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National Geographic Cameras

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Brand: National Geographic
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National Geographic NG RF 2350 Shoulder Bag for CSC with extra lens, personals and tablet
  • NG RF 2350
  • The Rain Forest collection is inspired by the environment and population of the rain forest.
  • The camera insert can be left open for quick access to your camera or closed for extra protection.
RM 250.00 -30%
RM 357.00
National Geographic Africa Midi Satchel W/Medium Pouch For DSLR - NG A2140
(1 reviews)
  • Midi Satchel for DSLR Additional lenses and accessoriesLight WeightLaptop fit
RM 415.00 -30%
RM 593.00
National Geographic NG9100 Passport Cover
(3 reviews)
  • Wallet type passport cover
  • Doubles as a card holder
  • With pen holder and lanyard
RM 30.00 -30%
RM 43.00
National Geographic NG A2560RC Rain cover for Medium and Slim Bags
  • Rain Cover For Medium
  • Slim Satchels 
  • Small Rucksack
RM 89.00 -10%
RM 99.00
National Geographic NG4476 Earth Explorer Small Waist Pack
  • Perfect for everyday personal gear
  • Designated protective zones
  • Waist pack design
RM 261.00
National Geographic Africa Backpack/ Sling Bag W/ Small Pouch - NG A4569
  • Backpack and Sling Bag Point-and-shoot camerasLight weight
RM 349.00 -30%
RM 498.00
National Geographic NG MC 2450 Medium Messenger Bag for camera gear
  • Storage space is provided in the extra zip pocket on the back
  • Removable protective camera insert and shoulder strap
  • Quick access to your camera
RM 407.00 -30%
RM 581.00
National Geographic NG MC 2350 Shoulder Bag for DSLR
  •  padded tablet compartment 
  • numerous pockets useful for holding a smartphone, small accessories
  • removable protective camera insert 
RM 431.00 -30%
RM 615.00
National Geographic NG W5071 WALKABOUT Medium Rucksack
  • Rucksack bag
  • Fits camera and accessories
  • 15" laptop and phone compartment
RM 833.00 -22%
RM 1,071.00
Installment: 6 x RM 138.83
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National Geographic NG A5290 Medium Backpack for DSLR, Other Lenses, Laptop and Tripod
  • Medium Backpack will carry all your essentials 
  •  A dedicated compartment which will safely protect lenses and accessories.
  • Room for your tripod/laptop
  • Holds a DSLR, Lenses, Laptop and a Tripod
  • Also holds Accessories
  • Thick Shoulder Straps
  • Upper Personal Storage Compartment
  • Padded Fabric
  • Rear Trolley Strap
RM 856.00
Installment: 6 x RM 142.67
National Geographic NG A1212 Africa Vertical Bag (Brown)
  • Fits Small Point and Shoot Camera Kit
  • Wide Belt Loop
  • Removable Shoulder Strap
  • Front Pocket for Accessories
  • Water-repellent Exterior and Interior
  • Fits Micro Camcorder Kit
RM 161.00 -33%
RM 239.00
National Geographic NG 4476 Earth Explorer Small Waist Pack
  • Perfect for everyday personal gear
  • Designated protective zones
  • Waist pack design
RM 318.00 -14%
RM 370.00
National Geographic NG A4569 Backpack
  • Backpack and Sling Bag 
  • Point-and-shoot cameras
  • Light weight
RM 459.00 -11%
RM 515.00
More sellers from RM 512.00
National Geographic NG A8121 Africa Tote Bag with Small Pouch
  • External: 42x35x9 cm
  • Internal: 41x34.5x8.5 cm
  • 0.68kg
RM 558.00 -17%
RM 673.00
Installment: 6 x RM 93.00
National Geographic NG A5270 Medium Rucksack
  • External: 44x31x18 cm
  • Internal: 25x29x12 cm
  • 1.175kg
RM 852.00 -18%
RM 1,041.00
Installment: 6 x RM 142.00
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National Geographic A9220 Midi Camera Insert
  • Padded Compartment
  • Holds a Camera Body with Lens Attached
  • Takes Additional Lens and Flash
RM 106.00
National Geographic W2022 Walkabout Holster Case, Small
  • Camera case
  • Cotton canvas exterior
  • Padded interior
RM 155.00 -30%
RM 221.00
RM 224.00 -30%
RM 320.00
RM 328.00 -23%
RM 428.00
More sellers from RM 388.00
National Geographic NGTM1 - NG Tundra Monopod W/ Ball Head
(1 reviews)
  • made up of five sections
  • Extended Height : 156
  • Collapsed Height : 48
RM 132.00 -50%
RM 265.00
National Geographic NG A2140 Midi Satchel with Medium Pouch for DSLR (Brown)
  • External Dimensions 11.02" High x 11.81" Long x 5.31" Wide
  • Internal Dimensions 6.89" High x 10.24" Long x 4.33" Wide
  • Good for DSLR with additional lenses and accessories
  • Fits a tablet
RM 591.00 -17%
RM 714.00
Installment: 6 x RM 98.50
National Geographic NG W8000 Walkabout Promo Tote Bag
(1 reviews)
  • Fits camera + accessories + iPad
  • Padded compartment
  • 2 removable padded inserts
RM 61.00 -30%
RM 87.00
National Geographic Earth Explorer Little Camera Pouch - NG1146
  • Nano Camera Pouch 
  • Point-and-Shoot Camera
  • Cell phone, or MP3 player with media accessories.
RM 64.00 -30%
RM 91.00
National Geographic NG ZZ-W2021-3 Rain Cover For NG W2021
  • For NG W2021 Holster Case
  • High quality nylon material
  • Waterproof protection
RM 10.00 -29%
RM 14.00
National Geographic NG1146 Earth Explorer Little Camera Pouch
  • Nano Camera Pouch 
  • Point-and-Shoot Camera
  • Cell phone, or MP3 player with media accessories.
RM 85.00 -11%
RM 95.00
National Geographic NG A9200 Africa Utility Kit
  • Compact foldable pack
  • Mesh pockets
  • Large zipped compartment
RM 112.00 -21%
RM 141.00
National Geographic NG ZZ-W2140-3 Rain Cover For NG W2140
(1 reviews)
  • For NG W2140 Satchel
  • Waterproof
  • High quality material
RM 12.00 -29%
RM 17.00
National Geographic NG A1212 Africa Series Vertical Camera Pouch
  • Fits Small Point and Shoot Camera Kit
  • Fits Micro Camcorder Kit
  • Water-repellent Exterior and Interior
  • Front Pocket for Accessories
  • Removable Shoulder Strap
  • Wide Belt Loop
RM 134.00
National Geographic NG A1222 Africa Horizontal Pouch (Brown)
  • Horizontal Pouch 
  • Point-and-Shoot Camera
  • Light weight
RM 138.00 -34%
RM 210.00
National Geographic NGA7200 Africa Rain Cape
  • For small NG rucksacks or backpacks
  • Water proof
  • High quality nylon
RM 141.00 -30%
RM 202.00
National Geographic NG ZZ-2343-1 Shoulder Strap For NG 2343
  • For NG-2343 Small Shoulder Bag
  • Durable fabric
  • Adjustable length
RM 15.00 -29%
RM 21.00
National Geographic NG P8150 Private Collection Tote Bag
  • Fits camera + accessories + iPad
  • Suede and canvas material
  • Removable padded insert
RM 233.00 -55%
RM 519.00
National Geographic Earth Explorer Slim Shoulder Bag - NG2300
  • External: 30x23x14 cm
  • Internal: 28x21x9.5 cm
  • Shoulder Bag
  • Weight: 0.66kg
RM 278.00 -30%
RM 397.00
NG A4470 Camera Waist Bag
  • Point and Shoot 
  • 1.2 kg
  • 25cm x 7 x 15cm
RM 278.00 -20%
RM 348.00
National Geographic NG A4567 Small Sling Bag
  • Small Sling Bag 
  • Point-and-shoot cameras and accessories
  • Light Weight
RM 299.00 -15%
RM 350.00
More sellers from RM 380.00
National Geographic NG W2300 Slim Shoulder Bag
  • Fits camera + accessories + computer tablet
  • Shoulder strap
  • Padded compartment
RM 316.00 -30%
RM 451.00
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Carry Your Essentials With National Geographic Camera Bags

Since 1888, National Geographic has been moving audiences all over the world, educating about the state of the planet and encouraging international citizens to actively participate in the discussion of life. The brand plays a vital role in several scientific and social issues and highlighting life in every angle. They have grown to be one of the largest and most prestigious nonprofit scientific and educational organizations in the world. They take part in the progress and discussion of science, history, environment, and culture. One of the ways that the institution reaches their audiences and creates a global impact is through photography.

With a mass of professional photographers, the brand is able to capture all walks of life, whether human or otherwise, on every corner of the globe. Many iconic photos of wild animals, astounding environmental occurrences, and memorable human moments have been captured and credited to them. Upholding their tradition of excellence and attested to by their army of photographers, the brand provides professionals and amateurs alike with high-quality camera bags for all of their photographic equipment.

National Geographic Malaysia Offers Camera Bags

The brand offers a diverse lineup of photographic bags for their consumers. These are all designed with in-depth knowledge of the needs and expectations of photographers in mind. Their products, whether it is a large National Geographic camera backpack or a medium holster bag, are made with premium-grade protective padding to shield the cameras, accessories, and personal items from external impacts and potential damage. They are also there to ensure that these sensitive items are kept in place, even while a photographer is on the go. They are made from the best and the strongest materials, such as cotton canvas and genuine leather, to withstand the harsh and unpredictable conditions that photographers are subjected to. All items are made with spacious interiors and several pockets to enable users to carry personal objects along with their cameras. You can find National Geographic bags online at the best price by heading over to your trusted online shopping site, Lazada Malaysia.

Why choose National Geographic?

  • National Geographic is a prestigious global brand.
  • The brand possesses in-depth knowledge of the needs of photographers.
  • The brand designs stylish and functional products from premium materials.

    Small Camera Bags

  • Medium Holster: This is a small bag with a padded interior compartment designated for DSLR cameras and one exterior pocket for small accessories. It is designed for easy access to equipment with a top flap and long heavy-duty adjustable shoulder strap.
  • Shoulder Bag: This is a medium-sized bag with cushioned interiors to support and protect a single DSLR. It is designed with several inner pockets, a front compartment, and side pockets for additional storage of small accessories and personal items.
  • Messenger Bag: This is a padded rectangular shoulder bag that offers a lot of storage space for a camera body and 1-2 spare lenses. It is made with several interior and exterior pockets so that users can carry additional accessories and personal gear. It comes with an adjustable shoulder strap and protective top flap.

    Large Camera Bags

  • Tote Bag: This is a tall and slender bag with a spacious main compartment equipped with protective padding and several sections to organize and store photographic equipment and essential personal items. It is accessed through the top zipper and carrying using two sturdy top handles.
  • Sling Bag: This is a tubular shoulder bag with a long body and adjustable shoulder strap. It has a large cushioned main compartment to protect photographic equipment and electronic devices. It has a drawstring opening on top.
  • Backpack: This is a dome-shaped double-strapped bag that offers a lot of space for camera equipment and personal items. The photographic items are stored in a specially cushioned lower compartment while the personal accessories are in the separate section above. It has several interior and side pockets for additional storage.