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1 Year Local (Malaysia) Manufacturer Warranty
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The Warranty is covered by the Manufacturer of the item and can be claimed only in MY. Please ship your product directly to the authorized service center as provided by the Seller.

  • Without cable
  • 0.2L dust bag
  • Operates up to 50 minutes
  • Intelligent Auto cleaning
  • Directive sensors

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1 Year Local (Malaysia) Manufacturer Warranty
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Product details of I-ROVA Robot Vacuum Cleaner K6

Intelligent robot vacuum cleaner for homes and offices. Cleans most surfaces including carpets, hardwood, tiles and linoleum. Intelligent suction adjustment for thorough cleaning and saves 30% of power. Sensor prevents collision into walls or obstructions as well as staircase fall.

Model: I-ROVA K6

Dimensions: 25cm (W) x 25cm (L) x 7.5cm(H)

Weight: 2 Kg

Colour: Blue / Silver

Operation time : Up to 50 minutes

Charging time: Approx. 3-4 hrs

Battery: NiMH 14.4V/ 800mA

Dustbin: 0.2L

Washable dust bin.


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Specifications of I-ROVA Robot Vacuum Cleaner K6

What's in the box:
  • 1 x I-ROVA Robot Vacuum Cleaner K6
General Features:
SKU IR792HACU6Q9ANMY-3871195
Battery Type NiMH 14.4V/800mA
Color Blue
Model IROVA-iRova K6 Blue
Size (L x W x H) 25 x 25 x 7.5cm
Weight 5.00
Vacuum Type Robotic
Warranty period 1 Year
Warranty type Local (Malaysia) Manufacturer Warranty
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  • Great product for the price
    1 year ago
    Been using it for the past 2 weeks and counting... It vacuums and also has a mop feature (attach the cloth to it). Able to remove small pieces of paper on the floor. Would recommend those that have this machine, to get a pre-filter (used for aircon) from Daiso so the vacuums filter-net does not get dirty/wear so fast.

    This vacuum will always bump around (to detect objects), and its rubber-bumper is rather hard. It may scratch your furniture/floor standing speakers. I put a softer rubber protector on it (can get them from Ace Hardware).

    The noise level is quite similar to those other robot vacuums shown in Best Denki (LG / Samsung), so no fuss there. The robot always gets stuck on my kids play-mat or some other thick-foot-rug.

    Battery can last for ~30+ minutes, and charging it again will take 3+ hours. Power adaptor is 12V, so you can have a guess of the number of batteries used.

    Summary : Great product for the price for RM199
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  • Charges spoil
    1 year ago
    Don't charges the robot overnight and it can cause the charges spoil. The charges only last long for 3 months...
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  • Not bad at all
    1 year ago
    Delivered after than described. Kudos Lazada express. Item is cool. Battery is readily installed. Had to charge for first time usage for 4 hours, that is a loooong time of waiting. But expected nevertheless. The robot works well, it has a pattern and random most of the time. But one thing I dislike, the right rotating sweeper doesn't really stick to the shaft as it is supposed to. If the robot bumps on some wire or mat or clothe on the floor, the right rotating sweeper will come off easily. Making me think twice to just glue and hammer it down at the shaft.

    Nonetheless the robot works well for 2 rounds of cleaning. It covers my entire living room and master bedroom in 2 hours of working, nice. But I have to make sure there is no cloth or mat or wire that might cause the right sweeper to come off, which is a bummer. I thought I can depends 100 percent on this shit. Well maybe that's too lazy.

    Overall, for a 225 ringgit, worth the money.
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  • Working well
    1 year ago
    Get stuck on carpet. Otherwise working fine on smooth surface. Need to charge for at least 4 hours. I wonder how long the battery will last and where to get replacement.
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  • Four Stars
    1 year ago
    Membantu kerja-kerja rumah sy. Tapi mesin ni 'suka panjat' carpet dan lepas tu 'menjerit2'. Kena sentiasa monitor
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  • Here's to dust free floors
    2 years ago
    The vacuum does a good job cleaning up the house but you just have to ensure that there are no wires on the floor or it will get tangled. It is also essential to put some floor wet wipes on the bottom of the vacuum. If not, the plastic part there might get scratched. All in all, the item is good if you want your floors to be dust free with little effort.
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  • Service Center very far & open only in weekdays
    1 year ago
    The fan gets stuck with tea bag string after just few days purchase and went round and round. Need to bring it to the service center in Serdang which is very far, and they only open from Monday to Friday, which means need to deliver there during working hour lunch time. Have to leave there for a week only can come and take it back again. Service center is rather far and time not flexible. But overall the robot works fine.
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  • Value for money
    1 year ago
    Was surprised to see the outcome, floor was quite clean after turning on the robot. save a lot of works especially for working people. not perfect but I think cannot complain much for that kind of price.
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  • Nice Robot
    1 year ago
    had a crush for this robot more than a year before ready to buy it & the reviews really influence me.. :p
    Overall for me worth the money..not bad as it clean the dust & hairs well.
    but of course still need to use normal vacuum occasionally.
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  • No longer working.
    6 months ago
    I received it last week, and now only have chance to test it. Battery has been installed when I received it. It works fine at first until the red LED came out (Time to charge).
    Charged for +-4 hours as per instruction. Once BLUE LED no longer blinking, I disconnected the charger and press the ON button, but nothing happen.Tried to reconnect the charger just to check. Then the BLUE blinking as it has never been charged. Wait for another 4 hours , until the LED still again. Tried to switch ON but still not working. Every time I reconnect with the charger, the BLUE LED blinked again as the first situation.
    Any idea on why such thing happened?I believe the warranty is still there so currently looking on some support on how should I do to make it work again.
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