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Fitness shockproof no rims damping bra 0.1 kg bra (Rose red) (Rose red)  

  • strenuous exercise high strength support sports bra women underwear bra vest fitness training
  • Paragraph number : WX1001
  • Brand : Sea
  • Time to market : In the summer of 2015
  • Price tag : 198
  • Version of the type of clothing : Tight
  • Clothing long : And chest
  • Sleeve length : Sleeveless
  • Material : Nylon
  • Outdoor sports items : Yoga
  • Outdoor sports items : Dance
  • Outdoor sports items : Fitness equipment
  • Function : Moisture wicking
  • Function : Wicking
  • Function : Breathable
  • Function : Super flexible
  • Sex : Female

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Style: Rose red
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Product details of Fitness shockproof no rims damping bra 0.1 kg bra (Rose red) (Rose red)

high intensity high support sports bra

when sweating, when physical fatigue, was dressed in ordinary pullover sports bra is difficult to wear off when the plague, then selected her it ~ zipper is very convenient.

fabrics using wicking, breathable, absorbent material
movement up no pressure, very comfortable
design features:
1, front zipper, wear off easily, comes with zipper lock, sports and the greater the tension, lock the more tight
2, adhesive type buttoned back shoulder strap, you can according to their own size adjustment in relative comfort size
3, back adjustable buckle, according to the elastic girth of fat and lean adapted to,
it 's all very focus on humanized design, sports up no pressure, very comfortable.

[i wear after sense]

first of all: shockproof -- it 's a pretty good, i 1.6 m, about 90, 70C.

other sports bra i wear s (shockproof tight point) Or m (comfortable fit point),

this section wear s tight just, under the wai has tight, there is not much room for

cup to c cup can wear, bust need at the Beginning of the 80 m 's, my personal try on only just to give you a reference, i can 't pay for all this oh

wear hereafter i have run a few times, feeling shockproof indeed better than other bras,

shockproof than me wearing a sports bra specially wear effect also good point small size

because this type of design is all inclusive of full cup bra

so the parcel very full, sports up meat meat than solid package

something is really good!material is very strong, not easy to deformation.

 this paragraph underwear fixed performance, stability, cladding sex are very good,
suitable for running, fitness physical training and aerobics, play ball, all kinds of outdoor sports,
a full range of protection so that you can focus more on athletic performance!


Specifications of Fitness shockproof no rims damping bra 0.1 kg bra (Rose red) (Rose red)

What's in the box:
  • 1x item
General Features:
Activity Type Yoga
Model Not Specified
Warranty type No Warranty
Style Rose red
Taobao Seller Name 蓝鱼饰品
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