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PUPPYOO Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Collector household Aspirator White&Green Color WP521
  • The main machine is 1.5kg,together with accessories is 2.25kg.  
  • 270°flexible brush, clean dust thoroughly. 
  • 2.5cm brush edge makes it get into the bottom of the furniture easily,improve the suction power. 
  • 1.2L dust cup, it is enough for cleaning your home in daily time, and reduce the time of pouring dust and cleaning dust cup. 
  • High efficient motor, durable driving,38000r/min speed makes super suction power. 
  • The micro woven cotton is consumable free, environmental, washable. 
RM 350.60 -61%
RM 900.00
PUPPYOO Mini Mattress UV Vacuum Cleaner for Home Aspirator Home Appliances WP607
  • Light weight, with 1.2 kg net weight only
  • Keep dry, high temperature to kill acarid and remove dempness
  • Safety,UV sterilization leak proof design
  • Cleaning, 400W powerful suction 
RM 255.60 -60%
RM 643.00
PUPPYOO Stick/ Handheld Vacuum Cleaner for Home Dust Collector Aspirator Micromotor With Mites-killing Function WP3009
(8 reviews)
  • Wet, dry and blowing, it can be used for household, office and industrial
  • Large operation radius with 19m
  • Large volume with 35L dust container
RM 341.00 -61%
RM 885.00
PUPPYOO Low Noise Home Rod Vacuum Cleaner Portable Dust Collector Home Aspirator White & Blue Color WP3006
  • With good sealing performance and strong suction capacity
  • Noise≤65dB
  • Medical grade HEPA, the mite-killing rate is up to 99.7%
  • One button to pour out the dust which is very convenient and easy to operate
  • With 1.2L lagre dust cup
  • Suction Power 800W 
RM 236.60 -54%
RM 512.00
PUPPYOO Cannister Vacuum Cleaner for Home Multi-system Cyclone Vacuum Cleaner WP9005B
  • Multi-system Cyclone Vacuum Cleaner
  • High efficient suction power
  • Multi-functional cleaning
  • Environmental and washable material
RM 559.60 -62%
RM 1,479.00
Installment: 6 x RM 93.27
PUPPYOO 270 Rotating Brush Canister Vacuum Cleaner for Home Powerful Suction Dust Collector WP9005
  • Cleaning Master Canister Vacuum Cleaner for Home
  • PUPPYOO large powerful vacuum cleaner
  • Four integrated noise reduction technology
  • Totally consumable free
  • 270° rotating cleaning master brush
  • Ergonomic elbow handle
RM 664.00 -66%
RM 1,958.00
Installment: 6 x RM 110.67
PUPPYOO Intelligent Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Self-Charge Home Appliances, Remote Control, Side Brush V-M611
(2 reviews)
  • Slim design with only 7.7cm thick
  • Infrared detection, 7 groups of infrared induction ray, detect with 180° coverage
  • Automatic charging, 164° infrared attraction, makes the charging more conveniently
  • High efficiency lithium battery
  • Smart 7mm barrier overpass 
  • Falling prevention design
RM 787.60 -62%
RM 2,058.00
Installment: 6 x RM 131.27
PUPPYOO Household Mites-killing UV MattressVacuum Cleaner for Home WP605
  • UV Mattress Vacuum Cleaner No Damage to Bedding
  • Multi filtering system, HEPA filtering
  • Medical grade UV-C lamp
  • 150mm extension lamp tube, high penetrability with more than 99.99% rate of sterilization and mites killing.
RM 635.60 -62%
RM 1,673.00
Installment: 6 x RM 105.93
PUPPYOO Intelligent Robot Vacuum Cleaner Self-Charging& Side Brush for Home,Remote Control V-M611A
(1 reviews)
  • Quiet like turning page
  • Four kinds of automatic cleaning mode
  • Easily Avoid Obstacle
  • 4 times of filtration system design
  • Falling prevention technology
  • 120min working time
RM 787.60 -62%
RM 2,070.00
Installment: 6 x RM 131.27
PUPPYOO Stick Handheld Vacuum Cleaner for Home Multi Function With Dust and Mites Cleaning WP3001
(7 reviews)
  • Equip mites-killing device, dust cleaning and mites-killing
  • Stick and handheld two-on-one type
  • 7m operation radious
  • 900W powerful suction
RM 217.30 -57%
RM 500.00
PUPPYOO Mini Mattress UV Vacuum Cleaner for Home Free Shipping Aspirator Home Appliances Mites-killing Collector WP606
  • Mini Mattress UV Vacuum Cleaner WP606
  • 1.2kg light weight
  • 400W powerful suction
  • Double motor design
  • UV leak proof design
RM 255.60 -59%
RM 630.00
PUPPYOO Stick Vacuum Cleaner for Home Rod Handheld Collector Household Aspirator White&Orange Color WP3010
(2 reviews)
  • Wet, dry and blowing, it can be used for household, office and industrial
  • Large operation radius with 19m
  • Large volume with 35L dust container
RM 293.60 -60%
RM 737.00
PUPPYOO Home Vacuum Cleaner UV Mattress Vacuum Cleaner for Home Mattress Mites Killing WP601
  • Double UV lamp,
  • Double vibrate tapping
  • Double filtration system
RM 341.00 -56%
RM 773.00
PUPPYOO UV Mattress Vacuum Cleaner Home Collector Mites-killing WP602A
  • Combined filtration system, mites interception rate is up to 99.98%
  • High speed turbine, 42000r/min
  • The wind speed in suction is 53.7m/sec
RM 483.60 -62%
RM 1,273.00
PUPPYOO Cannister Mites-killing Vacuum Cleaner For Home Vacuum Cleaner Powerful Suction Dust Collector WP9002
  • Flexible Master rotating brush 
  • The Flexible Master can clean corners, gaps and bottom of the furniture easily. It can rotate 180°both to the left and the right, and rotate 90°up and down, it is more convenient of cleaning ground. The edge of the brush is 2.5cm thick, it can improve traction power to 110%, the edge was made of rubber, it can protect the floor from scratching. We had applied patent for this design . 
  • Special brush for cleaning bed and sofa 
  • It is used to clean bed and sofa, can kill acarus and bacteria, it is much more better than air your quilt! 
  • There is unique Dust Mites Filtration System in the machine with the Stainless Steel Mesh and HEPA filter inside. You can watch the effect clearly after 30mins using, 95% mites and dust will be filtered by the stainless steel mesh, the other mites and bacteria will be intercepted by the HEPA. The HEPA is washable, but you don't need to wash it a lot, you just need to click it on the ground in daily time. 
  • Cyclonic Carpet Brush 
  • It makes use of the cyclonic dust removal technology, can clean the root of the carpet thoroughly. 
RM 531.00 -62%
RM 1,391.00
Installment: 6 x RM 88.50
PUPPYOO Cannister Vacuum Cleaner for Home Mites-killing Vacuum Cleaner Powerful Suction Household Collector D17
  •  With mites-killing device
  •  35mm large caliber for dust collection
  •  Four kind of power choice according to different condition, suitable for different cleaning environment
  •  Six times of filtration
  •  Small size, but light weight
  •  Low noise 
RM 540.60 -62%
RM 1,415.00
Installment: 6 x RM 90.10
PUPPYOO Powerful Portable Car Charger mini handheld vacuum cleaner for car Dust Collector WP701
  • Dou ble silencer cotton
  • Both sides exhaust air
  • 120W powe r for car  vacuum cleaner
  • Pleasant and com fortable clea n and casual
RM 170.00 -51%
RM 346.00
PUPPYOO Robotic Vacuum for Home Cleaner Self-Charging LED Touch Screen Two Side Brushes V-M900R
  • Automatic Cleaning for Home and Office, large area available upto 110~160 Square meters
  • Clean Mode: Auto Clean, Spot Clean, Edge Clean
  • Charging Mode: Auto Charge, Manual Charge 
  • Daily/Schedule Cleaning Plan available: Set the start time, and make the cleaning daily at the fixed time even you are not in office or in Home
  • Self Charging: This smart Robotic Vacuum Cleaner can return to the Charge Dock when it is going to out of power
  • 3 sets cliff sensors at the bottom make this Robot Vacuum Cleaner Drop-Avoidance (>=9 cm height). 
  • Barrier-Cross Ability for Height of 12 mm Max. Climbing Ability for 15 degree max. slopes 
RM 1,139.00 -61%
RM 2,937.00
Installment: 12 x RM 94.92
PUPPYOO Intelligent Robot Vacuum Cleaner Self-Charging& Side Brush for Home LED Touch Screen Remote Control V-M900G
  • Extremely low noise by hi-teck noise prevention technology
  • Automatic cleaning, charging and collision and falling off prevention
  • 17 group of infrared system, more sensitive response
  • Over 120 hours operating time after a full charge
RM 1,139.00 -61%
RM 2,937.00
Installment: 12 x RM 94.92
PUPPYOO Powerful Portable Car Charger Mini Handheld Vacuum Cleaner for Car Dust Collector Cleaner Black&Green D-708
  • 4 meters long power wire which can be suited for most car models
  • Connect With Cigarette Lighter which is more convenient to use
  • Long Flat Nozzle  which is more easy for cleaning
RM 170.00 -40%
RM 285.00
PUPPYOO Home Cannister Vacuum Cleaner Domestic Mites Vacuum Cleaner Powerful Dust Collector WP968
  • Smart and powerful canister vacuum cleaner
  • High-end and luxurious configuration
  • Washable and consumable free filtering system
RM 455.00 -62%
RM 1,200.00