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Photobook Malaysia 14" x 11" Large Landscape Imagewrap Hardcover Photobook, 40 Pages
Photobook Malaysia 14" x 11" Large Landscape Imagewrap Hardcover Photobook, 40 Pages
RM 99.00
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RM 279.00
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  • 14" x 11" Large Landscape Imagewrap Hardcover Photobook, 40 Pages     Highlights:   1.      Bookstore-quality printing and professional binding, with 7-day guaranteed delivery. 2.      Unlimited photos per page, with personal photo choice on cover. 3.      More than 200 free pre-designed Readybook templates(size/style specific) including Mattel Readybook templates such as Barbie™, Hot Wheels™ or Fisher-Price™ available for selection. 4.    Nationwide delivery available.   Paper Type : Premium Silk Paper  (upgrade to other paper is available at additional charge) Binding:  Professional binding: Standard PUR Perfect Bound with reinforced spine backing. Total Pages : 40 pages ( additional pages is available with a surcharge )   Shipping fee (GDEX Express Shipping): 1.       Peninsular Malaysia: RM15 2.       East Malaysia: RM24   Redemption Instructions   1.      Upon purchase, our customer representative will contact you via telephone and email you the voucher code within 72 hours. 2.      Go to http://www.photobook.com.my and Select your preferred bookmaking tool and the book size which matches your purchase. Please take note that your purchase is applicable for Standard PUR Binding only, upgrade to Layflat Binding will incur additional charges. 3.      Complete the book by uploading pictures, adding text, and customising the layout. 4.      Click the green 'Shopping Cart' icon to submit your photobook. 5.      Sign in or create a new account. 6.      Complete the order form and enter your voucher code/verification code in “Payment” page and click on "Redeem" button. 7.       Finish your order by following the instructions as prompted. 8.       You may track your order via our website at http://www.photobook.com.my/track-order  
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