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National Style cotton linen curtains handmade cloth linen printed fabric  

  • National style elements fabric, handmade cloth, dress, dress and other home fabric products
  • Brand: Shanghai cloth hall
  • Material: Hemp
  • Denominated in units: Parts
  • Style: China wind
  • Pattern: Plants and flowers
  • Sale mode: Cut loose
  • Craft: Printing and dyeing
  • Applicable object: Other fabric handmade diy

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Product details of National Style cotton linen curtains handmade cloth linen printed fabric

Full shop product:Covered1Kinds of and full1Pieces, the total price of the order over150 yuan, Real pay amount of full150 yuanFree postage ([Flat shipping], [EMS] logistics way), Order postage automatically change, no need consulting.
The remaining time:   Days   The   Points   Second
This area is not to participate in Activity Qinghai Province, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, Macao Special Administrative Region, Taiwan, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Tibet Autonomous District

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Pro's note it: In order to easy to part of the small amount of use material of pro, to save pro's hard to earn to the silver, therefore BENSE.O shop all product are to pieces calculation, one pieces for half M material, need to a m the pro to shoot two pieces, two m shoot four pieces and so on, need to how much to shoot how much.
Product Name: National Style blue and white fabric
Product fabric:Cotton linen (cotton 55% linen 45)
Product craft:Printing Machine
Product width:1.45 m around (± 2 CM)
Product Ke Zhong:&Plusmn;5 m/kg

Description:Cotton compare soft, but not very including, hemp is very crisp, but more hard. Cotton linen fabric in a cotton linen blend the way, integrated the cotton linen the advantage, crisp and soft. This paragraph is this year the new fabric. Market on the also is very less, fabric cool, vertical sense of strong, suitable to do clothing, scarf and other.
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Buyers in the Case said:
 From buyers the comments, is to encourage, also is looking forward, but this always we will have been forward the power
Buy before you need to learn about:

For color
BENSE.O museum product are for entity photoshoot, but due to photoshoot light, angle and display the contrast of different, will have a little color difference exist, this is not to avoid the situation, and BENSE.O shop the product per a kinds of color are with unique the feeling, hard to do, same as can make than expected effect the YiYi. But in case of the due to order large amount, orders color complicated and other factors lead to hair wrong goods the situation, the pro who do not irritable, receive goods after in time contact Customer Service sale. The Thank you pro of calm.
About size
Per pieces product page are with tile measurement size to customer reference; per month of the amount of method is not the same, will have 1-3 CM around the error is part of mid.

About delivery
Due delivery amount of Japanese style variety, the size is more, in addition Danfeng home is homegrown, handmade for making, therefore delivery speed is not like general sell spot goods store the so fast, in order to make sure that every month buyers receive favorite the product, delivery process need to multi-party of with and testting, have spot goods the we will be in the payment after 72 hour within as soon as possible delivery; there is no spot goods, delivery period will be more long, we will as soon as possible for making, pro's it time. To close cargo speed required more high the customers please contact after-sale customer service, contact logistics and delivery status.
BENSE.O shop the default delivery for rhyme/Shen Tong

For information on back for cargo
Due to product cause problem is the back for goods, postage by BENSE.O shop Size. Non-quality problems is the back for cargo, back and forth the postage are to you own size). The OH (you need to and online after-sales customer service make up the postage).

Service advantage
7 days no conditions back for cargo, strength and product confidence, after-sale protection.


Specifications of National Style cotton linen curtains handmade cloth linen printed fabric

What's in the box:
  • 1x item
General Features:
Style This baby one pieces for half meter in oh
Model Not Specified
Taobao Seller Name 丹凤布艺
Warranty type No Warranty
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