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Every day, see 210a horn comb  

  • Brand : See
  • Item : See dense 210a
  • The types of commodities : Personal washing/cleaning/care
  • Comb type : Horn comb
  • The length of the : 15 cm (including)-20 cm (not included)

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    Product details of Every day, see 210a horn comb

    Yu Tan horn comb in comb sandalwood comb green sandalwood comb month comb every day, see 210A fine-toothed


    [Name] ebony horn in comb fine-toothed

    [Material] ebony + Buffalo Horn

    [Category] health care comb Health Care Massage anti-hair loss anti-white hair comb

    [Size] Long 19 cm wide 5 cm

    [Description] horn tooth head polished, reduce hair to hair the strain.

    Horn comb hair not only does not produce static, also from the to care

    With, to promote blood circulation Promoting Blood Circulation massage, alleviate head

    Fatigue, effective to prevent gray hair and hair loss. with sandalwood to do handle the comb

    Child is not easy to deformation!




    Open the packaging on the can smell to comb with shares touch of the Sandalwood flavor, fresh and pleasant, Aroma Wing Store!

    Buffalo Horn: color is bright black, reflective of good, If the with white the powder is the horn comb Grinding Process in the powder, light wipe; Good the horn comb feel warm, thick. Near distance I smell to smell is a mid taste.

    Jade sandalwood wood introduction:
    Jade sandalwood wood, also known as green ebony, Jade sandalwood wood close is not easy to deformation, color quality was a olive color, In case of light will be with the of change green, texture Umei, yield rare, can a charming fragrance, Is known as holy wood, China commonly known as Jade sandalwood.

    Jiao Shu introduction:
    In comb has two kinds of high quality wood by craftsmen handmade refined and into, by special the craft processing, overcome the natural comb easy to off, easy to bend, water deformation of you.

    Product repair:
    Roogo with curved, can be placed on fire on the grilled about, And then with appropriate heavy pressure a paragraph size or recovery.

    Product maintenance:
    Horn is brittle The, avoid drop resistance, so be sure to note protective Oh! Some horn comb will have different degree of bent or deformed, that is because horn comb afraid wet, Normally time in wet or with water the environment in, on the bending deformation, Severe the may appear crack, so please note the comb over the wet hair after timely wipe dry, And in dry ventilation. Special to note do not in hot water in.

    To send comb the learning

    --Knot hair with heart, to comb for free gift

    China's ancient time, to send comb with private set for life, for and you grow old the meaning. To send comb on behalf of the you want to dwell to old. Ancient the Women's married before a family to the hair the custom, called "a comb in the end, Two comb gray hair bang, three comb sun Full House ", it contains the family of good wishes, Also with AEE the transfer. So, a lot of the valentine's day to send comb the customs.

    To send comb with the following a few kinds of meaning:

    1. Comb on behalf of the acacia, on behalf of the other is Miss very miss you!
    2. Comb a day are comb hair also on behalf of the it and you the watch out, On behalf of the white head portable old!
    3. Comb also on behalf of the love, ancient general have to do set love the mean!
    4. Comb also on behalf of the health, Happy! The fitted cut a sweep and over the, the knot open, and brushing your hair will be for a refreshing, Bring people self-confidence!

    5. Comb also vital meaning, with the "-" hair, smooth rich, To send people auspicious of this document;
    6. Zodiac comb is a perfect gift for animal year of friends, evil security and peace; to send for birthday gift, Blessing life peace.

    Yu Tan horn comb in comb sandalwood comb green sandalwood comb month comb every day, see 210A fine-toothed

    Specifications of Every day, see 210a horn comb

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    Taobao Seller Name 佰度淘
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