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KINOHIMITSU Superfood CNY Gift Pack 3 x 500g
KINOHIMITSU Superfood CNY Gift Pack 3 x 500g
RM 175.00
- 2%
RM 179.00
  • DescriptionBest Gift Ever for this CNY !!!GWP 4bottles of Premium 100% Bird Nest (on pack). No Description No Description No Description No Description No Description No Description No Description No Description No Description No Description No Description A nutritional- complete beverage composed of 7 colours whole plant-based ingredients added with prebiotics, lutein, spirulina and other potent ingredients. Enjoy every sip of the goodness for a healthy, energized and happy life!No Description NO sugar added, NO creamer, NO artificial colouring, NO artificial flavouring. Natural sweetness, natural mouthfeel, natural colour and flavour from the comprehensive .ingredients.No Description Enriched with premium Barley Beta-Glucan BG25 that effectively reduce cholesterol level. Low Glycemic Index (GI) food and contains patented ingredient for sustain –released energy. No Description Suitable for everyone (from children to elderly); diabetic patient, vegetarian and lactose intolerance consumer.No Description Kinohimitsu SuperFood CNY Pack contains:No Description - Kinohimitsu SuperFood 500g x3 s- Kinohimitsu Royal Bird Nest 60mlX 4 sNo Description The key benefits and advantages are:- Lower blood cholesterol level- Slow down sugar absorption- Provide fullness- Strengthen immunity- Improve gastrointestinal health- Promote eyes and skin healthNo Description No Description StorageStore in a cool, dry place. Avoid direct sunlight.No Description UsageMix 2 -3 scoops of Superfood powder into 150-200ml cold or lukewarm water.No Description IngredientsMultigrain Powder (Organic Flaxseed, Organic Barley, Organic Quinoa, Organic Millet, Organic Brown Rice, Organic Oat Groat, Organic Buckwheat, Sorghum, Black Wild Rice, Mountain Red Rice), Isomaltulose (Palatinose®), Mixed Berries (Blackberry, Raspberry, Blueberry, Elderberry), Barley Beta-Glucan BG25, Prebiotics FOS-Inulin (Synergy1®), Organic Soy, Spirulina, Galacto-Oligosaccharides (GOS), Lutein.No Description No Description
BRANDS Tresure Gift Box 70g x 24's
BRANDS Tresure Gift Box 70g x 24's
RM 179.80
- 4%
RM 188.00
  • CNY 2017 BRAND S® Treasure Gift Box 70g x 24 s
  • DescriptionThis treasure gift box contains:- BRAND S® Essence of Chicken Original 12 x 70g- BRAND S® Essence of Chicken with Cordceps 6 x 70g- BRAND S® Bird s Nest with Rock Sugar 6 x 70gBRAND S® Essence of Chicken OriginalBRAND S Essence of Chicken is a natural food supplement. It is an extract of chicken in an easily digestible form containing readily absorbed amino acids and peptides.Our unique double-boiled process at a high temperature makes our essence more concentrated. it is airtight-sealed to maintain its freshness, and is sterilized at more than 100C.BRAND S® Essence of Chicken with CordycepsBRAND S® Essence of Chicken with Cordyceps is an extract of chicken in an easily disgestible form combined with cultivated Codyceps. It is hygienically processed under high temperature to give its natural flavor and airtight seladed to preserve its freshness.BRAND S® Bird s Nest with Rock SugarFor more than 500 years, bird s nest has been viewed as a precious delicacy in China. In early 1982, BRAND S® introduced the first ever bottled bird s nest to the world - the BRAND S® Bird s Nest. BRAND S® Bird s Nest has since been trusted and loved for generations.No Description FeaturesFree of fat, and cholesterolNo Description The Key Benefits and Advantages are:- Increase Concentration- Restore Energy & VitalityNo Description - Reduce No Description FatiquenessNo Description No Description UsageOnce bottle is opened, contents should be consumed immediately. Enjoy it chilled, warmed or at room temperature according to your preference.No Description IngredientsBRAND S® Essence of Chicken OriginalEssence of Chicken, CaramelBRAND S® Essence of Chicken with CordycepsEssence of chicken, rehmannia glutinosa, polygonatum officinale, cistanche salsa, glycyrrhiza uralensis, astragalus membranaceus, paecilomyces hepiali (cordyceps mycelium CS-4) dan mengandungi pengatur keasidan sebagai kondisioner makanan yang dibenarkan.BRAND S® Bird s Nest with Rock SugarRock sugar, bird s nest, sugar, water, contains stabiliser as permitted food conditionerNo Description
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Food Supplements in Malaysia

Healthy living is important for people who have sicknesses, metabolism problems and hormonal imbalance. Any individual can be healthy if he or she eats well, sleeps for at least 6-8 hours a day and exercises regularly. It is also necessary to ensure proper organ function. Food supplements have been introduced in the market and are recommended by doctors worldwide. Food supplements for weight gain are one of the most sought after products here in Malaysia. This product is commonly used for body and sport nutrition as well.

Proper Weight Management for You

Doctors usually suggest food supplements for those who are underweight or overweight while weight management products are prescribed to those who have want to maintain their weight but want to be healthier. Supplements help provide essential nutrients to our bodies while at the same time helping to regulate your bowel movements. Sometimes when a body is overweight or underweight they are lacking certain nutrients to help them maintain their body weight. This is where food supplements and weight management supplements come in.

    Vitamins & Supplement

  • Items: The available items for vitamins and supplements are minerals, fish and omega oil, multivitamins, vitamins A-Z, antioxidants, growth enhancer, protein, and chewable vitamins for kids
  • Features: All vitamins and supplements you can get are complete and effective multivitamins and minerals that you and your children can use. They have no artificial color, flavor and sweetener. All items are contained in sealed packaging
  • Advantages: Taking vitamins may improve your overall health. These maintain your body wellness, promoting healthy circulation and helps toughen immune system

    Weight Loss

  • Items: Weight loss supplement varies in different product these are slimming and diet pills, appetite suppressant, carb blocker, fat burners, fat blockers, detox, and L-carnitine used by many
  • Features: The supplements made are scientifically formulated for maximum potency. More importantly they are FDA certified. The weight loss supplement have fast result and no fillers
  • Advantages: These supplements detoxifies, boosts immune system, suppresses appetite, speeds up metabolism, promotes digestive health, internal cleansing, assists bile production, controls hunger and cravings, and can prevent fat storage

    Sport Nutrition

  • Items: If you are concern with your body, you can choose creatine, glutamine, mass gainer, muscle builder, pre-workout, whey protein, energy drinks, and amino acid
  • Features: Supplements for sport nutrition are all manufactured in accordance with current good manufacturing practices. They are all authentic and approved by most of the user and body builder enthusiast
  • Advantages: The benefits of sport nutrition are for absurd gains in muscle mass. They are mostly used to build muscle, hastens muscle, tissue repair, improved energy and focus