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Olympus TG-4 Black (15 meter Waterproof) + 8GB SD Class 10 + Case [Original Malaysia Warranty]  

1 Year Local Manufacturer Warranty
Warranty Information
The Warranty is covered by the Manufacturer of the item and can be claimed only in MY. Please ship your product directly to the authorized service center as provided by the Seller.

  • 16MP 1/2.3" BSI CMOS Sensor
  • TruePic VII Image Processor
  • Olympus 4x Optical Zoom f/2.0-4.9 Lens
  • 25-100mm (35mm Equivalent)
  • Water, Crush, Shock, Freeze & Dustproof
  • Full HD 1920 x 1080p Video Recording
  • Built-In Wi-Fi, GPS, and eCompass
  • ISO 6400 and 5 fps Shooting at Full Res.
  • RAW Capture & Live Composite
  • Microscope and Underwater Modes

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RM 1,439.00

Product details of Olympus TG-4 Black (15 meter Waterproof) + 8GB SD Class 10 + Case [Original Malaysia Warranty]


- Olympus TG-4 Camera
- Olympus LI-92B Battery
- Olympus F-2AC Adapter
- USB Cable (USB8)
- Wrist Strap
- Setup Manual
- Set up CD
- Quick Start Guide
- 1 Year Warranty By Olympus Malaysia


- 16GB SD Card
- CSCH-121 Case

Capture the action in high image quality

Whether in the mountains, by the ocean, in rocky terrain or the snow, the Stylus Tough series is at home in the most brutal environments. Among other models, the TG-4 comes out on top with features such as the bright f/2.0 lens.

Bright f/2.0 lens

With a bright f/2.0 lens, a high shutter speed can be used to minimize blur when shooting moving subjects even in dimly lit locations.
 Average camera
f/ value: 3.9, shutter speed: 1/30 sec. (The dark lens prevents use of a faster shutter speed)
 Camera with a bright f/2.0 lens
f/ value: 2.0, shutter speed: 1/125 sec. (The bright lens allows use of a faster shutter speed)

f/2.0 folded optics zoom lens

The TG-4 boasts the ultimate brightness for a folded optics zoom lens at f/2.0. Lenses created with advanced optical technology are lavishly used, including the DSA lens. These features make for a camera with both Tough performance and excellent image quality.

4.5 - 18.0mm (35mm equivalent: 25 - 100mm) f/2.0 - 4.9, 4x zoom

  1. DSA lens: Dual Super Aspherical lens
  2. HR/HD lens: High Refractive Index and Dispersion lens
  3. Aspherical lenses

Aperture priority (A) mode makes use of the F2.0 lens

Aperture Priority (A) mode is now included. With this feature, the bright f/2.0 lens can be used to capture clearer images.

Reliable "Tough" performance

Waterproof, dustproof, shockproof, crushproof, and freezeproof -- the TG-4 is a camera that provides excellent image quality in any type of environment imaginable.

15m Waterproof1

Olympus-original technologies such as protective sealing and a double lock mechanism enable waterproof performance down to depths of 15m. Not only does this make it possible to shoot in heavy rain, but it also lets you shoot while you snorkel.


The TG-4 dustproof construction features airtight mechanisms that prevent sand and dust from entering the camera.

2.1m Shockproof1

The TG-4 boasts greater shock-absorbing performance than any Tough camera before, with ability to withstand drops from 2.1m high. Olympus ingenuity has been utilized in every facet, from the lens shape and maintenance method to the frame drive method.

100kgf Crushproof1

The lens barrel, supports, shutter, and aperture were thoroughly tested and found to be able to withstand loads up to 100 kgf. With its crushproof capabilities, you won't have to worry about accidentally sitting on your camera.


-10℃ Freezeproof1

Conventional digital cameras are not guaranteed to operate at temperatures that fall below 0℃. The TG-4, however, is guaranteed operation down to -10℃, so you can feel confident using it as you enjoy winter sports.


Movie features

The TG-4 features unique movie functions, such as HD movie, high-speed movie, and time lapse movie.

High-Speed Movie

Capture ultra high-speed movies at 120 fps or 240 fps. Split-second movements can then be played back in slow motion.

  • The movie size is 640 x 480 at 120fps and 320 x 240 at 240fps.

  • The maximum recording time for a high-speed movie is 20 seconds.

Time Lapse Movie

The Interval Shooting function is included for fixed-point observation shooting. This can be used to shoot scenes such as the movement of people or the movement of stars. Simply set the number of shots as well as the interval between each shot and the camera will automatically shoot successive images. After shooting is complete, the camera can generate a Time Lapse movie for a maximum of 10 seconds (when shooting 99 shots)*. With this function, you can enjoy successive shots as a movie.

  • Limited to Motion JPEG (10 fps) recording format.

  • 1: Waterproof performance is JIS/IEC protection class 8 (IPX8) equivalent. The number of shots that can be recorded is reduced at lower temperature. Kilogram-force (kgf) is the unit for measuring force exerted on an object. Dustproof performance is JIS/IEC protection class (IP6X) equivalent. All tests were performed under Olympus in-house test conditions.

  • Pictures are for illustrative purposes only.

Features perfect for outdoor photography

The TG-4 is equipped with versatile shooting modes that let you capture high quality images even in challenging situations.

Underwater modes provide assistance in underwater shooting

On the previous models, it was difficult to capture beautiful underwater photos without making full and detailed adjustments to camera settings. On the TG-4, Underwater Mode is added on the mode dial. Simply select from five different underwater settings to match the scene for beautiful underwater photos.

Underwater Snapshot

This mode is perfect for capturing snapshots of friends or other subjects under the surface of the water in a pool or while snorkeling in shallow water. The settings for each parameter are optimised so that the images are naturally reproduced even in shallow, bright waters.

Underwater Wide (1&2)

Underwater Wide 1 mode is used for normal wide-angle underwater shooting. This mode optimises all settings, including the flash, autofocus, and white balance. All you need to do is to simply point the camera toward the subject and release the shutter. Beautiful wide-angle underwater shots are available for you.
Underwater Wide 2 mode disables the built-in flash to shoot with natural light only. This mode is good when you don't want to scare off underwater animals with the flash and in other underwater environments where the flash reflects off floating matter in the water, resulting in a noisy image. Because the preview screen is not displayed after each shot, you can continue shooting the dolphins or manta rays, so you don't miss the perfect moment.

Underwater Macro

This mode fine tunes settings for optimal close-up shooting of small subjects such as shrimp or gobies. Unlike on land, water, which carries various floating matter, flows between the camera and the subject, causing your photos to get cloudy. Also, reds especially tend to be absorbed by water, giving a bluish cast to shots. To counteract such obstacles of underwater photography, the flash is turned on when Underwater Macro is set. In order to get the most out of your flash, move up close to the subject, and let Underwater Macro help you in taking the perfect shot.

Underwater HDR

In this mode, the white balance is optimised for underwater shooting, and to dramatically recreate overly bright sections and dark shadows, the exposure is changed for each shot, and the shots are then merged to form a single image with a wide dynamic range.

Live Composite

The bright sections from multiple, sequentially shot images are extracted, and composited to form a single image. You can capture beautiful shots of city lights, stars, and light trails without having to perform any difficult operations.

Macro System

Four different shooting modes are available for expanding the expressive power of macro photography.

Microscope mode

When set to Microscope mode, the camera can capture subjects as close as 1cm. By combining the optical zoom and super resolution zoom or digital zoom, you can achieve surprising close-up photography as if you are viewing the subject through a microscope.

A wider shooting range than ever before

The shooting range for Microscope mode on the previous model, the TG-3, was from 1cm to 10cm, but the TG-4 has an expanded shooting range from 1cm to 30cm.

Microscope Control mode

Microscope Control mode lets you switch magnification as if changing the objective lens of a microscope. On the rear display, you can confirm the magnification factor based on your subject being 1cm away, and use the arrow pad to change the magnification factor in steps from 1x to 2x and 4x. Also, just as in Super macro mode, the display magnification factor can be changed to a maximum of 44.4x with the zoom lever. (Optical zoom, Super Resolution zoom, and digital zoom are all used together.)

  Microscope Control mode screen (Microscope Control mode icons appear at top of screen)

Focus Stacking mode

Focus Stacking mode merges differing degrees of depth of field so that the entire scene is in focus from the foreground to the background. The finished image is of high quality, perfect for prints. 1, 2

  1. Standard macro photography: The depth of field is shallow, making it making it difficult to view the entire subject.

  2. Multiple shots are taken with the focus slightly adjusted after each shot so that there is a shot with the focus on a each area of the subject, from front to back.

  3. The areas in focus are automatically extracted from captured images and merged for the final shot.

  4. The finished image is good enough to be a sample photo for an illustrated encyclopedia.

Focus Bracketing mode

In macro shooting, results change drastically depending on where the focal point is placed. In Focus bracketing mode, the focal location is shifted slightly with each shot for up to 30 shots. This feature is convenient for when you're not sure where to focus. The amount of focal shift can be selected from three different options.2

AF Target selection

This model is equipped with AF Target selection, a function that is convenient for macro shooting. Easily reposition the AF target frame to focus on the exact point you want.

Press and hold the OK button to switch to AF Target selection. Use the up, down, left, and right buttons on the arrow pad to move the AF position.

GPS + Electronic Compass and Built-in Wi-Fi

Highly accurate GPS function

The GPS function on the TG-4 is compatible with GLONASS and QZSS for improved positioning accuracy. With support for GPS assist data, positioning speed is significantly improved by updating the GPS ahead of time using a computer or smartphone.

  • The computer application A-GPS Utility Software or the smartphone app Olympus Image Track is required to update the GPS assist data.


Logger function for recording the route travelled

Even when not shooting, the TG-4 receives positioning data at specific intervals and records your travelled route. With the computer application Olympus Viewer 3, Google Maps, and the smartphone app Olympus Image Track, you can see your photos along with their location, creatong memories of your travels.

Route travelled

The smartphone app Olympus Image Track makes using positioning information more convenient.

The smartphone app Olympus Image Track comes complete with many functions including being able to update GPS assist data via the camera's Wi-Fi capability as well as downloading GPS logs and photos to your smartphone for easy management on a map.

  • Positioning is possible even without updating GPS assist data, however it will take longer.

Detailed information and to download Olympus Image Track

Update data from a computer


A computer application is also available for those without a smartphone.


Click here to download the Olympus A-GPS Utility software

The electronic compass helps to check shooting direction when travelling

You can check your shooting direction, longitude and latitude in the positioning information screen, even when the camera is turned off.

  1. Latitude/Longitude

  2. Air pressure/Water pressure

  3. Altitude/Depth of water

  4. Date and time

  5. Shooting direction



Equipped with a Wi-Fi function for sharing enjoyable memories anytime, anywhere

The TG-4 is equipped with a Wi-Fi function. When linked with the Olympus Image Share smartphone app, images on the camera can be easily transferred to a smartphone via Wi-Fi. Initial settings are no more troublesome with a simple scan of the QR code that is displayed on the camera. The settings can now be completed in just a few steps.

See details on Olympus Image Share

Use your smartphone as a remote control

Not only can you display the camera's Live View screen on your smartphone, you can specify an AF point, operate the zoom, and activate the shutter. This the perfect tool for capturing memories when you are on vacation.

  • Google, Google Earth, and Google Maps are trademarks or registered trademarks of Google Inc.

  • Because the GPS and electronic compass are not intended for use as accurate measurement functions, under no circumstances are measured values (such as: longitude and latitude, landmark information, shooting direction) guaranteed. Information may differ from actual circumstances due to effects of events such as natural disasters.

  • To use Assist data, information must be updated via the Internet. A computer or smartphone with an Internet connection is required. GPS Assist data must be updated every four weeks.

  • Depending on the country/region of use, different laws and regulations may be applicable regarding the use of the GPS function. Be sure to follow local laws and regulations.

  • Be sure to turn off the GPS function in places where its use is forbidden or restricted, such as onboard airplanes.

  • Whenever the logger is turned on, it will continue to be active and draw power from the battery, even when the camera is off.

  • This camera is not equipped with a navigation function.

  • GPS is a positioning measurement system that uses signals received from orbiting satellites. For better reception, avoid locations where signals can be blocked or reflected. Use the camera in as open location as possible where the sky is clearly visible.

  • It may not be possible to obtain positioning information, or positioning information may be incorrect in the following locations: Indoors, underground or underwater, in forests, near tall buildings, near high-voltage lines, inside tunnels, near magnets, metal, or electronic appliances, near mobile phones that operate in the 1.5 GHz band.

  • The electronic compass may not point to the correct direction in the following places: Indoors, near high-voltage lines (such as on train station platforms), near magnets or metal, near household appliances.

  • Wi-Fi is a registered trademark of Wi-Fi Alliance.

  • The Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Logo is a certification mark of the Wi-Fi Alliance.

  • Pictures are for illustrative purposes only.

Specifications of Olympus TG-4 Black (15 meter Waterproof) + 8GB SD Class 10 + Case [Original Malaysia Warranty]

What's in the box:
  • F-2AC AC Adapter
  • Wrist StrapSoftware 
  • CD-ROM
  • Limited 1-Year Warranty
General Features:
Return Policy Please refer to Lazada Description.
Weight 0.5
View Finder No viewfinder
Warranty type Local Manufacturer Warranty
Waterproof Yes
Display Size 3.0
Video Capture Resolution 1080p
Warranty period 1 Year
Type of Battery Lithium battery
Model N4 Camera Store-DC-OLY-TG4-BK
Megapixels 16.0
Optical Zoom 4.0
Size (L x W x H) 11.2 x 6.6 x 3.0
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