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Samsung - It's Time!

Samsung, a company based in Samsung Town, Seoul, is a familiar brand in the consumer electronics scene. They are also familiar among households for their household electronics like washing machines, refrigerators, LCD and LED TVs, and microwave ovens. Each and every electrical appliances from the brand bears the same sleek design and user-friendliness.

In recent years on the technology gadgets front, they got themselves a lot of attention with their range of Samsung Galaxy phones and tablets sporting different versions of Google's Android operating system.

Samsung Galaxy Series - Fast, Vivid, Slim

The company with its Samsung Galaxy series of handphones, has taken up significant market share and last year, their rivalry with fellow phone maker, Apple, intensified. Samsung continues to innovate with phones like the Samsung Galaxy S2 and Samsung Galaxy Note for the higher end of the market, and Samsung Galaxy Ace and Samsung Galaxy Y for the lower end of the market.

Samsung Galaxy Ace sports a minimalist design. The round edges, slim design and sleek surface is very comfortable to hold onto. The fact that the phone is running on the Android operating system means users will have access to hundreds of thousands of apps via Google Play. Samsung Galaxy Ace also comes with Swype text input and Gorilla Glass display.

Samsung Galaxy Tab - Unnoticed Multifunctional Tablet

Last year, the company has also introduced Samsung Galaxy Tab, its version of tablet running on the Android operating system. The tablets are placed to go head-to-head against Apple's iPad. The few selling points that these tablets have over the Apple's version are open sourced operating system, Adobe Flash support and a cheaper price tag.

If you are impressed by what a tablet PC can help to improve the way you consume digital content but have a limited budget, you can seriously consider getting yourself a Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Samsung on Lazada Malaysia

Everything offered by Samsung, including the latest Samsung Galaxy phones and TVs, are available here on Due to the wide range of Samsung products that we have, we frequently hold Samsung sales promotions. Thus, please check back and browse around the store as many times as possible. You may be in for a surprise.