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Pack Meals Easily with Portable Food Storage Containers

Holiday season is fast approaching and it’s one of most awaited events of the year. When this time comes, there will be tables that are filled with abundant delicious meals and dishes. This is also the time when we see many leftovers. But there’s a solution for this – food storage containers.

Lunch containers are really handy to have. Aside from providing portability, these containers can also be used to store leftovers and can easily fit into your refrigerator. It helps preserve the freshness of food and makes reheating easy since most are microwave-safe. Most are dishwasher safe too.

Various Food Containers

Apart from packing lunch, food containers may also be used to store ingredients. Ensure freshness of rice, spices, and more by placing them in tightly sealed food containers. These come in different sizes so you can store small or huge amounts of food. Also these containers can be stacked inside one another when not in use to save more space. Whether you're travelling to your grandparents’ house for a family dinner, you are assured that your signature dish will still be tasty by the time you arrive.

    Glass Food Storage

  • Features: It is made from non porous material and all of its forms are transparent. Heat resistant, microwave safe and doesn't retain any micro-organisms
  • Use: This bowls are safe for use in oven, microwave, refrigerator, freezer, and dishwasher safe
  • Advantage: Glass is safe to use because it doesn't leach or filter any chemicals

    Plastic Food Storage

  • Features: This food storage is commonly made from BPA free, Polypropylene, Phthalates and Vinyl chloride. It comes with variety of shapes and colors
  • Use: A good set of basic food containers for everything from ham, cheese to leftovers and individual food portions
  • Advantage: It's lightweight, affordable and easy to bring anywhere

    Stainless Steel Food Storage

  • Features: Widely available in variety of shapes and sizes
  • Use: A basic food container great to store everything leftovers
  • Advantage: This container is lighter than glass and not susceptible to damage so can bring it anywhere