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How do I place an order?

You only have to follow these simple steps:

For full instruction, click here

Will I receive any order confirmation after placing an order?

Yes, you will! An order confirmation with order summary will be sent to you via Email and SMS right after you have placed your order with a successful transaction.

I have ordered and confirmed payment with Lazada. What should I do next?

Well, you are all caught up! All that is left to do now is wait for your parcel to arrive at your doorstep.

On the side note, you will be receiving an Order Number and a confirmation email upon a successful transaction. You may also use the Order Number to track the progress of your order on our Order Tracking Page , and as reference to our Customer Service Representative given if you have any further inquiries regarding your order.

How can I order without an account on Lazada website?

We strongly advise you to sign up a Lazada account before making any purchases. Some discount codes only applicable if you are logged in to your Lazada account and we do not want you to miss out on our special discounts and promotions. Click here to sign up! It will only take you 2 minutes.

However, needless to worry, you absolutely can order on Lazada without an account:

  1. Choose the product you want and proceed to checkout.
  2. At Email Login step, enter your email address and choose "Continue without password"

Can I call Lazada to place an order?

Given if your choice of payment method is Cash On Delivery, you may contact us and we can place your order for you.

For other type of payment methods, you may call us for step-by-step assistance on how to place order. We are not able to place an order for you if your choice of payment method is as listed above for your security reasons.

How to remove an item in your shopping cart?

Will I receive any order confirmation after placing an order?

An order confirmation with order summary will be sent to you through email and SMS right after you have placed your order.
We will also send email and SMS notifications to keep you updated frequently on your order status.

I am unable to add my selected item to my cart, why is this happening?

Your selected item might have a limited stock quantity. If you are unable to select the item to your cart, there are high chances that someone else already did and the product is now out of stock. Kindly refresh the page after¬ for the stock to be updated and you may try again.

I have selected an item to my cart earlier but it has disappeared from my cart and I couldn’t find the item anymore?

If your chosen item has disappeared from your cart, it is most probably because it has run out of stock. Please refresh your page after 30-60 minutes for the stock to be updated. If the product still shows “in-stock” but you couldn’t purchase it, please contact us for further verification.

If I added the item in my cart, does it confirm my booking on that item?

When you added your desired item to the cart, it does not guarantee your booking of the item. If you do not proceed to checkout and made payment immediately, your item still is subjected to change in stock, price and discounts rule.

What are the payment methods available?

We support the following payment options at Lazada Malaysia:

For more details on each payment method, please refer to

How can I know if my payment was successful or fail?

You will be notified via SMS and email within 24 hours upon completion of order confirmation.

Please be aware of your Bank reconciliation schedule as this might have impact on your payment (payment cannot be performed during bank reconciliation time).

Bank reconciliation time only affect payment method via Online Banking and will happen at around 11.30 p.m. to 1.30 a.m. depending on your bank.

What do I need to know about Payment methods?
Cash on Delivery (COD)
Pay cash to the delivery agent upon receiving order Available in selected areas of Peninsular Malaysia & Sarawak. For selected items only
Credit Card on Delivery
Pay using your Credit Card to the delivery agent upon receiving order. Available in Klang Valley For selected items only
Maybank Installment
Upon payment, select the Maybank Instalment payment method and follow the instructions given. Specially for Maybank Credit Card holders only. For selected items only.

If your selected item is not eligible for Maybank Instalment plan, an error message will appear: “You have no SKU eligible items in your basket to be able to pay as Instalments.”
Pay at any 7-Eleven stores near you and provide Lazada order copy at cashier. Nationwide For all items

Note: COD option is available for selected products only.

If I place a COD order with items from multiple sellers, do I have to make the full payment on the first delivery or separate payments?

Multiple orders from multiple sellers will be sent separately. You will only have to pay for the item that you are receiving.

Which credit cards are accepted for payment?

Lazada accepts all Visa and MasterCard, both Credit and Debit, and is 3D Secure (Verified by Visa, and MasterCard Secure) enabled. All your credit card information is protected by means of industry - leading encryption standards.

Please note that additional charges may be incurred if you are using a non-Malaysian issued card due to Foreign Exchange.

Why was I charged with wrong amount in my order?

The item that you selected might incur a shipping surcharge or bulky fee. These charges will be reflected at your order summary prior making payment. You can also check if the product that you wish to buy carries any shipping surcharges by entering your postcode on the product page.

However, if your order was indeed charged with wrong amount (which rarely happens), please contact us at We will assist you immediately.m

Do you keep my credit card details?

Your security is important to us and we take it very seriously. Every credit card transaction occurs within a secure environment. We do not retain your credit card information after your order is completed; it is submitted directly to our banks.

Where can I request an official receipt?

Lazada’s official receipts are usually attached with the item in the parcel. However, in the event if you did not receive the receipt for the item, please send your request to We will assist you right away.

How can I cancel my order?

Cancelling an order is fast and easy with our online cancellation form.

Important Note: Online cancellation can only be used within 1 hour after order is created and item you want to cancel is not shipped yet. If you want to cancel the order after 1 hour, please contact Customer Service to request for cancellation.

To use the form, you need to have placed the order with your Lazada account or if you used the guest check out for the order, please sign up using the email address used at the time the order is placed to be able to access the online cancellation form. You have to logged in to your Lazada account to use the Request Cancellation Form.

What is the Lazada cancellation policy?

Before cancelling an order, please read and understand the following terms & conditions:

  • Lazada cannot reverse a cancellation once it is completed. After cancellation, we cannot restore your order.
  • Any vouchers, discounts, or promotions used in conjunction with a cancelled order WILL NOT be valid or re-validated for any subsequent order.
  • We cannot guarantee that the price, availability, shipping fee, or any other element of a cancelled order will remain the same for any subsequent order.
  • Your refund will be processed within 48 hours and will be credited to your account within 5 to 15 business days, depending on your payment method, bank and/or financial institution.
  • The refund amount will be the net amount paid (or store credit used) by you and will not include any voucher amount.
  • In some cases, a cancellation cannot be processed online. Please contact our customer service if your cancellation is declined.
  • The remaining order’s value after your cancellation has to fulfil the same conditions for discounts, promotions, or minimum purchase value that applied to the order. If not, the entire order may be cancelled.
  • To ensure an enjoyable and safe shopping environment for all, Lazada has limited the quantity you may purchase on deals which are in high demand. We may also cancel an order if fraud is suspected
Can I cancel an item or several items in my order?

Yes, you can cancel an item or several items in your order under the following conditions:

  • Online cancellation is submitted within 1 hour after order is created.
  • The item(s) you want to cancel has not been shipped yet.
  • The remaining value after cancellation should still meet the conditions for discounts, promotions and or minimum purchase value.
  • However, if after cancellation one or several items in your order, the remaining order’s value does not match our conditions for discounts, promotions or vouchers, Lazada will cancel the entire order. You can re-order the item(s) you want again.
Will I be charged any Cancellation Fee?

Cancellation is free of charge; we do not incur any cancellation fees. If you have made payment on your orders, we will process a full refund upon if your cancellation request is successful.

How do I know if my cancellation request was accepted?

After submitting the online cancellation form, you will see a message states; "Your request for cancellation is successful". This indicates you have successfully sent your cancellation request to us. Lazada will process your request within 60 minutes upon receiving the request..

Can I cancel the order and reorder using a voucher?

Yes, you can. Be reminded that voucher codes must be entered when you are at Payment step during checkout. In the event you forgot to key in the voucher code, you may cancel the order and make a new order using the voucher code.

How can I change delivery address/ phone number/ recipient for my existing order?

Changes in delivery address / phone number / recipient of the item is not allowed after order has been successfully made. This is one of the precaution steps to avoid fraud attempt. Kindly ensure all of the information is correct prior placing an order.

Can I change my payment method after order has been made?

At Lazada, we do not offer an option to change payment method for your existing order. Hence, we suggest you place a new order and cancel your existing order immediately by sending us a request to cancel order at or submit the online cancellation form.

Can I change items from my order after order has been processed?

Unfortunately, once an order has been processed, no changes can be made. However, you may request to cancel your order by calling customer service or submit the online cancellation form.

I accidentally ordered duplicate items. What should I do?

Yes, you may call our customer service hotline to cancel a duplicate item. However, please bear in mind to give us a call as soon as you realise it as our merchants might have packed and shipped the items out.

I received an incomplete order, what should I do?

Please notify us immediately at so we can assist you promptly.

  • If the missing item from your order is a gift/ bonus, we will push to deliver it to you soon.
  • If the missing item from your order is a part of a product, please return the item back to us in its original packaging, with full accessories and invoice.

Kindly read and follow our How to Return guide here

I received the wrong item, what should I do?

If the item you received is not what you originally ordered, we are happy to exchange the items for you. Please notify us immediately at and we will assist you right away. To assure prompt return resolution, please pack the item in its original package, with full accessories and buying invoice.

Kindly read and follow our How to Return guide here

I received damaged/ defective item, what should I do?

We apologize that your order was not received in its rightful condition. We understand your frustration concerning the state of your order upon its arrival. Kindly contact our Customer Service for immediate assistance with your damaged order.

If your damaged items need to be return, kindly have your parcel shipped to the following address:

Ecart Services Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.

Returns department

Lot 2611 & 2612, Jalan Subang 7

Kawasan Perindustrian Sg Penaga

Subang Industrial Park, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor


Within how long should I inform Lazada about my damage/defective/incorrect item?

For faster process, we really appreciate if you could get back to us within 48 hours upon receiving a damage/defective/incorrect item. Your item will still be entitled for our 14-day return policy. Please notify us at We will assist you right away.