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Things You Need to Know About Breastfeeding

There are several feeding accessories for your babies available in the market today but breastfeeding mothers have a favorite: breast pumps. This invention is just so clever because it aids mothers to still give their babies the breast milk they need while outdoors. The first pumps were actually created to help those with inverted nipples and babies who are too small or too weak to nurse directly from the breast of their mothers. Previously, pumps are contained in the delivery rooms and wards of the hospitals. Meanwhile, the manual and electronic pumps are made available in the market to aid mothers at the very comfort of their own homes.

Picking the perfect pumps

In purchasing your first breast pump set, there are actually two major factors to consider: price and convenience. Electric pumps are kinda pricey, yes, but it expresses breast milk faster. On the other hand, there are manual pumps; these are the bell shaped pumps that you can easily attach to the feeding bottle. Be sure to check the pumps you are buying if it is BPA free and hypoallergenic. This will ensure that the breastmilk is safely expressed and will not be contaminated with different substances usually found in other plastics. Furthermore, moms who prefer the electric pump can look for the silent mode option when choosing their set, while those who want to stick with the manual ones should opt for the pump that has UV protection.

    Breast Milk Storage Bags

  • Features: The milk storage bags for babies are offered in pre-sterilized; tamper evident seal features. Also, it has secure, Leak proof double zip and dual layer bag
  • Uses: They are used a refill bag for baby bottles.
  • Advantages: the breast milk storage bag storage keeps your baby to dring nutritious and all natural mother's milk at all times

    Manual Breast Milk Pump

  • Features: All breast milk pump are handy, easy to use, easy to assemble and lightweight. They are also BPA free to keep your child safe and healthy
  • Uses: Breast pumps help mothers extract milk for later use. Ideal for mothers who are having a hard time breastfeeding
  • Advantages: With manual milk pumps the mother have the complete control of the suction and speed of pump

    Electronic Breast Milk Pump

  • Features: Electronic breast pump comes in good quality. The angle of the breast cup is ergonomically designed to fit with the breast
  • Uses: Like how breast pump work, it extract milk by softly massaging gently the breast to stimulates milk flow
  • Advantages : Electronic breast milk have can gently extract milk in shorter period of time