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Midea Fully Automatic Washing Machine 7kg MFW-701S  

1 Year Local Supplier Warranty
Warranty Information
The Warranty is covered by the Seller of the item and not the manufacturer of the item. It can be claimed only in MY and please ship your product directly to the Seller to claim warranty.

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  • Stainless Steel Drum with Metal Body
  • Magic Cleaning Filter
  • Power-off memory
  • Tempered Glass Window
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1 Year Local Supplier Warranty
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Product details of Midea Fully Automatic Washing Machine 7kg MFW-701S

Top Loader Machine from Midea
The Midea Fully Automatic Washing Machine 7kg MFW-701S will pile up the clean laundry in your home in no time. This fantastic, reliable and strong washing machine is easy and effortless to use. With just one or two clicks and a bit of detergent, you will be ready to transform your dirty laundry into freshly-washed and rinsed clothes.

Power Off Memory and Tempered Glass Machine from Midea
The Midea Fully Automatic Washing Machine 7kg MFW-701S has a large capacity of 7 kg ensuring that you can put in a huge pile of your dirty laundry at one go. The Midea Fully Automatic Washing Machine 7kg MFW-701S is sleek and modern in design. It is a top loading washing machine with a tempered glass display panel which displays time and other information such as On/Off, Start, Wash Option and so on. Its free standing design with adjustable feet allows you to move about the machine with little effort. The washing machine comes with a power off memory system which enables you to continue interrupted washing cycles from it was left off with its built-in memory.

Magic Filter Cleaning Power with Midea
The Midea Fully Automatic Washing Machine 7kg MFW-701S comes with awesome cleaning functions to ensure that all your clothes are spotless as possible when it comes out of the washing. The Midea Fully Automatic Washing Machine 7kg MFW-701S’ stainless steel drum with metal body is durable, long-lasting but is not the only special feature of the washing machine; the washing power of the bag-type filter prevents soap and lint built-up in the laundry tub. The uniquely-designed filter collects lint, removes and clean the lint.

About Midea
Midea Group is a global manufacturer of home appliances and HVAC solutions. Since its commencement as distributor for Midea Household Electrical & Electronic Home Appliances and Air-Conditioners in 2006, Midea Scott & English has provided Malaysian consumers with modern, high quality Midea products. Supported by sales & service centres located throughout the country, the company’s philosophy is to ensure customer satisfaction with quality products that are accessible to all Malaysian consumers.

Specifications of Midea Fully Automatic Washing Machine 7kg MFW-701S

What's in the box:
  • 1 x Midea Fully Automatic Washing Machine 7kg MFW-701S
General Features:
Color light grey
Model MFW-701S
Size (L x W x H) 51.5x52.5x90
Weight 54.5
Warranty period 1 Year
Warranty type Local Supplier Warranty

Rating & Reviews of Midea Fully Automatic Washing Machine 7kg MFW-701S

Average Product Rating

4.1 out of 5
514 ratings 476 reviews
  • 5 star 275
  • 4 star 132
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  • 2 star 16
  • 1 star 42

Product Reviews

    Value for money 1 year ago
    By Aizam Verified Purchase
    good price. fully operational. very fast delivery, buy on friday, and receive on tuesday.

    the only cons is the washing machine not have compartment to place detergent and softener. so if you using powder detergent, it may not fully dissolve with water if you wash max load. suggestion, better to use liquid detergent. for softener, you might need to check it regularly until it goes to rinse to add your softener in the washing machine.

    stated at the body that it have warranty of two (2) years for Full Warranty, three (3) year for Control Panel and five (5) year for the Motor.

    does not expect much from this kind of price of washing machine. overall, i am happy with it.
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    I might be the unlucky customer.. 1 year ago
    By NURUL FADHILAH Verified Purchase
    Bought the machine after considering customer's review in Lazada, and my sister's good experience with the same machine. She had no problem with the machine, so I thought RM5++ would worth it. Made a purchase with Lazada on 25/03/2016,
    the promised delivery date is between 31/03/16 - 01/04/16.

    28/03/16 - Notified by Lazada that the machine has been collected by GDex

    First frustration came when the delivery was delayed, and I was notified only on 04/04/16 (3 days after the promised date). The delivery was delayed for another 5 days.

    08/04/16 - Received a call from GDex asking if I'm good to receive the parcel on that day. Since I was working that day, I asked them to send the parcel on the day after (09/04/16).

    09/04/16 - I can say that GDex staffs were quite efficient though; received a call early in the morning reminding me the delivery would be done by 12 noon. Received another call at 10.45am to inform me they were reaching my place. Received the item at 11.15am.

    10/04/16 - Configured and tested the machine. The machine works just fine when it's in SOAK or WASH mode. But then came my second frustration; it has problem when it's on SPIN mode. The machine would shake vigorously even after making sure that it stands stable on the floor. The problem persisted even after I rearranged the clothes in the machine so I stopped the machine immediately

    11/04/16 - Contacted Lazada asking for a new machine.

    13/04/16 - Still waiting for response by Lazada on my request.
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    Barang lambat 7 months ago
    By faten suhaida binti abdul halim Verified Purchase
    Kenapa guna skynet?? Penghtran ckup2 lambat....col cust servis ckp main endah aje...da kne marah2 bru nak antr mesin basuh nye....order 28/12/16... tmpoh penghtran 30-2/1/17... tpi brang smpai semalm tghri tu pon da kne cmplain bru rti nk antr brg
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    low quality 8 months ago
    By syam Verified Purchase
    dah pakai 11bulan..program panel kejap je out..kejap wash pastu stop...spin x berenti..sampai last sekali xidop langsung.nasib simpan resit utk claim warranty
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    great machine bt can work it out with the delivery service 1 year ago
    By Syazana Mohdhusain Verified Purchase
    when i purchased this washing machine, im unable to make it work cz i didnt read the manual carefully. after read the manual all through, i successfully make it move and it done the work greatly. love the machine now. sometimes it gt problem with fuzzy function bt its understandable. quiet n smooth when i used fr spin. love it. received it before Hari Raya for my parents used. they love it too. now only i got time to write my review. worth fr my money cz i gt it only at RM 399. one thing tht plz choose the courier service properly because my brother have to help the courier service to carry it because they only provide 1 person to carry the large appliance.
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    Good product but courier s*cks 7 months ago
    By Hakim Verified Purchase
    Bad experience with the courier. That fella just threw the washing machine from the lorry on to his trolley. Delivery guy also not friendly. Pls lazada pls dont use skynet
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    The delivery was so bad! 6 months ago
    By Ikah
    Lazada, tolongggg lah jangan guna servis SkyNet. Barang dah sampai kat hub kawasan tapi peram sampai seminggu baru hantar ke rumah, tak pasai2 delayed. Padahal tak da received call pun dari service courier utk inform delay ke, apa2 ke..Condition mesin basuh mmg ok tapi servis delivery mmg hampeh. Dengan budak2 courier yg sesat mencari alamat rumah lagi pastu nak marah2 kita pulak cari rumah x jumpa..please Lazada, change to other service courier..
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    fast delivery & working well 5 months ago
    By Beli Verified Purchase
    i order last Friday and got it by Sunday. buy it for rm425 and rm7.50 for delivery. performance overall is good and sound just like other washing machine. so far so good. worth price. im satisfied.
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    Penghantaran guna Skynet Lembab 7 months ago
    By Rosmalinda M. Verified Purchase
    Tolong jangan guna servis dr Skynet
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    awesome service!! 1 year ago
    By maria ladyana Verified Purchase
    fast delivery..placed order pd 24hb 3..estimated delivery 30hb 3 but got it evening 25hb..sgt teruja..thanx lazada :-*
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