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LG Malaysia - Life's Good

LG is one of the top producers of consumer electronics and home appliances. With offices situated all around the world, LG is famous for its flat panel LED TVs, handphones, home appliances and many more.

Since the introduction of LG in Malaysia, the brand has successfully gained trust among teenagers and households despite facing strong competition from brands like Sony, Elba, Khind and others. Life's good, with LG, you can definitely enjoy a carefree good life.

LG Electronics - Stylish Home Appliances

LG is popular with their home electronics and appliances. Seeing an uptick in consumer demand for great LED TVs, LG started producing LED TVs that deliver stunning display, save energy and are able to self calibrate to deliver the best pictures to your living room. Are you worrying about the pain of having devices that are not compatible with your new TV? Worry not! LG TVs are made to be compatible with many digital devices that are on the market.

The setup of your home entertainment system is not complete without a perfect home theatre system. LG home theatre systems are built to be compatible with any living room. The sound quality delivered from these crazy setups, especially the powerful bass sound, will definitely give you an exhilarating home entertainment experience.

LG Optimus Smartphone Series - Thrilling Your Senses

LG handphones, especially the smartphones, are not as popular as phones from brands like Nokia and Samsung. LG started to use the popular Google's Android operating system on their Optimus handphones in order to beef up on functionalities. With this move, LG Optimus smartphones started to gain traction among users. Currently, the most popular LG smartphone will be the LG Optimus 3D P920 Android Phone.

LG on Lazada Malaysia

Lazada Malaysia is proud to carry a wide range of LG products. From home appliances like TVs, home theatre systems, washing machines and refrigerators to handphones, we have it all on Lazada Malaysia.