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Bird, Fish & Small Animals Pet Supplies

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SmartHeart Mynah Bird Food
  • Specifically developed to provide complete and balanced nutrition.
  • This Enhanced Immunity & Shiny Feather will strengthen your bird’s immune system and intensify the feather’s radiant color.  Dried Egg Yolk Source of high quality protein and rich in essential amino acids.
  •  Vitamin C Strengthens the immune system and helps reduce stress.
  •  Omega 3 & Omega 6 fatty acid Helps Improve brain function.
  •  Vitamin A Improves visual acuity.
  •  Vitamin D3 Helps in the development of strong bones.
  •  Vitamin E Aids the reproductive system.
RM 16.00 -11%
RM 18.00
Waterproof Aquarium Fish Tank Submersible Light UV Sterilizer Lamp for All Water size:US Plug
  • Cable Length: 1.8m
  • Plug:US,EU(Optional)
  • Power Adapter: US Pin,EU Pin (with on/off switch)
  • Split type design for high safety & fix with strong suckers
RM 29.20 -66%
RM 87.10
RM 17.50 -50%
RM 34.78
All about Home Aquarium Automatic Fish Food Tank Feeder Timer
(1 reviews)
  • Color: Black
  • Housing: Plastics
  • Can set up to 4 feeding times
  • Can work both automatically and manually
RM 37.90 -64%
RM 106.40
DoPhin P2500 Submersible Pump - 1250 L/H
  • 30W power pump
  • Ceramic shaft
  • Adjustable flow rate
  • Powerful, quiet and reliable
  • Compact, efficient and durable
RM 55.20
100Pcs/Set Sheep Goat Cow Livestock Ear Number Tag Farm Animal Accessories
  • TPU material is durable, soft and colorfast
  • Signing size for livestock or animals
  • Applying in breeding population, epidemic prevention or control, meat quarantine,etc
  • Each item has a unique number
RM 35.15 -67%
RM 105.44
DoPhin BP189 Auto AC/DC Air Pump Single Outlet - 120 L/H
  • Auto convert pump
  • High output
  • Strong and reliable
  • Great performance
  • Efficient design
  • Quiet running
  • Last up to 8 hours on DC power
  • 800MAH lead-acid storage battery
RM 37.70
Marina Betta Kit Zen Theme , 2L (0.53 US Gal)
  • The Betta Kit - Zen Theme comes complete with a 2-litre (0.53 U.S. gal) plastic cube aquarium with black frame,
  • a Zen-themed decorative background, natural gravel (215 g/7.5 oz),
  • 3 black decorative stones, Nutrafin Max Betta Food (3 g/0.105 oz), and Nutrafin Betta Bowl Conditioner (59 mL/2 oz).
RM 39.00
API Freshwater Master Test Kit - Tropical Cold Water
(1 reviews)
  • Easily and accurately measure the water conditions in your aquarium
  • Scientifically accurate for professional results
  • Includes free color wall-chart, riveted color cards and glass test tubes
  • Kit includes over 800 tests
  • For freshwater aquariums
RM 133.50
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Leegoal Digital Aquarium Terrarium Fish Tank Thermometer(Black)
(13 reviews)
  • Digital thermometer for terrariums with Fahrenheit and Celsius LCD display
  • External Sensor can be mounted in dry or wet area of terrarium
  • Accurately measure air and water temperatures up to +/- one degree
  • Easy to use selectable fahrenheit/celsius switch with large easy to read display
RM 11.10 -80%
RM 55.60
  • Tests pH, High Range pH, Ammonia, Nitrite & Nitrate
  • Scientifically accurate for professional results
  • Its highly accurate and economical.
  • The kit also includes a complete, step-by-step instruction booklet 
RM 129.00 -23%
RM 168.00
Ai.M FM172 Filter Mat (3ft x 1ft) - 2pcs
  • Suitable for all type of filtering systems
  • Extra water clean
  • Non toxic & easy to use
  • Color: one blue piece & one green piece
  • Size: 3ft x 1ft x 1.5cm Thickness for the blue piece & 3ft x 1ft x 2cm Thickness for the green piece
RM 32.20
(2 reviews)
  • Fast and accurate
  • Easy to use
  • 130 Test
RM 49.50 -10%
RM 55.00
DIY CO2 Generator System Kit with Pressure Guage Safe Vavle Air Flow Adjuster Aquarium Accessory Fish Tank Plant Necessity
  • Fully installed, direct to use and labor-saving.
  • Well-sealed pipes, leak-proof, non-deformed, never loose.
  • Specialized pressure guage for safe-area indication, pressure watching.
  • Automatic or manual decompression for safer usage and operation.
  • Metal air flow adjustment vavle is preciser than normal plastic product.
  • Cheap, simple to create pure CO2 constantly by chemical reactions.
RM 82.04 -44%
RM 147.68
A1480 Fluval Ammonia Remover - 3 pack x 180gm
  • Natural ion-exchange media designed to remove toxic ammonia as water passes over it
  • Controlling ammonia levels which reduces stress on fish
  • Creates a healthy environment when setting up a new aquarium
  • Maintains ideal conditions in aquariums with higher than average fish stock
  • Recommended for Fluval filter models: 106, 206, 306, 406, FX5, 105, 205, 305, 405, 104, 204, 304, 404
  • For freshwater use only
  • 3 pack x 180gm (6.3 oz) nylon bags
RM 17.80
Laguna Max-Flo 7600 Waterfall & Filter Pump, for ponds up to 15000 L
  • Strainer cage protects impeller and assures continuous suction
  • 8mm) diameter cage openings for solids handling capability
  • Easy-to-use Click-Fit connectors for fast and easy hose connections
  • Unique two-level suction capability, through upper and lower casing, for maximum water flow
  • Pump cage can be easily attached to a fixed surface using the convenient keyhole cutouts, located on the bottom of the pump cage
  • High stability as a result of extremely flat shape (low centre of gravity)
  • Ergonomic pump handle for a safe grip and easy transportation
RM 610.00 -27%
RM 837.00
Installment: 6 x RM 101.67
Mini USB LCD Desktop Fish Tank Aquarium Clock Timer Calendar color:White
(2 reviews)
  • A great unique and unusual gift
  • Hold about 1.4L of water
  • Weight:1004.00g
  • Material: Plastic(main) and Metal
RM 79.90 -62%
RM 209.10
2017 Angel Wings Pet Dog Leash Traction Rope Collar for Small Large Dogs Harness-Pink Size XS
  • Material: Nylon
  • Dog Leash Type: Basic Leashes
  • Belt color: 6 colors to choose.
  • Cute Angel Wings Decorations on pet back
RM 13.91 -36%
RM 21.61
A1440 Fluval Carbon - 3 pack x 100gm
  • Premium research-grade, low-ash highly porous carbon
  • Provides large amounts of surface area for adsorption of impurities
  • Effectively removes heavy metals, odours, discolourations, organic contaminants and pollutants
  • Produces crystal clear and sparkling results
  • Does not raise phosphate levels
  • For Fluval filter models: 106, 206, 306, 406, 105, 205, 305, 405, 104, 204, 304, 404, FX5
  • For use in freshwater and marine environments
  • 3 x 100gm (3.5 oz) nylon bags
RM 17.00
Reptile Ceramic Heat UVB/UVA Bulb Lamp Holder Aquarium Lighting E27 Base Lamp Clip Holder for Fish Tank Turtle Lizard Habitat
  • Ceramic lamp head has high temperature resistance and safety, can be clamped and hung, convenient and economical.
  • With an appropriate clamp light holder, you can install ceramic heater, UVA, UVB, infrared heater and so on, easy to use.
  • All-metal high temperature resistance universal light holder
  • Maximum load power: Below 200W(Not  included 200W)
  • Lamp base: E27 
RM 35.00 -30%
RM 50.00
DoPhin FM903 Activated Carbon + Zeolite - 200gm
  • The activated carbon and zeolite mixture enforce the filtering activities
  • Removes odor & phosphate free
  • Eliminate ammonia and nitrite
  • Excellent for marine and freshwater
  • Can be used in all types of filter
RM 9.50
Fluval C4 Power Filter
  • Extensive 5-stage filter produces clean, clear and healthy water for aquarium life to thrive
  • Provide maximum surface area and optimum dwell times in all stages of the filtration process
  • Two mechanical, one chemical and two biological filter chambers
  • 2-stage mechanical filtration effectively traps large and fine debris
  • Foam slides out easily for quick cleaning
  • Activated carbon performs thorough chemical filtration and effectively removes toxins
  • Bio-Screen pad provides massive biological surface area for friendly bacteria to colonize
  • Trickle chamber filled with C-Nodes are super-charged for fast and efficient nitrification
  • Also features a patented refiltration control system that lets you slow down the water output, creating a gentle flow to protect delicate fish and plants
  • Slower water circulation increases water dwell time in the filter, resulting in cleaner aquarium water
RM 183.99 -8%
RM 200.00
571-1585 GPH 20/35/45/55/80/105W Active O2 Aquarium Commercial Hydro Air Pump with 6/8/10 Outlets Electrical Magnetic Oxygen Pumps (Silver)
  • High pressure and high output, comes with multi-outlet divider.
  • Adopt electric magnetic motor and the air is produced by piston in the way of straight-line and reciprocal motion with reasonable structure.
  • Convenient to operate without oil, air pollution or much noise.
  • Non-oil lubricating design to produce purer compresses air and suitable for ponds and aquariums.
  • Adopt SFI new type wearing resistant material for the piston and cylinder, which is of low power consumption, large air output and high air pressure.
  • The main case is made of high quality ZL102 aluminum alloy with streamline design, and heat dissipation is more effective.
RM 93.83 -44%
RM 168.90
5 W Mini 3 in 1 Multi-function Aquarium Purifier Water Tank Filter
(1 reviews)
  • Reasonable price, energy efficient
  • Charger Type:US Plug(220V)
  • Power consumption: 3W/5W
  • Material: plastic.
RM 16.90 -64%
RM 46.60
Self Cleaning Plastic Fish Tank Desktop Aquarium Betta Fishbowl for Office Home Decor
  • Food grade plastic material,safe and portable, durable and anti fall, high transparency, achieve 360 degrees without dead angle viewing.
  • Smooth surface and corners,do not hurt the hand,reliable use.
  • Magic self-cleaning function,do not need to catch fish and change water.Add a cup of water every day,increase oxygen and clean .Easy to install and handle, suitable for children and the elderly.
  • Equipped with led light,make a beautiful light.When used at the first time,remove the inside slip,tighten and the lamp light;loosen and light is off.
  • Perfect decoration for living room,office,home,bed room,etc.
RM 40.90 -59%
RM 100.00
nickel plated brass Dog Lock Anti Lose Address Telphone Portable For Love Pet
  • Reasonable price
  • Strict quality control 
  • Durable and practical
RM 12.10 -67%
RM 36.30
5W Mini 3 in 1 Multi-function Aquarium Purifier Water Quality Tank Filter
  • Excellent waterproof protection, use more secure and reliable, not only can filter, but also the ability to play oxygen and circulating water quality auxiliary functions of a machine, very convenient.
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning.
  • Effectively absorb oil and other pollutants to maintain water quality.
  • Reasonable price, energy efficientCharger Type:US Plug(220V)
  • Power consumption: 5W.
  • Material:plastic.
  • Size:as picture shown.
RM 66.00 -63%
RM 180.00
Chubbypetsgarden® Sugar Glider's Possum Milk 50g
  • For sugar glider underage.
  • High Quality at affordable price
  • Provides nutritional values that is close to their natural diet in the wild
  • Hand feeding
RM 35.00
RM 20.39 -35%
RM 31.13
Mini USB LCD Desktop Fish Tank Aquarium Clock Timer Calendar color:black
  • A great unique and unusual gift
  • Hold about 1.4L of water
  • Weight:1004.00g
  • Material: Plastic(main) and Metal
RM 79.90 -63%
RM 213.80
niceEshop UK Plug 7 Eggs Mini Digital Automatic Temperature Control Egg Turning Incubator Transparent Hatcher(yellow).
(8 reviews)
  • Material:PP, Diameter:16.5cm/6.5inch,Height:16cm/6.3inch
  • Mainly used for chicken, duck, bird egg hatching or reptile egg which suits
  • It provides a good hatch rates
  • Transparent lid for observation of hatching process
  • igh quality & easy operation 7 eggs incubator
RM 84.10 -75%
RM 336.40
Fashionable ABS 220V 48 LED Aquarium Clip Lamp Fish Tank Lighting White
(2 reviews)
  • Energy-saving and low radiation
  • 48 LED beads including 40 white color lighting and 8 blue color lighting, which has high brightness, high energy efficiency, and high reliability
  • Made of metal tube, it is easy and convenient to adjust the light intensity through chaning the position
  • With long-life span and high safety, it can used for scenarios like fish bowl, pool and aquarium
RM 29.10 -50%
RM 58.20
Vacuum Fish Pipe Gravel Tools Siphon High Quality Cleaner Tank Set Battery Water Pump Filter Aquarium
(3 reviews)
  • Easy to install and use.
  • Telescopically adjustable height for large and small aquariums
  • Adjustable height
  • Maximum water depth 52 cm
  • Hose & Filter bag included.
  • Syphon Pipe supplied
RM 36.00 -50%
RM 72.00
Marina Plastic Betta Kit Aquarium Tank - Purple - 1.89 L (0.5 U.S. gal)
  • Plastic Plant with suction cup
  • Nutrafin Betta Plus Conditioner (60 mL/2 oz)
  • Nutrafin Max Betta Food (3 g/0.1 oz)
  • natural burgundy gravel (500 g/1.1 lb)
  • 1.89-litre (0.5 U.S. gal) plastic aquarium with burgundy top
RM 39.00 -9%
RM 43.00
Terrarium Nano (Tall)
  • Front window ventilation.
  • Waterproof bottom.
  • Raised bottom frame.
  • Stainless steel mesh cover.
  • Locks to prevent escape.
  • Easy-twist screen cover lock.
RM 148.00 -9%
RM 163.00
Natural Mineral Aquatic Media Moss Ball for Aquarium Crystal Red Shrimp Fish Tank
  • 100% Brand New and High Quality. 
  • Bio ball that is made of clear plastic is hollow sphere. It has large surface and can attach large sums of nitrifying bacteria. 
  • Thread structure, easy for installation and removal, great for DIY. 
  • Can use as grass cultivation platform or filling filter for water purification.
RM 50.00 -67%
RM 150.00
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