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3 Simple Steps To Become a Lazada Seller

Step 1: Register and Submit Documents

Fill the Registration Form

Submit the required documents – Business registration and bank account details

Read and accept our Seller Agreement

Step 2 : Train & Activate Your Account

Complete the dedicated training session for new sellers

Activate your Seller Center account to manage your shop on the go

Step 3 : List your Products and start selling!

Upload products and start selling now

Seller Success Stories

“With a physical store, we didn’t have the time to build our own online store and customer’s trust, but Lazada made this happen. And business has been progressively growing, with up to 200 orders per month!"

~ Anand Kumar, Monster Hardware Store

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Hear From Our Leaders

Malaysia’s E-Commerce Landscape Will Grow Rapidly

“Today on our platform, Lazada already has more than 12,000 local businesses online selling more than 7 million different products in more than 14 product categories, and today also majority of our business happens on our mobile platform, so more than 70% of our business happens through our own mobile shopping app.”

~ Hans-Peter Ressel, CEO of Lazada Malaysia


How To Sell Smart

List Your Products

Creating good content as your list your products is the first important step to getting more sales. Good quality images and detailed product description encourage customers to click on your products and buy them.


Manage Your Sales

There are many ways to maximize your sales. Apart from offering products at competitive prices, you can join Lazada’s promotions to gain more exposure for your shop. Optimizing keywords in your products’ names and ensuring that you have listed them in the right product category are other ways to sell more.


All About Shipping

There are many ways to maximize your sales. Apart from offering products at competitive prices, you can join Lazada’s promotions to gain more exposure for your shop. Optimizing keywords in your products’ names and ensuring that you have listed them in the right product category are other ways to sell more.


Your Payments

There are no costs involved to list your products on Lazada. You are not required to pay for anything until your items are sold.


Successful Seller Stories

Hear from our sellers on how they have leveraged Lazada’s end-to-end support system to achieve a successful business online.

Hear From Our Leaders

Malaysia’s E-Commerce Landscape Will Grow Rapidly

“At Lazada, we are fully committed to supporting the growth of our home- grown SMEs through hassle-free fulfilment services, eCommerce trainings as well as marketing and analytical support. With approximately 12,000 sellers on board, this is a strong testament to our track record of helping merchants succeed online”

~ Hans-Peter Ressel, CEO of Lazada Malaysia

Lazada Stays Online

While some global e-commerce giants, including Amazon Inc, are planning to build brick-and-mortar convenience stores, Lazada Malaysia will focus on things it does best — selling inventory to customers from its warehouses through its online platform. Its chief executive officer (CEO) Hans-Peter Ressel said Lazada Malaysia will concentrate on strengthening its online shopping business, rather than building physical stores to complement its online services.

Lazada University

We offer comprehensive training materials, videos and online webinars to help you manage your shop and grow your sales.


Support Center

You can browse FAQs to solve your questions instantly or contact Partner Support team for help.


Seller Center

The one-stop platform with everything that you need. We make it easy for you to sell, learn and connect. Be your own boss and see your business grow.


Fulfillment by Lazada

You sell it, we ship it. With Fulfillment by Lazada, we will take care of fulfillment from A to Z.


Lazada Express

Lazada own last mile fulfillment to deliver with care for you.

Instag-Shop Lazada

If you are already a seller on Instagram, this tool allows you to create products on Lazada platform in 30 seconds. Hassel-free and almost instant.


Frequently Asked Questions

Lazada, the leading online shopping platform in Southeast Asia, markets your products to over 560 million potential consumers every month. Our top sellers sell over 1000 items daily.

Any approved Malaysian based business entity & individual sellers are eligible to sell on Lazada Malaysia.

Simply register online through this link .

No documents required for registration. You will sign your E-contract after you go live. Documents required:

i. Business Registration (SSM)
ii. List of Directors (SSM)
iii. Business Bank Account
iv. Director/Owner/Partner's IC Copy
v. GST letter (if applicable)

Registration process takes only a few minutes. After completion, you are required to attend training, start uploading your products and begin selling.

You are required to have at least one product to be visible on Lazada website

You can find more information on Lazada University, which is a hub for e-Commerce education which provides trainings and resources to enhance our sellers’ performance. Visit Lazada University today to find out more!

Selling across Southeast Asia with Lazada is possible. In order to sell across Southeast Asia with Lazada, a separate business entity has to be established in countries other than Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines and Vietnam. Visit to find out more!

Lazada Seller Center is an online platform that allows sellers to manage and operate their e-Commerce shop.

Please refer to Lazada University or click this link for a complete guide on Lazada Seller Center.

First, you will have to select a category for your product. Next, you will be prompted to fill in various attributes for your product, including pictures. Detailed product attributes can help you secure buyers’ attention better. Upon completing this process, your product will be created and subjected to Quality Check (QC) for up to 48 hours.

There are currently three methods to upload products:

i. One-by-one Single Upload
ii. Mass Upload
iii. Standard Product Unit (SPU)

You will be required to fill in a list of mandatory attributes specific to your product category, design an informative product description and upload attractive pictures for your product. All information and training resources relating to content creation are available on Lazada University. Click here to find out more now.

Lazada University provides a suite of training programs targeted to enhance the proficiency of our sellers. Visit Lazada University today to find out how you can improve your performance!

You will receive an email notification via your Lazada-registered email when a new order is received. If you have the Seller Center mobile app, you will receive an app notification as well.

Once an order is received, you can fulfill your order by:

i. Printing the carrier manifest
ii. Picking the ordered item(s)
iii. Packing the item(s) according to Lazada packaging guidelines

You will be able to view your order summary in Lazada Seller Center’s home page under the Orders tab.

You will be given 24 hours, excluding Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays, to respond to your order before your order is cancelled.

Order tracking is vital for good customer experience. Currently, our system can only track orders shipped by our approved 3PL. However, we do allow shipping of high valued items, bulky and items that require installation using your own fleet. To sign up for Seller's own fleet, please request assistance from our Partner Support Team.

Individual shipment providers have different delivery attempts when delivering items to customer. Lazada Singapore uses services provided by LEX, Ninja Van, TQB and Courex.

i. For LEX: LEX do have 1 attempt of re-delivery. After which, they will pass your product to Ninja Van should the re-delivery attempt is once again unsuccessful. If there are special arrangements made, LEX will then attempt re-delivery more than once.
ii. For Ninja Van: When Ninja Van fails the first delivery attempt, it will leave a step-by-step re-scheduling information slip under the door and send an SMS to inform the customer for re-scheduling.
iii. For TQB: TA-Q-BIN will try to re-deliver your orders to the customer up to 7 times.
iv. For Courex: Customers can arrange with Courex for redelivery within 6 days or choose to pick up from their warehouse.

FBL is Lazada’s in house fulfillment service. Lazada takes care of the fulfilment of your orders from A to Z.

To enjoy our FBL services, you will need to:

i. Have an active Seller Center account
ii. Be live for more than a month
iii. Have at least one SKU that sold more than 10 units in the last month



• 1 m3 = L (m) X B(m) X H (m) of your SKU
• When your SKUs are inbounded, its volume will be measured by our warehouse inbounding agent and recorded in our warehouse systems
• Total volume occupied by a particular SKU will be calculated at the end of the month along with the storage charges incurred
• Selling price is the regular price at which your SKU is selling on the Lazada website
• All prices are EXCLUSIVE of GST

If the SKUs is a bundle, items must be packed together

You need to bring along with the goods the following documents:

i. Printed copy of the Fulfilment Order (FO)
ii. Delivery Order (DO) (including FO number, seller name, SKU, Quantities, Lazada warehouse address

Lazada reserves the right to refuse any inbound of products if they are not packed in sealed containers. You can also view the tutorial by click here.

Sellers are expected to enjoy a higher number of orders and revenue during Lazada’s promotional campaigns:

i. Campaign daily net order is 7x the average daily net orders
ii. Up to 5.5x the average daily sales
iii. Campaign visits are 5x vs. the average daily visits
iv. Highest revenues are achieved during campaigns

All active promotion campaigns can be found in Lazada Seller Center’s home page or under the Promotions tab.

After selecting the campaign which you want to join, simply submit the products to be listed in the promotion.

Your product will have to go through a Quality Check (QC) process, so submit your products early to have ample time to prepare for the campaign. Once all the submitted products are approved, simply wait for orders to come in during the campaign!

Click here for terms & conditions for Lazada Sellers

Click here for commission structure based on categories.

Lazada takes product authenticity very seriously and seeks to protect rights of owners from copyright or trademark infringement. As such, sales of counterfeit and replica product is strictly prohibited in Lazada. In addition, should you wish to use images or videos from various sources, please seek permission from the rights owner or creator beforehand.

For more information on prohibited product, click here .

In Lazada, customers are given the option to return the product due to the following reasons:

i. Damaged or defective product
ii. Product not as advertised
iii. Wrong product or missing items
iv. Change of mind

Customers are given up to 14 calendar days upon receiving the product to fill up the Online Returns form and return the product.

For more information on Lazada’s return policy, please visit Lazada University or simply click here.

Your payment will be made via bank transfer to the bank details maintained in your Seller Center Account.

Lazada adopt a 2 week cycle payment for all our sellers after their first sale.

For more information, click here

Payment schedule will be within a range of days instead of an actual day, depending on the bank. Sellers can refer to their Account Statements in Lazada Seller Center to see if they are anticipating any payments.

For more assistance, you can contact our partner support team at +03 – 2725 2925.

Want to Sell Online? Partner With Lazada Through the Marketplace Program!

Shopping online is now one of the easiest tasks to do, since anyone with a phone, PC and a strong internet connection can simply browse through a long list of items available within the top online shopping site of the country. Anyone can click on an item, have them delivered, and paid through cash upon delivery, within a short time frame. This is effortless shopping in a nutshell. If you want to expand your business through online shopping, now is the time to sell your products through the trusted Lazada Marketplace Program.

If you are in the loop about E-Commerce in Malaysia, you would know that Lazada is the premiere online shopping group in the country, boasting a reach of 560 million customers in Malaysia, with new items and exclusive deals added daily, that makes this Internet-based group the best one-stop shop for buying and selling products in the country. Many customers trust the Lazada online brand with their orders and have witnessed effortless shopping at its finest. With years of quality service to both new and long-time customers, people can only expect this group to be more expansive with their offers, allocate more for both sellers and customers and simply be better than ever.

Why Should You Sell Online Through the Lazada Marketplace Program?

One of the main reasons for the group’s success in their venture is through their effective program, where several brands get signed up and allow their items to be sold online through the Lazada Marketplace Program. The biggest advantage of the group’s Marketplace is Lazada’s own tenure as a top market brand online. As stated, the online shopping site boasts a really large audience, with people all around Malaysia visiting them through the website or the mobile app. This provides a good sense of marketing for most of the items since many Malaysians can see the products listed on the group’s portals.

What Does the Marketplace Program Do?

Lazada Malaysia's Marketplace Program offers an amazing Seller Support that helps you set up your store so you can start earning and growing. Grow your business along more than 55,000 active Sellers online. To register, all you need is to fill up the sign-up form and submit the appropriate documents. Next, take some time to join our simple training session for new Sellers to help you understand how to manage your account, upload your products and more.

Once a business properly undergoes the steps of the Marketplace partnerships, their products will be among those listed on the Lazada page, where customers can see them, click on them and buy. This program also entitles the Sellers with the online shopping group’s proper methods and steps of the transaction process between the Seller and the customer. Once the order is placed, the Sellers can process the order with the help of Lazada’s own customer service and leave the final preparations and the delivery with the online shopping group’s trusted courier services. The overall process for the Marketplace is easy to accomplish and processing the brand’s items will be up and done in a short amount of time. This fast and reliable process falls under the trusted mantra of effortless shopping by Lazada, which can be trusted by both Seller and customer.

Why Should You Sell on Lazada Malaysia?

  • Lazada Malaysia offers small and big businesses to expand their customer reach with Lazada
  • Lazada has a reliable Seller Support team to help merchants manage their online stores
  • Signing up with Lazada Malaysia is hassle free
  • With Lazada Malaysia you can manage your online store on the go no matter where you are