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The Panasonic Lumix GF6

The Panasonic Lumix GF6 in Malaysia is a micro four thirds camera and was created to replace the Lumix GF5. The GF6 was described as a camera for people who wanted to share high quality images with friends and family. Some of the advantages of this camera to the GF5 are:

1. Image Stabilization. The Panasonic GF6 comes with an in-lens image stabilization, which helps reduce camera blur when you capture images.

2. Flip-out Screen. The camera also comes with a flip-out screen that is great to use when you’re trying to compose movies, take selfies or even when shooting videos. The screen also has a higher resolution than the GF5.

3. Sharing Ability. The camera has built-in Wifi with NFC and GPS tagging ability to aid in the ease of sharing. The GF6 can also be controlled with the help of iOS or Android devices.

4. Cheaper. Although not significantly cheaper than the GF5, a little dip in the price means you can save a little more to grab some accessories. The Lumix GF6 price in Malaysia can range from RM2600 to RM2000 however you can still find prices as low as RM 1500 if you know where to look. Lazada Malaysia regularly offers deals for electronic products such as phones and cameras, so you will always find the best prices only on our website.

About the Panasonic Lumix GM1

The Lumix GM1 was designed to be a pocket-sized micro four thirds camera. The GM1 is a great little camera with many wonderful features, which have helped it become a popular take-it-everywhere camera.

1. Camera Build & Layout. The layout of the buttons on the Lumix GM1 are familiar and easy to navigate. It’s not awkward and allows you to quickly record videos. As they are easy to understand and navigate, anyone will be able to learn how to use this camera.

2. Camera Connectivity. Another great thing about this camera is the Wi-Fi connectivity. Although the connectivity options do not include NFC, the USB 2.0, Wi-Fi, Micro HDMI high-definition video output and NTSC standard-definition audio/video output means you can easily share your pictures with friends and family.

3. Good Battery. The Lumix GM1 has a respectable battery and can take around 220 to 230 photos before you have to plug it in again. 4. Touchscreen Display. The 3-inch touch sensitive display lets users navigate through settings and images easily.

The Lumix GM in Malaysia price can range from around RM4000 to RM2000 depending on whether you are just buying the body, the kit or lenses. However, you can purchase the Lumix GM1 in Malaysia for good prices on Lazada Malaysia.