Want to Sell on Lazada Malaysia?
Lazada MY markets your products to 10 million+ unique visitors every month.
Our biggest sellers sell 1000+ items every day.
List as many products as you have on ready stock.
You control your price.
You pick & pack your orders within 24 hours.
We organize shipping and do full customer suppport for you.
We also offer fulfillment by Lazada.
Make money
No listing fees, no maintenance fees, just standard commissions.
Free access to category experts and marketing campaigns.

Why Lazada

We have the largest customer base in South East Asia and top notch operations

.MY Traffic
unique visitors/ month
Social Media
12,000,000+ fans
since June 2014
+90% monthly growth
in subscribers
Mobile e-commerce
2,600,000+ downloads
of our mobile apps
Excellent operations
95% of our orders
shipped within 48 hours
Satisfied customers
9 of 10 customers
recommend us to friends

Our professional sellers have doubled their sales with us

The success story of CRC Mall
"We have been reaching double sales after joining Lazada. The website is so easy to use and gives every seller and buyer a fuss free experience. Lazada is definitely the best website to sell on."
The success story of MC2
"Electronics retailer MC2 recorded a S$25,000 jump in its revenue in the last quarter, from joining Lazada." Read the full article at The Business Times.
How Lazada works
Lazada markets your products at its website through online & offline channels
Lazada verifies your orders and provides you with a Seller Center to process / track orders
You pick & pack orders, within 24 hours
LAZADA for you
Our 3rd party courier ships the item from your warehouse straight to the customer
Lazada is customer point of contact for any issues or returns

Just this, no hassle!

FAQ More questions? Fill in the form and get help from our Seller Support.
  • What are the requirements to start selling on Lazada Malaysia?

    You need to have a registered business to sell on Lazada.

  • What are the costs for selling on Lazada Malaysia?

    Listing your products is free; there are no fixed costs charged. Only when you start selling you will pay a commission (standardized by category), applied on the price you choose.

  • What and how many products can I sell on Lazada?

    The minimum listing is 5 products. There is no limit. You can list as many products as you have on ready stock.

  • Which delivery partner ships my products, and who pays for it?

    Lazada will create a Yamato TaQBin, Gdex, and Skynet subaccount for you and charge you a standard rate for delivery. Additionally, we can also work with your Own Fleet if it is trackable.

  • When will I get my money?

    You get paid every 14 days for the orders that are delivered.

  • How long does it take to process my application as a new seller?

    Signing up takes only a few minutes: after completion you can start uploading your products. The total approval process takes 5-7 working days, after which you are set to go.

Fulfillment By Lazada
What people say about FBL!

"With FBL in place, time has been very good to me. I have more time to focus on other things: on marketing, on getting new customers, on getting more items, not worrying about the logistics part".
Lucas Ding - Key Account - Hocatsu

"I was impressed by the low cost and efficiency of FBL. I haven’t seen them missing any shipment. A powerful tool to help merchants to grow exponentially".
Dr Steven Tan Jun Hui - MD - Arche Tech

"It is great to see our merchants growing their business so rapidly. You don't need to focus on your operations anymore. We will take care of that!"
Jules Van Zanten - FBL Business Development Manager - Lazada Group

Why should you Sell on Lazada?

Have you ever thought of starting up your own business? Do you want to sell your products online in Malaysia? What better way to kick start your business than with Lazada Malaysia. However why should you sell on Lazada?

Here’s why Lazada is the best place for you:

Reach. Lazada Malaysia is one of the largest online markets in Malaysia today. We cater to more than 10 million unique visitors every month. Lazada Malaysia has the largest customer base in South East Asia, which makes us perfect if you are looking to expand your business in the long run.

Service. If you are looking for great services, Lazada Malaysia is the place for you. Our courier then ships orders directly from the warehouse to the customer. This ensures they get their parcels on time.

Simple. Signing up as a merchant on Lazada Malaysia is free and easy! Just register on our Lazada merchant registration page and go through our free training!

Double Your Sales! After you complete all the steps, all that’s left is to upload all your products to Lazada and start making money! There are no limits to how many products you can sell on Lazada.

High traffic, great service and simple tools are just some of the things we offer you here on Lazada Malaysia. Many merchants and companies have experienced a positive rise in revenue after signing up with Lazada and you can too! There is no easier way to sell online in Malaysia and grow your business than with Lazada Malaysia.

How it all Works

Learning how to sell online in Malaysia is simple especially with Lazada. If you’re wondering how everything behind the scenes work, it’s simple. Here are a few things you need to know about how to sell on Lazada.

Order. After uploading your products, Lazada markets them through the website and other channels such as our mobile apps. People place their orders through these channels.

Verify. After orders are placed, Lazada verifies the orders and provides you with access so you can process and track the orders.

Handling. After verification, merchants pick and pack the orders.

Delivery. Delivery is handled by a courier, which ships the product directly from the warehouse straight to your customer.

Customer Service. If any issues arrives, Lazada’s customer service is where customers can voice any issues and make returns.

Overall, if you’re planning to sell on Lazada Malaysia, you will be sure to get a fuss free experience and amazing revenues. So, what are you waiting for? Click on that button and sign up as a merchant on Lazada Malaysia today!