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Hyundai Malaysia: Beyond the cars, there’s the appliances

Hyundai is one of the leading brands of car producing company in the world. With their brand name itself meaning “modernity”, the company is primarily known to manufacture up-to-date car models that blast the streets with artistic design partnered with pistons molded from the finest engineering. Now, as part of Hyundai to diversify and expand their operations, thus widening their workmanship to different, new aspects, the company extends its brand’s presence through the creation of Hyundai home appliance.

Certainly, you will not only see this brand name on the streets you walk on, but also within the house you live in. Imagine your home appliances having the same technology that built one of the most distinguished cars on the globe today. Talking about world-class that is!

World-class Hyundai Appliances right at your doors!

Hyundai appliances have the unique quality and technology for all of its appliances. Standing by its name translation of modernity, expect these appliances to showcase and perform high technology functions and features that exceeds your expectations! With the company’s experience in making high quality machineries, Hyundai appliances are truly the must-have items on every corner of your home!

Why shop appliances on Hyundai?

  • Their products are made from high end engineering and machineries.
  • Hyundai caters appliances on every corner of your home.
  • Offers advanced functions and features.
  • Their workmanship are tested by time.

    Living room appliances

  • Stand Fan: The fans of this brand are energy efficient, has thermal fuse for safety, 3 speed control, and fast oscillating action.
  • LED TV: These television sets comes in 32’ and 39’ sizes, have USB, HTMl, and PC input, 1920x1080p Full HD resolution, have standard, mild, dynamic and sports video presets
  • Split type Air Conditioner: The brand's aircons have energy savings and auto restart function, turbo operation, sleep mode, on/off timer, and modern lifestyle design.

    Kitchen Appliances

  • Water Dispenser: This dispenser has a 3 way faucet (hot, warm & cold), overheat protection, automatic thermostat technology, and total ozone sanitizing system
  • Chest type Freezer: This cooling system can cool up to -18C temperature range in manual control, has a safety lock, and an aluminum inner wall.
  • Rice Cooker: This can cook up to 1.8 Liters (10 cups), evens out heat distribution, has a non-stick pan, detachable cord, tempered transparent glass lid and dishwasher safe.

    Other Appliances

  • Flat Iron: This clothes iron is heavy duty, and has an easy to handle design
  • Stereo Microphone Wire: This microphone wire is 100 meter in length, has a flexible design that eliminates twists and kinks
  • Washing Machine: The washing machines of this brand has a US designed water filter and knob cover, thermal fuse motor protection, double wall, and low noise operation