Natural Extracts In Elianto Cosmetics

Beauty is a prized trait that women all over the world exert a lot of time and effort into every single day. There are so many items available on the market, but consumers still gravitate towards trusted brands with proven track records. For many years, Elianto has been trusted by customers to provide high-quality items that nourish the skin and enhance their natural beauty. The brand takes their name from the Italian word for “sunflower”, drawing inspiration from the gorgeous flora’s unique aesthetic and diverse uses. Elianto Malaysia offers an extensive range of skin care and cosmetic products which are enriched by botanical extracts for premium nourishment and care. They are known for integrating the best natural ingredients into their beauty products and offering these unique and effective products at affordable costs.

Elianto Malaysia Offers the Best Makeup and Body Products

The brand has an extensive range of products formulated by botanical extracts and high-quality natural ingredients to enhance natural beauty. The popular Elianto makeup line includes a diverse set of products. Their face cosmetics include foundations, powders, face blushers and more. They have eye makeup like eye shadow, eyebrow palettes, eye base, and mascara. They also offer lip products like the coveted Elianto lipsticks, lip colors, lip liners, lip glosses and more that are available in various shades and colors. The brand has a diverse range of nail products as well, including multiple shades and formulations of Elianto nail polish, color remover, and treatments. Don’t forget to check out their lineup of body products too, such as skin care, body care, and fragrances. For an effortless shopping experience, you can check out the available products by Elianto on Lazada Malaysia, your favorite online shopping destination.

Why choose Elianto?

  • Elianto makes use of safe and effective botanical extracts in all of their products.
  • The brand offers their products at affordable prices.
  • The brand has a diverse lineup of cosmetics and body care products for all skin types.


  • Face: The brand has a diverse lineup of shades of foundation, base, face powder, blushers to suit all skin types.
  • Eye: The brand offers different types of eyeshadow, mascara, eyebrow, eyeliner, and eye base.
  • Lips: Add some color to your look with the brand’s lipstick, lip color, lip gloss, lip liner, and lip treatment.
  • Casings: Protect and organize your cosmetics with the brand’s eyeshadow palette, and refillable compact powder case.

    Nail Care

  • Color: The brand offers pastels, deep shades, cracking polish, and nail color sets.
  • Remover: The brand has developed two types of nail enamel remover – sandalwood & cranberry, and bamboo & apple mint.
  • Treatment: This is a beneficial top coat that is free from harmful chemicals and prevents dryness of nails.

    Body Products

  • Skin Care: Keep your skin at its best with the brand’s products for cleansing, moisturizing, anti-aging, and brightening. They also have special treatments and face masks.
  • Body Care: This category includes various types of body cream, body cleansing, and hand & foot cream.
  • Fragrance: The brand offers several kinds of eau de toilette, eau de parfum, body mists, shower gels and fragrance sets.