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Brand: Fisher-Price
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Fisher-Price® Laugh & Learn™ Smart Stages™ Tablet
(21 reviews)
  • Developmental Benefits: Academics: introduces objects, letters, and alphabe
  • Imagination & Creativity: tablet theme provides opportunity for early role play.
  • Introduces Baby to letters, first words, animals and more!
  • Lots of music, phrases and fun sounds!
  • Includes Smart Stages™ technology—learning changes as baby grows!
  • Three levels of play offer fresh songs, phrases and sounds for your little one
  • AAA (R03) Carbon Zinc
RM 79.90
Fisher-Price® Rainforest Friends Newborn-to-Toddler Portable Rocker
(24 reviews)
  • Grows with baby from newborn to toddler (up to 40 pound)
  • Convenient feeding and playing or resting space for baby
  • Folds for portability and storage
  • Stationary seat position with kick stand
  • Removable toy bar with two bat-at toys and canopy
RM 349.90
Fisher-Price® Learn with Me Zebra Walker
  • 2 ways to play! Sit & Play & Stand & Walk
  • Easy-grasp handle and sturdy 4-wheel base make baby's steps a little surer
  • Teaches ABC's, 123's and more!
  • Lots of busy finger activities help exercise fine motor skills
  • Standing, walking and reaching all get gross motor skills rolling!
RM 199.90
Fisher-Price® Laugh & Learn™ Smart Stages™ Scooter
(6 reviews)
  • Includes Smart Stages technology – learning content changes as baby grows
  • Three levels of play offer fresh songs, sounds, tunes and phrases for your little one’s age & stage
  • More than 50 learning songs, tunes & phrases!
  • 3 shape buttons teach numbers, colors, shapes, opposites & more
  • Motion switch activates learning content as baby scoots along!
RM 199.90
Fisher-Price® Healthy Care Booster Seat
(2 reviews)
  • Ships in certified
  • Frustration-Free Packaging Functional and basic booster seat perfect for feeding Tray is adjustable and seat features two straps to secure baby
  • Tray is dishwasher safe Includes a shoulder strap for on the go convenience
RM 198.50
Fisher-Price® Stroller Activity Pals
(1 reviews)
  • Entertain baby on-the-go
  • Playful overhead mobile
  • Bat-at bugs & flower
  • Two monkeys rock back & forth to the motion of your stroller
  • Jingle sounds
  • Easily attaches to your stroller canopy
  • Helps develop sensory skills & gross motor skills
RM 51.90
Fisher-Price® Peek-a-boo Book!
(1 reviews)
  • Peek-a-boo animal friends
  • Lights, sounds, music and colorful illustrations
  • Turning pages or pressing sun button activates lights, a fun song, phrases and more
  • Encourages eye-hand coordination and early book-handling skills
  • Introduces cause-and-effect
RM 49.90
Fisher-Price® 4-in-1 Monkey Entertainer
(2 reviews)
  • 4 modes
  • Entertainer mode/ Floor Mode/ Walker Mode.
  • Can transfer to a baby walker
RM 522.90
Installment: 6 x RM 87.15
Fisher-Price® Roller Blocks Tumblin' Zebra
(2 reviews)
  • Drop the roller blocks through the opening to make the zebra’s hands wave up and down!
  • Baby can also stack roller blocks on zebra’s head
  • Includes 3 colorful roller blocks for tumbling, spinning or stacking play
  • Grasping & stacking the roller blocks and drop-through play all help foster fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination
  • Bright colors help stimulate baby’s senses
  • With household brands like Barbie, Hot Wheels and Fisher-Price, Mattel has been at the helm of creating fun and adventure for children since 1945. The company, started by Harold “Matt” Matson and Elliot Handler, believes in the importance of play in a child’s life and reinforces that with every Mattel toy.
RM 84.90
Fisher-Price® Soothe & Glow Seahorse™ (Pink)
(10 reviews)
  • Baby activates soft, glowing light and soothing sounds & music with a gentle hug
  • Plays for up to 5 minutes
  • 8 different lullaby & classical tunes
  • Soothing ocean sounds
  • Power/volume control
RM 69.90
Fisher-Price® Rainforest Friends SpaceSaver Jumperoo®
  • Designed for use by a child who is able to hold his or her head up unassisted, and who is not yet able to climb out or walk.
  • Rewards baby’s jumping with lights, sounds and music!
  • Lets baby jump safely—no doorway required
  • Light-up musical piano
  • Soft-sided overhead toy bar with monkey roller ball and two rainforest friends spinners
RM 549.90
Installment: 6 x RM 91.65
Fisher-Price® 3-in-1 Musical Activity Gym
(3 reviews)
  • Take-along musical lion toy with short and long play music modes and fun sounds
  • Five linkable activity toys
  • Linkable toys can be moved around the arches for variety, or take them on-the-go
  • Two soft overhead arches—designed for easy fold ’n go portability
  • Machine-washable padded mat
  • Helps baby develop fine motor skills, gross motor skills, thinking & problem solving skills, and more
  • Music, fun sounds and bright colors help stimulate baby’s senses
  • Grows with baby--musical lion is fun for toddler take-along, too
RM 198.50
Fisher-Price® Laugh & Learn® Greetings Globe
  • Interactive globe helps teach global greetings, animals, colors, modes of transportation, music and continents
  • Includes Smart Stages™ technology—with 3 levels of play, learning content changes as toddlers grow
  • “Ni-hao!” Press the 7 animal buttons to learn about animals, music and greetings from around the world
  • Flip the book pages to learn how Pup & Sis get around when they travel the world
  • Spin the globe for fun phrases & sing-along songs about exploring new places
  • 100+ sounds, songs, tunes & phrases make learning more fun!
RM 199.90
Fisher-Price Soothe and Glow Seahorse, Blue
(16 reviews)
  • Plays up to 5 minutes of music, 8 different lullabies & soothing ocean sounds
  • Soft, cuddly and soothing with a gentle, comforting glow
  • Baby activates sounds with a gentle squeeze, learning about cause & effect
  • Power/volume control
  • Ships in Frustration Free Packaging
RM 69.90
Fisher-Price® Laugh & Learn® Sing-a-Song Med Kit
  • 25+ learning songs, tunes & phrases
  • Two modes of play: Learning & Music
  • Fun doctor theme inspires playtime imagination
  • Includes bag with four role play pieces (blood pressure cuff, rattle otoscope, clicker stethoscope & learning card)
  • Everything stores inside
  • Teaches letters, opposites, greetings, parts of the body & more
  • Volume control for quiet play
RM 99.90
Fisher-Price® Laugh & Learn Learning Happy Apple Baby Toy
(1 reviews)
  • 5 numbered Apple "slices" feature numbers and pictures to encourage learning
  • Roly-poly base is perfect for bat-at fun
  • Press the Apple "core" button to activate silly sounds, songs and phrases that teach about fruits, numbers and colors
  • Requires 1 AA battery
RM 59.90
Fisher-Price® Harmonica Teether
(9 reviews)
  • Harmonica baby teether
  • Soft, chewy mouth piece
  • Easy-grip handle for little hands
  • Shake for fun sounds
  • For convenient teething at home or on the go
RM 26.90
Fisher-Price Deluxe Quick-Clean Portable Booster
(4 reviews)
  • Convenient storage compartment on back holds wipes for quick cleaning
  • Removable, dishwasher safe tray features Sure Grip to keep dishes in place
  • Two position height adjustment and three position tummy adjustment
  • Portable for use on the go
  • Booster fits on most dining chairs
RM 249.90
Fisher-Price® Monkey Teether
(3 reviews)
  • Teethable surface helps soothe sore gums.
  • Easy to grasp and hold, mirror tummy.
  • Playful teehter stylized as an adorable monkey character with a mirror belly, loop handle tail and teethable leaves.
RM 20.90
Fisher-Price® Terry Teether
(1 reviews)
  • Two teethable surfaces (including terrycloth)
  • Easy for baby to hold
  • A playful teether ring
  • Push the train & crawl along
  • Introduces colours and letters
  • Nesting, stacking and connecting all help baby understand size relationships & how things fit together
  • Helps develop sensory skills, eye-hand coordination & more
RM 20.90
Fisher Price® 3-in-1 Soothe & Play Seahorse Mobile
(4 reviews)
  • Motorized crib mobile — plays up to 15 minutes of music, with sweet underwater pals “swimming” overhead. Mobile slowly spins to a stop, making it easier to get baby to sleep.
  • Take-along musical seahorse — plays up to 15 minutes of music in long-play mode, at home or on the go!
  • Removable toy rattles - take these four fun & familiar pals on the go!
  • Easy crib attachment
  • Music, rattle sounds and motion give baby’s senses a boost
  • Look up! Overhead mobile action encourages eye tracking
RM 198.50
Fisher-Price® Grow With Me Piano
(1 reviews)
  • Four different ways for baby to play! (Kick & Play, Tummy Time, Sit & Play, On the Go)
  • Three different play modes
  • Securely attaches to baby's crib for Kick & Play
  • Busy activities for little hands (and feet!)
RM 104.90
Fisher-Price® Kick & Play Piano Gym
(22 reviews)
  • Four ways to play! Lay & play; Tummy time;
  • Sit & play
  • Take-along Music rewards baby as she kicks the piano keys
  • 5 busy activity toys & a large mirror
  • Toys include a hippo teether, elephant clackers, rollerball frog & more!
  • Short or long-play music—up to 15 minutes
  • Soft, comfy mat
  • Power/volume control; Requires 3xAA batteries
RM 208.90
Fisher Price® Pop 'n Push Elephant
(1 reviews)
  • Get ready for irresistible, ball-poppin’ fun!
  • Colorful balls “pop, pop, pop” out of the elephant’s trunk as baby pushes it along, encouraging baby to walk!
  • Pushing the elephant as baby walks along helps baby develop balance & coordination, too.
  • Exciting ball popping action rewards baby’s steps, teaching baby about cause & effect.
  • Bright colors and ball popping sounds stimulate baby’s developing senses of sight and sound.
RM 64.90
Fisher-Price® Baby's Bandstand Play Gym
(1 reviews)
  • Can transfer to a baby walker
  • Baby can kick or bat the mat for musical rewards
  • Listen up! Four linkable toys with fun sounds maraca rattle, tambourine clacker, musical note teether & trumpet jingle
  • Machine washable mat (with electronics detached)
  • Repositionable mirror for self-discovery
  • The maraca rattles. The tambourine clacks. The trumpet jingles. The music note is really a teether. And there’s even a mirror for self-discovery and peek-a-boo play. When baby needs a change of pace, rearrange the linkable activity toys on the arches.
  • Requires 2 AA (LR6) Alkaline
RM 241.50
Fisher-Price® 3-in-1 Convertible Car Gym
(1 reviews)
  • 3 ways to play that grow with baby; Lay and Play, Tummy Time and Sit and Drive
  • 20 minutes of music and lights
  • 8 movable activity toys: key clackers, hula hippo, jingling fuzzy die, lion rattle, toucan teether, skunk air freshener (vanilla scented), and steering wheel with music, lights and sounds (and a mirror in the middle)
  • Large, machine-washable play mat
  • Helps get motor skills rolling along nicely
RM 314.90
Fisher-Price® Brilliant Basics Rock-a-Stack ®
(2 reviews)
  • Five colorful rings to grasp & stack
  • Bat-at rocker base
  • Top ring has shiny reflective surface inside with swirling, rattling beads
  • Introduces concepts of relative size & stacking
  • Helps baby learn to differentiate among colors and sizes of rings
RM 49.90
Fisher-Price® Sensory Activity Apple
  • Sensory activity toy loaded with discovery activities
  • Four “pages” with elements to help sensory skill development
  • Variety of fabrics and textures for tactile stimulation
  • Birdie teether with egg pocket storage
  • Large mirror encourages self-discovery
  • High contrast black and white pages for younger babies
  • Attached link for on the go
RM 74.90
Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Vacuum
(2 reviews)
  • 30+ sing-along songs, tunes & phrases
  • Includes Smart Stages technology - learning content changes as baby grows
  • Three levels of play offer fresh songs, phrases & sounds for your little one's age & stage
  • Manual switch for Smart Stages level changes
  • Push the vacuum along to activate songs & phrases
RM 129.90
Fisher-Price® Laugh & Learn® Puppy's Activity Home
  • 40+ learning songs, tunes & phrases
  • Learning activities for baby include an open/close door, peek-a-boo window, light switch, musical roller, numbers button & more
  • Teaches letters, numbers, opposites, greetings & weather
  • Activating learning songs & music introduces cause & effect
  • Three modes of play Learning, Music & Imagination
  • Put-and-take play through the door, window & roof
  • Shake Puppy & Froggy for rattle sounds
  • Requires 3 AA (LR6) Alkaline
RM 149.90
Fisher-Price® Little Stackers Sort 'n Spill Turtle
  • 10 colorful stackers are easy for baby to grasp, hold & stack
  • Sort the stackers through openings in the shell and watch them spill out to start the fun all over again!
  • Stack the pieces on top of the shell
  • Turn lock to store stackers inside 2 colorful clacker beads on tail for baby to spin & slide
RM 119.90
Fisher-Price®Laugh & Learn® Say Please™ Snack Set
  • ​Advanced puzzle play with 14 removable play pieces to sort – 2 forks, 2 spoons, 2 cups, 2 cookies, 2 veggies, & 4 fruits
  • Encouraging phrases & songs are dished out as toddlers interact with the fruits, veggies & treats on their plates ​"Magic" plates recognize what's served
  • Press music button for sung songs & sweet tunes ​2 light-up buttons featuring puppy & Sis offer fun phrases that encourage sharing
RM 149.90
Fisher-Price Precious Planet 2-in-1 Projection Mobile
(2 reviews)
  • Long-lasting value—converts to crib-side music box with ceiling projection
  • Close-up images on canopy projection make it easier for newborns to focus
  • Music & soothing nature, heartbeat and womb sounds play for up to 20 minutes without disturbing baby Includes classical lullabies (Bach, Mozart & Beethoven)
  • Adorable animal friends spin & smile, keeping baby company
  • Customize with three musical settings Long-playing music—up to 20 minutes; Music with motion; Music, motion & projection
  • Remote lets you restart the mobile without disturbing baby
  • Innovative crib attaching method
  • Mobile requires 4 D batteries Remote control requires 2 AAA batteries
RM 334.50
Fisher Price® Peek 'n Play Flower Pot
  • Encourage your baby's sense of smell with this unique toy's vanilla scent
  • Stage one: peek-a-boo skunk pops up and down
  • Stage two: remove the roly-poly pal to hear chimes and explore put and take play
  • Variety of textures
  • Slider bug on flower pot spins and travels on track
RM 83.50
Fisher-Price® Royal Stepstool Potty
  • Plastic
  • Imported
  • Royal blue stepstool potty perfect for training
  • Reward system is built into potty
  • Different tunes reward your child for their potty progress
  • Stepstool Potty can also be used on a regular toilet seat complete with royal tunes
  • Can be used as a simple stepstool for washing hands
RM 209.90
Fisher-Price® 4-in-1 High Chair
  • Grows with baby for lots of use!1. High Chair – Large, dishwasher-safe feeding tray, machine-washable fabric seat pad that’s easy to wipe clean between feedings, and shelf that keeps baby’s bibs, towels & toys within reach!
  • 2. Feeding Chair & Stool – Makes Easily converts from one use to another
  • 5-point restraint
  • Comfy contoured seat
  • Sturdy chair legs support growing babies
  • 22,7 kg (50 lb) Maximum weight
RM 590.90
Installment: 6 x RM 98.48
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