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Online Revolution: The Much-Awaited Biggest Sale in Asia

LAZADA is set again to urge shoppers to participate in the grandest online sale in Malaysia of the year. With their annual tradition of holding a month-long mega sale, the biggest online shopping mall in Southeast Asia will break the Internet to provide online consumers with the biggest and grandest discounts, flash sales, hot deals, enormous gifts and many other benefits to enjoy. The event will be known as the 11/11-12/12 Online Revolution. So, what is the significance of these numbers to this particular event? Through the Online Revolution, there will be a mega sale that will start on November 11 at exactly 11:11 am and on December 12 at 12 midnight. During this time, online shoppers may take advantage of the many hot deals and hourly flash sales when they visit the LAZADA website or use the ever-growing LAZADA Mobile App.

Unbeatable Deals: Unforgettable Shopping Experience—All during the Online Revolution!

LAZADA Malaysia aims to provide excellent service for every transaction; giving unlimited perks and benefits for consumers who join the Biggest Sale in MY of the year. Among the many shopping advantages that you will experience are the extravagant discounts across all the categories. Expect these amazing discounts on items in these categories including mobiles and tablets, home appliances, cameras, personal electronics, fashion, sports and more during this event. Shoppers can experience effortless shopping throughout these online sales in Malaysia. Since the Online Revolution will happen during the holiday season, this will be the best time to beat recurring shopping inconvenience that crowded malls bring. By purchasing your items through online sales you don't have to waste your time in long queues and traffic jams; you can just purchase things you want from the comforts of your own home.

In addition to the convenience of purchasing online from the comforts of your own home is the nationwide shipping service that this site offers. No matter where you are in Malaysia, LAZADA will bring your items to your doorstep. If paying method is your concern, there are many different options for you to choose from. One of the most popular ways of payment is through COD or Cash on Delivery service. With the COD method, you can pay for the item once it has been delivered. You can, of course, use your credit cards for payment as well. Can’t assure that you’re home when the item is delivered? So you want to opt for paying express or online? You can use PayPal! During this event, cardholders can experience extra discounts on top of the discounted item price, so keep your eyes open.

Here at Lazada Malaysia, we believe that there is "No Dream Too Big, No Gift Too Small". That is why we are offering a "Brands for All"-approach to the 2016 Online Revolution sale where you can find all the branded items that you have been wanting with ease. Even if you are on-the-go and have no time to wait in front of your desktop, you can download and install LAZADA App for you to not miss the online greatest deals. You can now find "Joy in Every Parcel" with even greater flexibility. You can also follow our special hashtags - #LZDMYRevolution and #LZDRevolution where you can keep track on what are the latest or special offers that are exclusive to social media users only. So make sure you're ready for the biggest online sale in Malaysia 2016 only on LAZADA Malaysia!

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