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NTT DoCoMo Prepaid Data SIM Card for Japan Travellers - 2 Packs  

  • 2 pieces Prepaid Data LTE SIM Card
  • Service Provider - NTT DoCoMo.
  • 3.5Gb on 4G/LTE Network.
  • 500mb/day on 4G/LTE Network.
  • Unlimited download speed capped at 256kbps after exceeding 3.5Gb.
  • Unlimited download speed capped at 256kbps after exceeding the 500MB/Day. Speed resumes the next day.
  • Valid for 15 Days from activation day.
  • Expiration Date: 28 Feb 2018
RM 240.00
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Product details of NTT DoCoMo Prepaid Data SIM Card for Japan Travellers - 2 Packs


  • Buy them before going to Japan. They COST ALOT MORE in Japan.
  • Don't get caught buying cheap SIM Cards with low data and low capped speed. You will surprise by how much data you can use during your trip!
  • Always be mindful of prices of the SIM Cards. Japanese SIM Cards prices are always around a certain price range and price variance is narrow. Very cheap SIM Cards usually means too many users are assigned to limited number of bandwidth lines.
  • There is NO SUCH THING as UNLIMITED DATA and UNCAPPED SPEED together in Japan! We are an MVNO in Japan and we know this.  If it is uncapped speed, there is a fixed amount of data ie. 1GB, 2GB, 3GB, 5GB, etc and these packages are extremely expensive. Exceeding these fixed data speed will usually make your internet unusable until top up. Unlimited data means there is a capped speed after using a certain amount of data. This is also know as "Fair Usage Policy". We tell you what our "Fair Usage Policy" is and we are transparent about it. 


Experience the NTT DoCoMo lightening speed mobile network. Almost every 1 out of 2 Japanese uses NTT DoCoMo network. Why? Because it is fast, reliable and not congested like other competing networks; plus it has the widest mobile coverage in Japan.

This service supports the Xi® and FOMA® networks operated in Japan by NTT DOCOMO.

  • (i) LTE (Xi®): 
  • Band 1 (2100 MHz); Band 19 (800 MHz); Band 21 (1500 MHz); Band 3 (1800 MHz, only some areas) 
  • (ii) W-CDMA (FOMA®): 
  • Band 1 (2100MHz); Band 19 (800MHz)

Specifications of NTT DoCoMo Prepaid Data SIM Card for Japan Travellers - 2 Packs

What's in the box:
  • x 2 Yokoso Sim Prepaid LTE data SIM Cards
  • x 2 Nano SIM Adapters
General Features:
Model Yokoso Sim-YS002
Size (L x W x H) 10.5 x 12.5 x 0.1
Weight 0.2
Return Policy All items sold are non-refundable
Warranty type No Warranty
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