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Breast Pumps & Accessories: Best Prices in Malaysia

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Choosing a Breast Pump

Breastfeeding mothers sometimes need a way to express milk other than through nursing. For working mother while at work, to provide milk when the baby is with a nanny, or perhaps because the child is unable to breastfeed at the time. When this is a case, a breast pump is the best option. There are three basic kinds of breast pumps available on the market today: manual, electric/battery powered, and hospital grade. It's vital to choose the best one to achieve the desired results.

Manual Breast Pump

A wise purchase can help relieve pressure in the breast or bump up milk production; a manual breast pump doesn't really work very well for either of these. A manual pump is the cheapest option as well as the least effective option. First, only one breast can be pumped at a time; this means it can take a significant amount of time to express enough milk. Additionally, manual breast pumps cannot effectively drain a breast. For this reason, it should only be considered for mothers who need to pump occasionally; regular use of a manual pump can result in drying up prematurely. On the plus side, manual breast pumps are very small and portable, meaning one can be taken just about anywhere.

Electric or Battery Powered Breast Pump

Electric and battery powered breast pumps express milk much more efficiently than manual units and thus are better candidates for more regular use. Additionally, their double breast pump style allows the milk to be expressed more efficiently and quickly. However, don't go for the most affordable option at a breast pump sale; price does make a difference. Low to mid range priced electric and battery pumps aren't as effective and won't last as long. Cheaper units are better for women who need to pump infrequently: generally less than once per day. Higher range units, however, are the best option for mothers who need to pump multiple times per day. Their various settings can help prevent nipples from becoming sore, they can frequently use batteries in emergency situations, and their better suction results in more milk production.

Some quick note:
  • Double-pumping can save time
  • Electric models work more reliably and effectively than battery-powered models
  • Think about portable function of the breast pump
  • Get breast pumps that are produce less noice and softer sound
  • Always clean & sterilize before and after use.

Hospital Grade Pumps

- For your information only. A hospital grade double breast pump is the literally the best breast pump available to women. These pumps can be used to increase milk production, can be used for long periods of time, and special filters allow them to be used with multiple women. For this reason, many hospitals will supply them to women who have had premature babies. However, hospital grade pumps are very expensive making them unrealistic for most budgets. Some employers will provide them in a lactation room if multiple women in the workforce need one. Additionally, sometimes the cost of renting one may be covered if special circumstances apply.