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Hanabishi Malaysia: Making quality home products through the years

When it comes to a household name that produces home appliances for Malaysians, Hanabishi is one of the most popular brands. With their products ranging from different appliances found on every corners and room of your home, the company is able to cater the needs of its consumers and give them the best they should have. Starting from their famous product line of electric fans, the brand now offers extensive items ranging from small kitchen appliances like Hanabishi Oven, Large appliances such as Refrigerators, housekeeping items including vacuum cleaners, Garment care like Irons and Steamers.

The company continued its workmanship in order to produce their products with the same standards and safety features. Now, Hanabishi Home appliances bring high quality and safe functions by undergoing several trials and assessments in order to meet and surpass the required standard for such products.

Hanabishi Appliances for Malaysians to love!

Hanabishi products had proven to not only showcase what they got, but also show how the company makes their products available for everyone. Even though having been tested to surpass the normal standards for home appliances, Hanabishi appliances made themselves reachable for all by having good prices with the qualities not suffering. Truly showing their aim to reach every Malaysians’ home, Hanabishi is the country’s traditional go-to brand for home appliances and is unlikely to break anytime soon.

Why choose Hanabishi Home Appliances?

  • Hanabishi is one of the most well-known brand of home appliances in Asia
  • Hanabishi offer wide array of home appliances suits to every home
  • Hanabishi products go through extensive quality checks and standards before released to the public
  • Each home appliances are made from innovative and high quality materials

    Small Kitchen Appliances

  • Items: Rice Cooker & Steamer, Air Pot, Sandwich Maker & Bread Toaster, Multi-cooker, Grill, Hand Mixer, Slow Cooker, Electric pans, Blenders, Mixers & Grinders
  • Use: These kitchen equipment are made to cook any food in a most convenient and easy way
  • Advantage: Gone are the days when you have to do manual cooking, because Hanabishi's small kitchen tools makes life easier

    Living Room

  • Items: Different models of Fans, Air Conditioner, & Television
  • Use: All Hanabishi's living room appliance provides ultimate entertainment for the whole family
  • Advantage: Its innovative features makes the appliances do the work for you

    Large Appliances

  • Items: Chest Freezer, Chiller, Professional Mixer and Refrigerator
  • Use: These appliances provided Hanabishi are used for storing foods and beverages
  • Advantage: Keeps the food fresh longer and beverages maintain its cold temperature

    Garment Care

  • Items: Washing Machine, Spin Dryer, Flat Irons and Garment Steamers Presses
  • Use: These products works best for caring of garments and other fabrics
  • Advantage: Washing appropriately or ironing your favorite suit or expensive and delicate clothes are now possible without mistakes