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How do I identify my item’s seller (product type)?

Different types of products may require different lead time for processing and delivery. To identify your item’s seller or product type, you can follow the guide below:

Your item is considered SOLD BY LAZADA if you see this on the product page:

Your item is considered SOLD BY SELLERS LOCATED IN MALAYSIA if you see this on the product page:

Your item is considered SOLD BY INTERNATIONAL SELLERS if you see this on the product page:

Where can I get more product information?

On the product page, you can read all the product information (e.g. product size, warranty duration, manufacturer name, etc.) under tab "Product details" and "Specifications".

How do I know the stock Lazada have?

Choose the product you want and go to its product page.

You will see the stock information on the right side of the page, where it shows clear number of stock if below 5 or mentions "In Stock" if the available stock is more than 5.

What if the product I've received appears to be different from the description?

We select images that we hope most accurately reflect the colour and shape of products along side the product specification, but, depending on your screen resolution, or the manufacture that supplies the product, there may be small variations in colour, such as a slightly lighter shade between the actual product and how it appears when viewed on the website.

What are products shipped from overseas and how do I identify them on the website?

Overseas products are sold by sellers from outside Malaysia. You can identify an Overseas product by looking for "International Seller" or "Shipped from Overseas" stated on the respective product page.

In case of any doubt, feel free to reach out to our Customer Service at

What should I be aware of when buying Overseas Products?

For overseas product, kindly note the following:

  • Warranty conditions vary by product, please check the individual product pages for details.
  • Product manuals, instructions and safety warnings may not be in destination country languages.
  • The products (and accompanying materials) may not be designed in accordance with destination country standards, specifications, and labelling requirements.
  • The products may not conform to destination country voltage and other electrical standards (requiring use of an adapter or converter if appropriate).
  • As your order is sourced and shipped from our overseas sellers, the delivery time will be longer compared to an order from a local seller.
What if I want to cancel my Overseas Product?

Overseas products fall under the following cancellation policy:

  • If your order has not yet been dispatched from the Seller: Cancellation is allowed.
  • If your order has already been shipped by the Seller: Cancellation is not allowed. Exceptions might occur only if an agreement is reached with the Seller.

To request for a cancellation, please contact our Customer Service who will assist you with your request.

Can I make changes to my Overseas Order after I have placed it?
  • Changes to Address/ HP/ Name: Only allowed before the seller has dispatched the order, so that the new address can be taken into account before shipping. Note that sellers ship as fast as 24 hours from order placement so do ensure you communicate your revised address to us as fast as possible!
  • Changes to Items in your Order: Unfortunately we cannot make this change! You may place a new order for your preferred items, then cancel your existing order, noting the Overseas Product Cancellation Policy.
  • Changes to the number of Items in your Order:
    - Decrease the number of items in your order: you may cancel any item in your order, noting the Overseas Product Cancellation Policy.
    - Increase the number of items in your order: unfortunately we cannot make this change! You may place a new order for your additional items
  • Changes to Payment Method: Unfortunately we cannot make this change! You may place a new order with your preferred payment method, then cancel your existing order, noting the Overseas Product Cancellation Policy.

To request for a change of your Overseas Order, please contact our Customer Service who will assist you with your request.

What is the expected delivery time for Overseas Products?

The expected delivery time for Overseas Products are calculated based on the seller’s origin, your location and shipment method. For the most accurate delivery estimate, please refer to its specific product page and input your postal code under the "Delivery Options" section

We are working hard to shorten delivery times and bring you the biggest selection of products from overseas. We appreciate your understanding! Note: If customs clearance procedures are required, there might be delays beyond our original delivery estimates.

Kindly contact our Customer Service here should you need further information on your order status.

What happens within the promised delivery lead time?

Within the delivery time Lazada will provide to the customer all available information on the status of the order

What happens after the delivery time has elapsed?

Lazada will contact the customer with the option to raise a claim in case the order was not received within the promised delivery time.

Customers will have 7 calendar days to raise a claim in order to be refunded for their order. If no claim is raised within 7 calendar days then the order will be deemed received by the customer.

The claim for refund can be negated by the seller if a valid proof of delivery is provided within reasonable timeframe, and such proof shall be considered final.

Do I have to pay shipping, extra duties or taxes for Overseas Product?

No. All Overseas products from Lazada Marketplace are delivered at no additional cost to you, since the stated price includes customs fees and import duties. You are not expected to pay any additional duties or taxes.

If you are asked by Customs or our logistic partner to pay duties, or requested to present a personal ID, please contact our Customer Service at here for clarifications.

What is the Returns & Refunds Policy for Overseas Products?

Returns due to customers’ change of mind are not allowed for these products.

“Change of mind” returns are defined as returns due to convenience only.

[For more about Lazada Malaysia’s overall Returns & Refunds Policy, click here]

Are Overseas Products sold by Lazada covered by manufacturer warranties?

Manufacturer warranty may not be valid on Overseas products. We strongly recommend you to find out more about the claim process with the manufacturer/service center before making the purchase.

Please check the product’s page for details.

How to check product warranty?

You can check product warranty through:

  1. Warranty card inside your package
  2. Under tab Specifications on product page

How do I go about servicing my product?

Please send the product(s) directly to the respective Service Center stated on the warranty card. For a prompt warranty claim kindly include all the accessories, warranty card and Lazada Tax Invoice.

Invalid returns will not be processed and will be sent back at customer's cost.

Where are the warranty centers?

Please refer to the manufacturer (or service center) details on the warranty card included with your product.

If there is no warranty card, please check the user manual or product packaging for more details.

In case you still cannot find your Warranty Center, feel free to reach out to us at and we'll be more than happy to assist you.

How long does it take to repair my product?

If your item is within warranty duration, we will process your repair request in accordance with our supplier. It takes about 30 days depending on each supplier.

If my product is within warranty duration, do I need to pay for repairs?

If your product is within warranty duration and is damaged by mechanical or electrical systems, you don't have to worry about the repairing cost. We will cover it.

If my product is out of warranty duration, do I need to pay for repairs?

If your product is out of warranty duration, you will be responsible for repairing cost.
We suggest you to repair the product at the warranty center authorized by the manufacturer (the warranty center on your Warranty card) for better quality services.

Does Lazada charge GST on item sold?

Yes, Lazada, being a GST registered company, charges 6% GST on all taxable supply of goods and services as set out in Law of Malaysia Act 762 Goods and Services Tax Act 2014 (“GST Act 2014”). 0% GST will be charged on zero-rated goods (such as baby milk powder, children’s picture, drawing or colouring books, etc.), based on Goods and Services Tax (Zero-Rated Supply) (Amendment) Order 2015. A full list of zero-rated goods is available here.

Further, Lazada will not charge GST on goods sold to a designated area (i.e. Labuan, Langkawi, Tioman) pursuant to section 156 (c) of the GST Act 2014. However, delivery and other charges to a designated area are subject to 6% GST pursuant to section 156 (b) of the GST Act 2014.

Does seller (domestic/international) who sell its item on Lazada website charge GST on item sold?

The same GST treatment as set out in FAQ no.1 above will apply to GST registered seller (domestic/international). No GST shall be charged on sales by a non-GST-registered seller.

Does the price shown in product page include GST?

Price of all items in Lazada website is final and inclusive of GST (6% or 0%), where applicable.

Applicable to imported items?

Yes, imported items from a GST-registered seller will attract GST. Please refer to FAQ no.1 and 2 above.

You can also refer to our International Product Policy, which states the following:

  • Do I have to pay extra duties or taxes for International Products?

    All internationally shipped items from Lazada Martketplace should be delivered at no additional cost, since it already includes customs fees, GST, and import duty. Hence, you are not expected to pay any duties or taxes.

    If in any case you are asked by Customers or our logistics partner to pay duties, or you are requested to present a personal ID, please contact our Customer Service for clarification.

    NOTE: When customs clearance procedures are required, this might cause delays beyond our original delivery estimates - kindly liaise with our Customer Service to get new estimated delivery times.

Will I get full amount of refund inclusive of GST for any cancellation of items?

Yes, full refund amount will be the Net amount paid (or store credit used) by customer but will not include any voucher.

How does the installation services process on Lazada?

Once you have purchased the product and payment verification is done, you will receive an order confirmation email. The merchant will contact you within 8 working days to make an appointment for the installation service. You may then collect the product and redeem the service by providing necessary document.

Does this installation process applicable on all products?

No, the service is only applicable for selected product that offers installation service and this information will be provided on the product page.

Is there any additional cost during installation process?

The cost of product and services will be described as per product description page. Any additional services are subject to additional charges at the workshop.

Can I change my service location and appointment time?

Yes. You may contact the merchant directly to change the service location or reschedule your appointment time with them.

Can I trade-in my items (example; old tires) for cheaper price?

For the time being, we do not offer trade-in services. All prices offered on Lazada website is fixed and any additional charges from the merchant will be with agreement between customer and merchant.

Can I cancel my booking?

Yes, you can. However, cancellation is only allowed if the appointment had not been confirmed. You may contact Lazada to cancel the order.

How will I get confirmation of my booking appointment?

You will receive an SMS confirmation once an appointment has been confirmed, completed or reschedule. We will also send a reminder 24 hours prior to your appointment time.

I change my mind and want to return my order?

Installation service order does not fall under return policy. There are no return & refund applicable for purchases on services that has been completed.

Is there a warranty for the service?

There is no warranty for the service. However, warranty of the actual product is subject to merchant’s promotion. You may also refer to the product page for information on warranty for the product.

I have made a booking with the merchant, can I send someone on behalf to attend the appointment?

You can send someone on your behalf provided they have proof of identification, a copy of the email and SMS confirmation from Lazada. Also, the service will only be conducted on the vehicle that matches the vehicle model, car plate number and specifications during the appointment call.

If I do not wish to proceed with the installation will I be able to collect the product?

Yes, you can collect the product. You would also need to notify the merchant and sign an acknowledge form that you no longer wish to proceed with the service.

What are the documentation needed to redeem the installation service?

You will need to show your Identification card and email confirmation of purchase from Lazada. You can also show the SMS received for the appointment.

What if I only required the product but not the installation, will Lazada refund me partially for the installation fee?

No refund on the installation fee as it is included with the product. You will also need to collect the item, as there will be no delivery arrangement made for products under this service.

Upon completion of the installation, will I need to sign any document for acknowledgement?

Yes, there is a document need to be signed as acknowledgement of completing the service.