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Papago! P3 Full HD Driving Recorder & GPS Navigation  

  • 2.4" LCD Panel
  • Full HD 1080p Recording
  • 12V Car Power
  • Emergency record button
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Product details of Papago! P3 Full HD Driving Recorder & GPS Navigation

With AES rumoured to conquer our roads in order to prevent us from speeding and make us responsible drivers (which is good), admit it that sometimes you need to speed because of urgent matters and you don’t want to be caught by AES and pay a high amount for your offence. A solution is here, where you can be a decent driver on road, speeding when needed and avoid AES at the same time.

Brilliant PAPAGO! P3
PAPAGO! P3 is a brilliant mixed device of a black box, GPS and driving recorder that will monitor your driving safety. It is suitable for daily commuting drivers where P3 will record video that can be used as an evidence for any unforeseen incidents and it encourages safe driving as well as it monitors routes, speed and drivers’ driving behaviours.

P3 for All
P3 is also suitable for taxi companies and commercial fleets because it safeguards drivers, passengers and vehicle and it prevents theft or run-outs. Insurance company and law enforcement squad could also benefit from P3 because it is an affordable solution to reduce accident fraud cases and P3 has excellent resolution to capture criminals.

Lane Departure Warning System
Many of the accidents happened are caused by sleepy drivers and there are ton of advertisements asking you to stop first when you feel sleepy. However, when you are in a hurry and could not afford to make any stop and sleepy at the time, you tend to drive in the wrong lane unconsciously. With P3, this can be avoided because P3 will detect and distinguish lane departure and warns the driver immediately with a warning sound when the car deviates from its correct route.
Front Collision Warning System
P3 is equipped with front collision warning system where it works when your car exceeds the safety distance that may cause a potential collision with anything in front of the car, P3 will sound an alarm. P3 monitors the path in front of the vehicle with its brilliant real-time computing and it is able to detect the distance between your car and the car in front of you.
One of the important reasons of why you should own a P3 is because it is able to detect and warn drivers, 300 meters before the location of the speed trap which allows you to be cautious and prevents you from over-speeding as well as saving yourself from getting caught on AES. P3 also has a built-in speed camera warning with online updates.

Full HD Recording, 130 degrees Wide-Angle Lens
P3 is able to record videos in HD even at nights when vision might be blurry and fuzzy. A very helpful feature especially when accidents happen because it would record everything clearly. With an aperture of f/2.8 lens, P3 enables up to 130 degrees clear and wide angle viewing and recording.

GPS and Black Box in 1
P3 is also regarded as a black box because it records not only images but it includes complete information as well such as driving directions, coordination, time speeding and the shock applied to the vehicle whilst driving. P3 provides a GPS function, where it gives accurate current position and displays real-time road information on interchanges, toll booths and rest areas. A must-have item in your car!






Specifications of Papago! P3 Full HD Driving Recorder & GPS Navigation

What's in the box:
  • 1 x Papago! P3
General Features:
Uses & Properties Video resolution: Full HD 1080p
Image sensor: 5MP
Lens: F#2.8
External memory: Single SDHC card slot
Interface: USB 2.0/HDMI 1.3
Weight 1.00
Display Size 2.4
Product Type Car Accessories
Voltage Power supply: 12V car power
Power consumption: 4.75V-5.25V / 1A(12/24V-5V/1A adapter)
Warranty type No Warranty
Display Features LCD
Size (L x W x H) 21.5 x 12 x 28
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