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MYBoleh Sale: Get Everything that You Need for Your Sports & Outdoors Activity

According to a recent research, a huge number of Malaysians are living a sedentary life and many of us are not in the healthy weight group. With the ever increasing diet-related diseases, it is only logical for us to start living a healthy life if we want to enjoy our life to the maximum. In a collaboration with Milo and SportsDirect, we at Lazada Malaysia are proud to play host to MyBoleh sale, a major sale that is about promoting a healthy lifestyle and in celebration of the world's biggest sports events. During the sales, you can find a wide variety of sports equipment and products that you can use in order to have a more wholesome and immersive sports experience.

Grab the Best of Deals and Offers During the MYBoleh Sale!

First introduced in 1992, the "Malaysia Boleh slogan" which literally means "Malaysia Can Do It" has become a standard chant when we Malaysians are seeing our favorite sportspeople and athletes are competing at the world level. This spirit of Malaysia Boleh is what we at Lazada Malaysia try to embody in our MYBoleh sale. We believe that Malaysians have what it takes to perform and showcase their best to the world. Running from 1 until 21 August 2016, the MYBoleh sale will offer a wide range of sports equipment that can help you to perform your best. You are free to choose the available sports equipment categories, including cycling, swimming, badminton, athletics, basketball, and volleyball. You probably would not want to miss all the great deals and offers that will be running throughout the sale period, including Record-Breaking deals, Knockout deals, Free-Shipping Deals, and Sprinting Deals. If you can't afford to miss these great sports products and awesome deals, download the latest Lazada Malaysia app to your smartphone so that you can stay up-to-date with every single offer no matter where you are!