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Health & Beauty - Food Supplements

38957 items found
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GNC Herbal Plus® Garcinia Cambogia 500mg (90 Capsules)
(59 reviews)
  • Natural source of hydroxycitric acid (HCA) which has a similar composition to citric acid
  • Aids in weight loss
  • Acts as an appetite suppressant and fat metaboliser
RM 72.00 -28%
RM 99.90
Shaklee Sustained Release Vita-C Plus - 180 Tablets (FREE SHIPPING)
(3 reviews)
  • All-Natural Vitamin C Delivered Hour After Hour
  • Forms Collagen
  • Increase Immune System
  • Beautify Skin
  • Improves Insomnia
  • Maintain Healthy Cholesterol
  • It increases Immune system
  • Fights cancer
  • It improves bleeding symptoms
RM 83.16 -20%
RM 103.35
NH Colla Plus Advance 50ml x 16's + 4's
(27 reviews)
  • Lightens scars
  • Eliminates dark spots
  • High quality
  • 100% authentic
RM 118.00 -8%
RM 128.00
Ensure Fos Vanilla 850G X 2 Tins with free Shaker [EXP: 2019/4]
(5 reviews)
  • Complete, balanced nutrition to promote strength and recovery
  • 28 essential vitamins and minerals
  • sed as meal replacement, or as nutritional supplement between or with meals
RM 144.90 -14%
RM 169.00
Blackmores Vitamin C 500mg 3x60s (Exp 04/2019)
(70 reviews)
  • 100% Original
  • High Quality
  • Sold by Farmasi Lee MS
RM 46.90
Nona Roguy - PhytoNatal 90 tablets
(75 reviews)
  • Natural remedy
  • Traditionally used to strengthen the body
  • Reduce body weight
  • Original product
RM 70.30 -50%
RM 140.00
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Forever Living Arctic-Sea Omega-3 Softgel (free shipping) - Healthy Life
(71 reviews)
  • Product is not eligible for voucher
  • The only combined Omega-3 and Omega-9 product in themarket
  • High quality Omega-3
  • Help relieve jiont sores and pain
RM 72.99 -46%
RM 134.92
MuscleTech Mass Tech, Milk Chocolate, 7lbs
(123 reviews)
  • Authentic Product
  • Chocolate-flavored protein drink
  • Enhanced with multi-phase protein system
  • For maintaining and increasing muscle mass
  • Instantized to mix easily with a spoon
  • Each serving offers 1000 calories and 63 g of proteins
RM 134.50 -58%
RM 320.00
Ensure Fos Vanilla 850G free 2 sachets [EXP: 2019/4]
(6 reviews)
  • Complete, balanced nutrition to promote strength and recovery
  • 28 essential vitamins and minerals
  • sed as meal replacement, or as nutritional supplement between or with meals
RM 72.90 -14%
RM 84.50
Forever Living Aloe Vera Berry Nectar (1 liter)
(27 reviews)
  • 100% pure aloe vera gel
  • Packed with 20 Minerals
  • Cleanses and supports your digestive system
  • Improve Energy Levels & Healthy Weight
  • Improve Circulation
RM 54.00 -51%
RM 109.40
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BRANDS Essence of Chicken 30 x 70g
(23 reviews)
  • Enhances Mental Power
  • 100% authentic
  • Sold by Watsons Malaysia
RM 137.80 -7%
RM 148.65
(4 reviews)
  • Tidak perlu berlapar
  • Tidak wajib bersenam
  • Metabolisma cepat naik
  • Detox
  • Cepat mencairkan lemak
  • 3x lebih pantas melangsingkan berat badan
  • Tenaga bertambah
  • 3x lebih pantas kecilkan perut
  • Kurus dalam masa 14 hari
RM 99.90 -50%
RM 200.00
Bragg Organic Apple Cider Vinegar 946ml
(4 reviews)
  • Sold by big pharmacy
  • 100% original
  • High quality
RM 26.00 -26%
RM 35.00
Herbalife Aloe Concentrate Nutrition (Aloe Color)
(15 reviews)
  • Support internal cleansing and digestive health
  • Helps treatment of inflammation of the digestive tract
  • Help prevent arthritis & reduce inflammation joints.
RM 116.00 -35%
RM 178.00
StemLabs Omega 3 Fish Oil 1000mg (360s)
(54 reviews)
  • Good Quality – Imported from New Zealand
  • NZ Halal certificate
  • EPA: 180/ DHA: 120mg
  • Economical & Affordable – Family pack
  • Certified Halal by JAKIM
  • The cheapest omega3 in town
RM 78.90
Herbalife Formula 1 Nutritious Mixed Soy Powder Drink 550g - Cookies and Cream
(6 reviews)
  • weight management
  • meal replacement
  • lose weight
  • healthy meal for balanced nutrition
RM 115.00
StemLabs Omega 3 Fish Oil 1000mg (100's)
(122 reviews)
  • High quality product- Imported from New Zealand
  • EPA: 180mg/ DHA: 120mg
  • Molecularly distilled
  • Bovine capsules
  • Certified Halal by JAKIM
RM 27.90
Elite S7 Hybrid Fat Burner (4 in 1) SUPERBOXX
(178 reviews)
  • 1st Hybrid Fat Burner inMalaysia
  • KKM Approval (Reference no:130715/07/099)
  • Detox + Fat Burner
  • Boost Beautiful Skin, Energy,Burning Fat
  • Triple Energy Booster
  • Delicious Sour Plum
  • Formulated withCollage
RM 78.50 -69%
RM 250.00
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TKO Fat Burner MEGA 3.0 Mix Berries (Latest 2016) + Free Shaker
(21 reviews)
  • New Formulated From Mega Pro + Mega 2.0
  • New formula, 3x more power
  • Double Dose
  • With Delicious Mix Berries Flavour
  • Made in Malaysia
  • BPFK / KKM approval
RM 115.00 -57%
RM 265.00
Nu Prep Tongkat Ali Extract Testosterone Booster (60 capsules)
(3 reviews)
  • Nu-Prep® Lelaki is scientifically prepared to enhance men’s health and vitality.
  • Nu-Prep® Lelaki contains 100% pure standardised Physta Tongkat Ali water soluble freeze dried extract and formulated based on intensive dose-response studies.
  • Nu-Prep® Lelaki benefits by: Improves fitness and health for men, Increases energy, Recover from physical fatigue, Strengthens the body, Improves Blood Circulation.
  • Nu-Prep LELAKI contains Physta®, a standardised Tongkat Ali extract, which have undergone extensive clinical research to determine its impact on improving the quality of life, hormone levels, fertility, strength and overall health.
  • Physta® is a premium brand of water soluble Tongkat Ali root extract, produced by a unique technology that has been patented to obtain perfect bioactive components for good health.
RM 79.90 -50%
RM 160.00
Himalaya Speman Tablets 100 (Free Shipping)- Exp: July 2018
(53 reviews)
  • High quality
  • For men health
  • Take 2 or 3 tablet twice a day after meals
RM 75.00 -12%
RM 85.00
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Food Supplements in Malaysia

Healthy living is important for people who have sicknesses, metabolism problems and hormonal imbalance. Any individual can be healthy if he or she eats well, sleeps for at least 6-8 hours a day and exercises regularly. It is also necessary to ensure proper organ function. Food supplements have been introduced in the market and are recommended by doctors worldwide. Food supplements for weight gain are one of the most sought after products here in Malaysia. This product is commonly used for body and sport nutrition as well.

Proper Weight Management for You

Doctors usually suggest food supplements for those who are underweight or overweight while weight management products are prescribed to those who have want to maintain their weight but want to be healthier. Supplements help provide essential nutrients to our bodies while at the same time helping to regulate your bowel movements. Sometimes when a body is overweight or underweight they are lacking certain nutrients to help them maintain their body weight. This is where food supplements and weight management supplements come in.

    Vitamins & Supplement

  • Items: The available items for vitamins and supplements are minerals, fish and omega oil, multivitamins, vitamins A-Z, antioxidants, growth enhancer, protein, and chewable vitamins for kids
  • Features: All vitamins and supplements you can get are complete and effective multivitamins and minerals that you and your children can use. They have no artificial color, flavor and sweetener. All items are contained in sealed packaging
  • Advantages: Taking vitamins may improve your overall health. These maintain your body wellness, promoting healthy circulation and helps toughen immune system

    Weight Loss

  • Items: Weight loss supplement varies in different product these are slimming and diet pills, appetite suppressant, carb blocker, fat burners, fat blockers, detox, and L-carnitine used by many
  • Features: The supplements made are scientifically formulated for maximum potency. More importantly they are FDA certified. The weight loss supplement have fast result and no fillers
  • Advantages: These supplements detoxifies, boosts immune system, suppresses appetite, speeds up metabolism, promotes digestive health, internal cleansing, assists bile production, controls hunger and cravings, and can prevent fat storage

    Sport Nutrition