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King Size Multifunctional Wardrobe - Purple  

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  • Easy to assemble and handle
  • Great colour and design
  • Durable
  • Spacious shelves and hanging space
  • Convenient and helps get you organised

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Product details of King Size Multifunctional Wardrobe - Purple

Pop of Wardrobe
Essentially you need a wardrobe in your room to keep all of your clothes, scarves and more. It would be amazing to have a multifunctional and useful wardrobe with a pop of colour in your room just like the King Size Multifunctional Wardrobe.

Mess-Away Wardrobe
The King Size Multifunctional Wardrobe will help you clear away the mess and clutter in your room and you will finally be free of your mum’s nagging to clean up your room. The King Size Multifunctional Wardrobe has 8 spacious compartments comprising of 2 hanging sections and 6 shelves ideal for keeping your clothes, hats, bedsheets and even pillows.

Spacious Wardrobe
The King Size Multifunctional Wardrobe will turn you into an efficient and organised person, allowing you to store your clothes based on your preference of colours, sizes or even favourites. Store away your essentials safely and they would be at arm’s length whenever you need them. The spacious compartments allows you to store quite a large number of essentials making this wardrobe ideal even for shopaholics.

Durable Wardrobe
The King Size Multifunctional Wardrobe is waterproof, tear-resistant and will last long for it has anti-corrosion technology that guarantees its durability. The King Size Multifunctional Wardrobe comes with air-penetrable material which provides good air ventilation. The roll curtain door design makes for easy handling of the wardrobe while it is easy to use, carry and assemble.
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Specifications of King Size Multifunctional Wardrobe - Purple

What's in the box:
  • 1 x Multifunctional King Size Wardrobe
General Features:
SKU OE702HLBW8N5ANMY-2490711
Size (L x W x H) 130x45x170
Weight 4
Warranty type No Warranty
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  • kurang item
    1 year ago
    saya beli 2 satu tu ok satu lagi tak cukup plastik yang putih tu satu.. sebab saya malas nk refund saya guna jer.....kalo boleh lazada check la dulu sblom wat penghataran.... a bit dissapointed sbb ni first tym saya beli kat lazada
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  • Wan
    1 year ago
    Kenapa order saya sejak seminggu ini tak berjaya..lavada guna ninjavan. Dh 3,4 order saya dibatalkan? Kenapa tdk guna courier lain spt pos laju,gdex....ninjavan servis teruk....brg ke kelantan htr guna ninjavan.. disana ada ke opis.ninjavan nk contact pun susah..servis yg trruk
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  • Worth the money
    1 year ago
    The product comes in a compact packaging, lighter than expected. It took 2 of us and about an hour to assemble the wardrobe. A bit tiring on the hands to fix the whole thing. The color is slightly less bright than the photo, but still a good shade of purple. After assembled, the wardrobe can fit a good amount of clothes, only we didn't put all our clothes as we're afraid it won't be durable if the clothes are too heavy. The poles and joints are PVC, the inlays are soft canvas and the wardrobe skin is thick canvas. It will get dusty and not recommend to fill up with too many clothes. Overall is more than OK for temporary use and for the price I paid (RM38 plus shipping). Shipping was fast within 2 days of order.
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  • Bad
    1 year ago
    Order barang yg sama,hari lain.....tapi barang yg di terima tak sama....order semalam hari ni lazada express pagi2 dah sampai.saya ingatkan barang yg order mg lepas tk sampai,sebab alamat mungkin tak accurate so semalam order lagi,barang sesuai gambar,dalam kotak pun barang nampak kemas..yg order minggu lepas sampai juga hr ni... dr ninja van,yg ni tak cantik,kain Dan kaler pun tak cantik, besi pun lain.....
    Kenapa erk
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  • Multifunction wardrobe
    1 year ago
    Love u lazada :-) cepat btol smpai umah dengan berkeadaan baik dan tersusun ...dengan ada panduan pemasangan lagi mudah dan cepat di pasang ...warna pun cantik...
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  • Xberapa kukuh
    8 months ago
    Terbalik kuang atah ambo tgh male.kejut kaa ingat kena tindih ko atu.ruoanyo lemari terbalik..xyohlaa spesis ni.xmolek keng
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  • Cheap but not easy to install the cover
    1 year ago
    Cheap things always come with unstatisfied feeling. Cover easily torn.
    Manual not complete. Not recommend to buy
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  • Simply
    1 year ago
    Quality is ok for the price offered. Do not follow the instruction because in the end you cant fit the frame into the 'wrapping'. I end up rip off 1 zip. But luckily im a good fixer so manage to fixed the zip. Will buy again in future. This is not suitable for those who have a lot of clothes.
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  • Worth buy product and fast delivery
    1 year ago
    Good product and very cheap. Till date, I already bought almost 10 units of this wardrobe, including 2 units for myself.
    1 unit that I bought, collapse after a week used due to that white plastic broken.
    I didn't blame the seller because of this incident as I know and notice that I'm not supposed to store heavy items on it.
    (I used to fit in thick blankets and thick bedcover sheets - that weight almost 30kg per tier)
    But for common usage as for garment storage, especially for kids, this wardrobe is more than enough.
    This is definitely the best item ever and also Lazada gives the best service - Good item, cheap price and fast delivery
    Well done Lazada!
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  • High Quality Product
    1 year ago
    As usual, arrived faster than expected. This is a high quality and very strong wardrobe. I can put a lot of dresses and trousers without worrying the wardrobe might fall!. Recommended for those who staying in hostel or renting a room.
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