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Child does not rust steel Special Thick horse bucket hot 14-26 fanpen  

  • Special Thick small soup pots. In a food contact grade steel, size specifications complete, welcome to buy!
  • Item No.: YG14-26
  • Material: Does not rust Steel
  • Brand: YG
  • Style: Domestic
  • Price Range: 9.9 Yuan the following
  • The number: 1
  • Origin: Chaozhou City
  • Shape: Round
  • Main figure textile parts: Independent real shot chart

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Product details of Child does not rust steel Special Thick horse bucket hot 14-26 fanpen

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 [product introduction] BENSE.O products in a 201 series does not rust steel material Seiko production, Tough, heat-resistant, anti-corrosion, combined with our know how the polishing process, The practical the basic on the and disc and beautiful and elegant.

[name] does not rust Steel Small soup pots

 [material] 201 series stainless steel, is food grade stainless steel, Magnet is more can be suction, mind the pro carefully shot!

A variety of, pro's Roogo sense of interest can be to Baidu on the important Oh!

[PURPOSE] family, restaurant, hotel, kindergarten and school use


And we share about how to complete to take off label: with hair machine to the label blowing, Hot the on the good, while hot tear, the label intact to down.(Do not blowing too long time, time long the label is the down, Can be glue on the refused to down

For with magnetic and no magnetic Description: with magnetic I on the not in here more to do explain, With magnetic wound is magnet the cracking"on the suction on the like suction in the iron on the same! And with a hand is very hard to take down, the main is no magnetic! No magnetic with magnet is the most can distinguish out the also is the most simple the from. But with a little buyers have now launched the no magnetic is magnet may be Will suction but absolutely will not suction In the above, Of course a little not suck the products also have. But now 80% of no magnetic products multi-how much less are contains a little magnetic! As to do these products the mold is iron's, The watch to the stretch dawdle in no magnetic the products gradually the on the containing magnetic

Specifications of Child does not rust steel Special Thick horse bucket hot 14-26 fanpen

What's in the box:
  • 1x item
General Features:
Model Not Specified
Shape Round
Number Of Pieces 1
Warranty type No Warranty
  20cm soup pots applicable
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