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Blend for what you crave

Everyone looks for a cool drink nowadays especially we are experiencing the heat of summer. Are you aware that blenders are very useful? It is really good in producing mixed drinks. It is used in making milk-shakes, frozen drinks, smoothies or fruit milk-shakes. When deciding which blender to get, always select one with features that you will find extremely useful. Blenders can do any type of food processing; some says that the three-speed (low, medium and high) blender are good enough to give you all that you need to, but some brands offer seven or more, that could help you choose whether to chop, mash or liquefy.

Choosing a Quality Blender

There are different classifications of blenders; first one is the personal blender that features a motor power from 100 – 300 Watts. Another type is the cocktail blender that can serve as a cocktail party liquidizer. It has two alternatives, the Dual Wave Cocktail and Margarita Blender is the other. We also have handheld blenders that can serve as multi-purpose small kitchen appliance. These are made because some people hate bringing a bulky device with them. A blender jar comes in three different materials—plastic, glass and stainless steel. In the glass and plastic jars you can see the markings to measure the ingredients directly into it, but in stainless steel jars, you have to be very exact with your ingredients. Voltage of the any device should always be considered. The most common voltage of food processors model is 220 V.

    Hand Blender

  • Features: Hand blenders are Metal dishwasher safe. Mostly they have stainless steel, powerful hand blender, extra turbo button for maximum performance
  • Uses: Mixes and blends mayonaise,sauces,ice creams shakes, liquidises soup and chop tomatoes purees, and baby food
  • Advantage: Hand blender comes in compact designs where you can easily store it as it only consume small places

    Conventional Blender

  • Features: The blender comes with high-powered ice-crushing motor, speed setting control, blunt knife grinding, dishwasher safe, and secure stand keeps it fixed on table features
  • Uses: Blenders are great for mixing protein shakes, smoothies, cocktails and other refreshments. Also, they are ideal for making sauces and purees
  • Advantage: The conventional blenders are powerful and have spill proof for clean and well blend ingredients