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Curie linen Soft Pack sofa cushion pillow cover  

  • Pillow by type: Cushions
  • Coat material: Other
  • Filler: Pp cotton

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Style: C
Option: X 45cm without core
RM 46.50
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Product details of Curie linen Soft Pack sofa cushion pillow cover


Linen pillow the five, benefits
1, breathable of, through the sweat of good, Linen Cloth can be adsorption human skin on the sweat and micro sweat, the body temperature quickly reply mid, get to through

Gas, sweat effect, winter warm summer cool, suitable for personal use.
2, comfortable, itching, Pro and skin, pH value was acidic, to skin no stimulation, in line
green-and-body health requirements.
3, anti-static, not from the ball, not fell from the, not curling, Linen Cloth is with cotton sewing, not with free charge, cotton fiber is not easy to deformation, not from

4, natural green, from planting to hand-woven into a cloth, sewing of linen, Do not use pesticides and chemical dye, textile products not containing formaldehyde, azo and other

Learn to heavy metal ion, completely in line with European textile products biochemical standard provisions of the disable carcinogenic-azo dye"The requirements, The real the green

Ecological Textile treasures.
5, can improve sleep, use linen cloth the body is temperature thermal effect, Increase body the micro circulation blood flow, effective the adjust nerve system, sparse

Through meridian, improve sleep quality.

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Specifications of Curie linen Soft Pack sofa cushion pillow cover

What's in the box:
  • 1x item
General Features:
Style C
Option X 45cm without core
Model Not Specified
Taobao Seller Name betty_hymn
Warranty type No Warranty
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