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Pop'N Music - Nintendo Wii
  • Easy and fun to play, basic controls move the Nunchuk and Wii Mote up, down, left and right, very intuitive controls
  • Entertaining party game with a variety of multiplayer modes, including Co-op and battle modes
  • A variety of customization features: Choose from a variety of recorded sounds such as clapping or percussion sounds; Select from 14 different characters and 6 unique stages; Use your Mii and show emotions such as laughing, crying, or being troubled
  • Assortment of licensed and original music to play with your friends
  • Downloadable song content will be available through the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection
RM 150.00 -70%
RM 500.00
Scooby-Doo and the Spooky Swamp
  • Full Mission Co-Op, Full Mission Single-Player, Mini-Games
  • Nunchuk controller play
  • New brain-teasing puzzles test your mystery solving skills and new monster enemies and epic boss battles!
  • Use cool gadgets and tools to help solve mysteries, uncover treasure and help in your investigations
  • Create your own custom look and enhance your abilities using unique accessories and clothing items
RM 170.00 -66%
RM 500.00
Disney Sing It: Pop Hits - Nintendo Wii (Game Only)
  • Sing along with 30 songs and music videos from artists like the Jonas Brothers, Taylor Swift, Cobie Caillat, Hannah Montana, Demi Lovato and Jesse McCartney (microphone required, not included)
  • Perform solo-style, share the spotlight with friends and family in Duet mode or compete head-to-head in multiplayer mode
  • Learn proper breathing and pitch techniques, as well as how to riff and harmonize, from Disney Channel TV star Tiffany Thornton in Sing It Pro mode
  • Record your performances with Sing It Encore for playback later
  • Customize wallpapers with unlockable themes and pins
RM 190.00 -62%
RM 500.00
Space Chimps - Nintendo Wii
  • Tumble, jump, climb and swing your way through environments just like the movie
  • Switch from fighting mode to sneaking mode to puzzle solving mode
  • Interact with familiar faces from the movie and brand new characters created just for the game
  • Fly on the backs of alien fluvians, or get yourself your own pair of flutter eye wings
  • Single player story mode or 1-2 player multiplayer
RM 150.00 -70%
RM 500.00
Pikmin, New Play Control - Nintendo Wii
  • Life under a microscope fantasy world
  • Unique experience
  • Adventure
  • Puzzle elements
  • Control Captain Olimar, lovable little astronaut
RM 320.00 -36%
RM 500.00
G-Force - Nintendo Wii
  • Characters' voices match the talent used in the G-Force film, including: Sam Rockwell, Jon Favreau and Bill Nighy.
  • Unique gameplay requiring the player to switch between Darwin, a guinea pig, and Mooch, a housefly.
  • Special abilities for each character: Darwin¿s hoverpack lets players speed through areas or fly up to higher altitudes; Mooch can slow down time.
  • Innovative platform puzzle solving to reach new areas and trigger gadgets.
  • Enjoy and explore new enemies, weapons and locations not seen in the film.
RM 240.00 -52%
RM 500.00
Boogie With Microphone - Nintendo Wii (Bundle)
  • Boogie With Microphone - Nintendo Wii (Bundle)
  • New! Factory Sealed.Tracking Included. All orders are usually processed within 1-2 business days. Excellent Customer Service is our top priority!
  • Video Game
RM 180.00 -64%
RM 500.00
Cold Stone Creamery: Scoop It Up
  • Mix and match different flavors of ice cream and toppings before serving them up to customers
  • Satisfy crowds in five different cities around the world
  • Unlock additional ice cream flavors and other items as the game progresses
  • Try out a variety of mini-games for single and multiplayer competition - includes Ice Cream Twisting (twist the Wii Remote to make ice cream) and Candy Topping (shake the Wii remote to make candy)
  • Design your own ice cream billboards
RM 150.00 -70%
RM 500.00
Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games
  • Take on the team of Dr. Eggman and Bowser in an all new exciting adventure
  • Play as the full cast of characters in a fully immersive single player Story Mode.
  • Take the fun of the Olympic Games to the streets of London as the city becomes the ultimate playground!
  • Take part in a huge number of mini-games around a variety of famous landmarks with all your favorite characters in the London Party mode
  • Take on the team of Dr. Eggman and Bowser in an all new exciting adventure
RM 330.00 -34%
RM 500.00
Sonic Sega All Stars Racing
  • Party racing fun: Battle it out in single player, challenge your friends in 4 player split-screen or compete in 8 player online action! Game modes include Grand Prix, Arcade and Time Attack.
  • All your favorite racers: Choose from 20 different characters from the Sonic & SEGA universe including Sonic, Tails, AiAi and Amigo.
  • High Velocity Vehicles: Every character drives their own unique vehicle including sports cars, bikes, monster trucks, planes and even a giant banana to perform special maneuvers!
  • All-Star moves: Race by a competitor with a variety of pick-up weapons (missiles, mines and other obstacles) or one of the 20 unique character moves such as Tails' tornado, Samba's conga line, and much more!
  • Stunning visuals: Race over medieval castle ramparts, under lush rainforest canopies and through bustling cityscapes as you battle through 24 challenging tracks from the Sonic and SEGA Universe.
RM 170.00 -66%
RM 500.00
Order Up!
  • Unlock all of the menu items in the current restaurant by earning and spending COIN. Unlock the next new recipe or new high-carbon, razor-sharp, signature series chef's knife.
  • Create a Chef's Special that is better than any of the current menu items. Attract the attention of the local Food Critic - by completing the previous tasks and gain a favorable review in the local newspaper.
  • Serve more than the minimum number of plates in one day - number dependent on difficulty level and stage of restaurant in the game.
  • Spend COIN to buy a new restaurant.
RM 230.00 -54%
RM 500.00
Ocean Commander - Nintendo Wii
  • Collect money to upgrade weapons
  • Use your Wiimote and Nunchuk to launch lots of special weapons
  • Choose from 12 dazzling weapons, each with multiple upgrades
RM 150.00 -70%
RM 500.00
Battleship - Nintendo Wii
  • Action-Packed Gameplay: As a side story to the upcoming Universal Pictures' film, this fast-paced FPS puts you at the forefront of an extreme alien attack. Facing hazards across land, sea, and air - this won't be a walk in the park
  • "Spectacle at Sea" Tactical Battle Command: Take real-time control of naval units as you strategize a map-wide plan of attack by directing your fleet to launch air strikes, conduct radar sweeps, and engage in ship-to-ship sea conflict.
  • "War on the Shore" Battling: As a member of the elite E.O.D., take the fight to the Hawaiian shores to put down the invading threat.
  • Upgradable & Customizable: You are in total command! Fend off alien foes throughout the game with badass weapons and upgradable naval units, all with specialty attacks and attributes.
RM 150.00 -70%
RM 500.00
Gold's Gym Dance Workout - Nintendo Wii
  • The game supports two players so you and a friend can dance the calories away together
  • Strengthen your muscles with fun mini-games such as rodeo bull riding, karate, rowing, kangaroo boxing, sword fighting and more
  • Build your own circuit program or let the game create one for you.
  • Your personal trainer teaches you dance moves, motivates you and increases the intensity of your workout based on your performance
  • The game supports two players so you and a friend can dance the calories away together
RM 200.00 -60%
RM 500.00
Birthday Party Bash - Nintendo Wii
  • Free party invitations and special Duncan Hines coupon included to bring the virtual party into reality.
  • Over 20 classic birthday party games including Pin the Tail, Hot Potato, Present Frenzy, Balloon Popper, Musical Chairs, Sack Race and many more.
  • Ten different girl and boy themed party rooms including: pirate, glamour, sports, princess, construction, stuffed animals, monsters, magical forest, army men and music.
  • Customize customizable for any birthday boy, girl, friends and family (even grandma).
  • Accommodates up to 12 players (via shared Wii Remotes).
RM 150.00 -70%
RM 500.00
Wreck-It Ralph - Nintendo Wii
  • On the fly swappable characters Use Wreck It Ralph's brawn to destroy obstacles or Fix-It-Felix's magical hammer to repair them
  • Unique environments venture through four distinct backdrops based on the featured film
  • Bragging rights find and accumulate collectibles like hero medals and Easter eggs that you can display in your trophy collection
  • Fun that never ends beat the game play it again and discover more challenging levels under a new set of rules
RM 150.00 -70%
RM 500.00
  • Includes Video Game and INFINITY Base.
  • Also includes base piece that allows access to 3 INFINITY Charaters: Monsters University, Pirates of the Caribbean, and The Incredibles AND 3 INFINITY Characters: Mr. Incredible, Jack Sparrow, and Sulley.
  • Also includes your first INFINITY Power Disc.
  • Also includes unique web codes to unlock content online and on your mobile device.
  • The gameplay in DISNEY INFINITY for the Wii does not have online play or multiplayer in Playsets (there is multiplayer in Toybox)
RM 460.00 -34%
RM 700.00
uDraw Penguins of Madagascar: Dr. Blowhole Returns Again! - Nintendo Wii
  • Brand New, Original Story. Dr. Blowhole, the diabolical dolphin, is back with his lobster minions and a new plan for world domination and it's up to Team Penguin to stop him from his wave of destruction
  • Strategic, Fast-paced Action. Solve perilous puzzles, build crazy contraptions, nimbly navigate hazards and rescue Marlene, Mort, and the rest of the zoo crew in your mission to save the world
  • Penguin Power: Utilize each penguin's unique abilities to overcome obstacles and solve puzzles. Use Skipper to assemble the team, Rico to regurgitate explosives, Kowalski to build devices and Private to squeeze through tight spaces
  • Mini-games: Play through a multitude of wacky mini-games, including Ninja Knock-Down, Mort Bowling and even a dance-off with everyone's favorite lemur, King Julien
RM 150.00 -70%
RM 500.00
Virtua Tennis 2009 - Nintendo Wii
  • Take your career online and compete for the ultimate title of Virtua Tennis Champion with the new online ranking system. With prize money you earn in online tournaments, you can purchase over 800 items in the new Tennis Store and upgrade your character.
  • New Players / Courts – Play as or against over 20 of the world’s top players, including seven new to Virtua Tennis and three legends. All-new arenas and the officially licensed Davis Cup provide the most realistic tennis competition to date.
  • New Player Creation System – You now have full control over facial, body and clothing customization, as well as the depth to populate the game world with hundreds of unknown opponents.
  • More Court Games – Playing alone or with up to three friends compete in 12 mini-games, five completely new, and upload your hi-scores on the worldwide rankings in games such as Zoo Feeder and Pirate War.
  • Improved Gameplay – Courtside action is better than ever, with extensive updates to the famous arcade-style Virtua Tennis match engine, as well as 3D crowds and a more realistic courtside experience.
RM 180.00 -64%
RM 500.00
WipeOut: The Game
  • In-game commentator caricatures voiced by John Anderson, John Henson and Jill Wagner
  • 50+ insane obstacles, including TV favorites: Big Balls, Sucker Punch, The Sweeper and more
  • Classic platform/scrolling gameplay
  • Bone-crunching ragdoll wipeouts with slow-motion instant replays
  • Competitive multiplayer with up to 4-player split-screen chaos -- you can even hurl objects at opponents from the sidelines when its not your turn
RM 170.00 -66%
RM 500.00
Pool Hall Pro - Nintendo Wii
  • Many game modes - Arcade, Tournament, Multiplayer, Exhibition, World Tour and Practice
  • Vast amount of game types - UK 8 Ball, US 8 Ball, 9 Ball, 6 Ball Pool, 10 Ball Pool, 15 ball Pool, Pub Pool, 6 Ball Snooker, 10 Ball Snooker,
  • Snooker and Basic Pocket Billiards
  • Fully customizable characters
  • Earn cash and pimp out your Crib
RM 400.00 -20%
RM 500.00
Ben 10: Protector of Earth - Nintendo Wii
  • Ben 10: Protector of Earth - Nintendo Wii
  • At first glance, 10-year-old Ben looks like your average, everyday kid, but upon closer inspection it's plain to see he's the world's youngest action hero stopping evildoers from Earth and space! With the help of the Omnitrix, Ben can transform into heroic alien forms with extraordinary powers. The evil Vilgax, with the help of Kevin 11 and the Forever Knights, has set in motion a plan to capture the Omnitrix and the world is in danger¿Ben 10: Protector of Earth is an exciting game full of familiar characters on a quest to stop Vilgax and save the day!
  • Video Game
RM 180.00 -64%
RM 500.00
Metroid Prime Trilogy
  • Premium three-game collection for the Wii console that bundles all three landmark Metroid Prime games onto one disc
  • Each game maintains its original storyline and settings
  • New Wii controls bring an entirely new level of immersion and freedom to these milestone games
  • Updated versions of Metroid Prime and Metroid Prime 2: Echoes
  • Three different sensitivity settings allow beginners to advanced gamers a chance to enjoy the games
RM 440.00 -37%
RM 700.00
Haunted House - Nintendo Wii
  • Beloved classic reinvented: Homage to some of the gameplay elements and mechanics with a whole new dimension added to the experience.
  • Irresistible and Iconic: Building upon the original, complete with trademark glowing eyes.
  • Pick up-and-play arcade-style adventure: Players can jump right in and easily begin exploring the dark and mysterious levels.
  • Four different haunted environments including the Mansion, Towers, Basement and Catacombs.
  • Brilliant new visuals and breathtaking audio create a sense of rich and riveting ambiance.
RM 220.00 -56%
RM 500.00
SSX Blur - Nintendo Wii
  • Publisher: Electronic Arts
  • Platform: Nintendo Wii
  • Genre: Sports
  • Release Date: February 27, 2007
  • Number of Players: Not Available
RM 230.00 -54%
RM 500.00
Celebrity Sports Showdown - Nintendo Wii
  • Versus or co-op play
  • Up to 4 players at once
  • Create customized tournament
  • 12 outdoor sports games - Beach Volleyball, Inner-Tubing, Wild Water Canoeing, Hurdle Derby, Slalom Showdown, Cliff Hangers, Smash Badminton, Rapid Fire Archery, Joust Duel, Curling, Arena Dodgeball, an Air Racers
  • 10 celebrities - Fergie, Avril Lavigne, LeAnn Rimes, Keith Urban, Nelly Furtado, Paul Pierce, Mia Hamm, Kristi Yamaguchi, Reggie Bush, and Sugar Ray Leonard
RM 170.00 -66%
RM 500.00
The Naked Brothers Band - Nintendo Wii
  • Rock University Presents: The Naked Brothers Band
  • console-video-games
  • COD: World at War Wii
  • 83439
RM 150.00 -70%
RM 500.00
Zhu Zhu Pets: Wild Bunch with Zhu Zhu Hamster - Nintendo Wii (Limited Edition with Hamster)
  • 10+ authentic Zhu Zhu Pets: play with your old favorites like Chunk or Mr. Scoodles, or choose one of the 17 new Zhu Zhu Pets!
  • Nuture your Zhu Zhu Pet: keep your Zhu Zhu happy by feeding them, giving them water, brushing them, taking them to movies and more
  • Wii Cooperative Multiplayer: play the Wii version with a friend while chasing down the mischievous Wild Bunch
  • 36 levels for many hours of enjoyment
  • Includes Wii game PLUS exclusive full size Zhu Zhu Hamster, never before sold in stores
RM 150.00 -70%
RM 500.00
Shrek Forever After - Nintendo Wii
  • Based on the DreamWorks Animation film
  • Play as Shrek, Fiona, Donkey and Puss In Boots as you fight to save Far, Far Away from the crafty Rumplestiltskin
  • Utilize each character's fighting moves and unique abilities in your quest
  • Morph between Shrek's normal world and his alternate reality for twice the adventure
  • Enjoy fun and exciting gameplay through a combination of problem solving and mash-em-up fighting
RM 150.00 -70%
RM 500.00
Mario Super Sluggers
  • Swing the Wii Remote to bat and pitch and use the Nunchuk to control outfielders
  • Build an “all star” roster of your favorite Mario characters, each with unique personalities and abilities
  • Get on your feet and get into the game with immersive Wii controls
  • Two player baseball games and four player mini-games
  • Control schemes for both rookies and veterans
RM 250.00 -50%
RM 500.00
Mario Strikers Charged (Nintendo Selects)
  • Mario Strikers Charged (Nintendo Selects)
  • The captains from Super Mario Strikers are back, joined by four new ones, and now you can create your own original team by mixing and matching your captain with an all-new cast of sidekicks. All characters have their own sets of special abilities, making each one play completely differently from one another
  • New captain super-abilities and sidekick skill-shots add a new level of depth to already crazy soccer battles on the most unpredictable and hazard-filled pitches in the Mario universe
RM 200.00 -60%
RM 500.00
Star Trek: Conquest - Nintendo Wii
  • Single-player game of galactic conquest featuring a blend of strategy and action set in The Next Generation era
  • Planets held by Next Generation era races are set in a large galactic map, where turn-based strategy allows for building and expanding your empire
  • Take direct control of any ship and experience intense action as you engage in real-time combat
  • Wise spending on starbases, factories, research facilities, and starships determines success
  • 6 playable races each with their own unique set of strengths and weaknesses
RM 340.00 -32%
RM 500.00
Princess Isabella: A Witch's Curse - Nintendo Wii
  • Princess Isabella: A Witch's Curse - Nintendo Wii
  • Enter the mysterious and magical world of Princess Isabella: A Witch’s Curse, a hidden object game for the Wii and Nintendo DS. Solve puzzles, battle against unnatural beings, and rescue your family as you cleanse your castle of the witch’s evil curse. Defeat her sinister plans as you explore 135 scenes, and complete over 40 puzzles on your way to the final showdown with the witch herself!
  • Video Game
RM 350.00 -30%
RM 500.00
Sonic Colors - Nintendo Wii
  • Non-stop High Speed Action: Accelerate to adrenaline-pumping super speed and blast through obstacles with a new Color Power abilities enabled by the Wisps. String action combos together for an even quicker increase in the boost gauge!
  • New 'Color Power' Power-ups and Hidden Paths: Take Sonic through various locales as he collects and engages the new Color Power to access multiple hidden areas.
  • Amusement Park Themed Setting: Prepare to explore and race through exotic stages, all centered around a new and mysterious astro-amusement park.
  • Wi-Fi Rankings: Leader boards on Wii and Nintendo DS.
  • Platform Exclusives: Charge through worlds like never before with unique power-ups!
RM 200.00 -60%
RM 500.00
Active Life: Magical Carnival - Nintendo Wii
  • Fun and active carnival style Party play suitable for the whole family
  • Dozens of themed carnival attractions including a: Circus, Parade, Horror, Pirates and Fantasy
  • Utilizes the Active Life mat controller (sold/bundled separately) - Mat controller supports up to 2-players simultaneously
  • A wide range of multiplayer modes makes it fun for everyone
  • Multiple difficulty options to cater to all skill levels
RM 150.00 -70%
RM 500.00
LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 - Silver Shield Combo Pack - Nintendo Wii
  • LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 - Silver Shield Combo Pack - Nintendo Wii
  • This Certified Refurbished product is tested and certified to look and work like new. The refurbishing process includes functionality testing, basic cleaning, inspection, and repackaging. The product ships with all relevant accessories, a minimum 90-day warranty, and may arrive in a generic box.
  • Includes bonus Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone movie inside.
RM 180.00 -64%
RM 500.00
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Nintendo Malaysia

Nintendo’s name has always been associated with video games, since its history pretty much shaped how we play games today day. After the crash of 1983, the brand stood alone and continued to develop systems that would revive video games into what they are now. People from different generations have had experiences with the brand, each stating how the Japanese group innovate gaming. Nintendo’s idea of making consoles and games remain consistent throughout the generations.

The quality, story, and fun factor of the games they developed are often ahead of its generations, that some titles are considered timeless by hardcore gamers out there. Super Mario and Pokémon have been developed many years ago but the impact these two have on children and adults alike is very large. As a whole, Nintendo is a giant conglomerate that has the entire gaming industry’s history at the back of its shoulders.

Nintendo: The Leader in Handheld Gaming Industry

Despite Nintendo’s strong connections to the entire industry, the company’s mastery of the handheld gaming concept was still the feature most known by people. First seen with the Gameboy, the brand continued developing the right consoles to play on the go. Today, the DS, and 3DS are dominating the market of portable videogames, even incorporating their flagship titles in these portable gadgets. You can get the best Nintendo 3DS price in Malaysia and the best Nintendo DS price in Malaysia on Lazada Malaysia.

Nintendo is also quite known to make games for all ages, focusing on family-oriented games that you can play with your family. The Nintendo Wii has been famous for this category, with Wii Sports taking the cake for moms and dads out there who want to play with their children. Overall, the influence of this multinational corporation is very strong, that even non-gamers would be familiar with the characters created by this brand.

Why choose Nintendo devices?

  • Nintendo holds the most popular gaming titles in the world
  • Their games cater to all ages and genders and are family-friendly
  • Constant and free updates to their consoles and handhelds of the phone’s features
  • Innovative with their technology, producing newer ways to play their classic titles

    The Nintendo DS series

  • Product overview: The Nintendo DS series is the brand’s most popular handheld console, known for its incorporation of a bottom touchpad and stylus. The DS was innovative since it was also the first device to use LED technology to enhance the visuals of the games being played there.
  • Nintendo DS Lite: The DS Lite is a more connective and Internet-enabled version of the DS. The series is also impressive because of its full HD screen and more responsive touchpad
  • Nintendo DSi / XL: The final release of the DS boasts size and durability. The DSi takes what works, fixes all the bugs, and puts more connectivity into the handheld console. The DSi also gives users the ability to download games online

    Nintendo 3DS series

  • Product overview: The Nintendo 3DS incorporates what made the DS famous and enhances its graphics to include an adjustable 3D wheel. The high-end graphics of the device also allows the handheld to play games from the previous home consoles with much higher resolution and more fun gameplay.
  • Nintendo 2DS: The 2DS is the brand’s attempt to make a budget console device. This gaming device uses the same engine with the 3DS without the 3D function and foldable design. This device also focuses more on Internet gaming.
  • New Nintendo 3DS/3DS XL: The series’ latest and newest flagship. The New 3DS fixes all the broken features of the original 3DS and add an additional movable stick for a better player-character interaction

    Nintendo Games and Accessories

  • Nintendo DS games : The Nintendo DS games come in chip format. This gaming library include: Nintendogs, Pokemon 4th/5th generation series, New Super Mario Bros, 4/6 games in one.
  • Nintendo accessories: Nintendo does not come short with reliable accessories that help you play your games better. The gaming peripherals include a 3DS AC adaptor, gaming peripherals for Wii, smart case for Nintendo DS.
  • Nintendo 3DS games include: The limited, but effective library of both New and traditional 3DS consoles include Pokemon 6th generation series, New Super Mario Bros 2, Mario Kart 7.