBerry is famous for its handphones that feature QWERTY keyboards as well as tablet devices named Playbook. BlackBerry Malaysia's latest offering, the BlackBerry Bold, is more than just a smartphone, it is a powerful device primarily known for its messaging abilities on-device message encryption at high security level. This device also comes with a capacitive touch screen and an optical trackpad to boost the efficiency of those who are already super productive.

If you are looking for a tablet device to get things done, look no further. BlackBerry Playbook is a highly reliable and secure device for you to complete your tasks, on time, every time. The BlackBerry App World, an application marketplace which you can use to download apps onto your Playbook, features thousands of apps, ranging from productivity apps to games which you can play with while taking a breather from work.

What is the difference between a BlackBerry and a Samsung or Nokia phone? Well, if you aspire to be super productive and want to stay on top of work and emails all the time, you should get a BlackBerry considering the fact that BlackBerry Malaysia prices are still very affordable.

Blackberry on Lazada Malaysia

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