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Love Your Consoles By Filling it Up with Games in Malaysia

If you haven’t heard yet, gaming is now becoming a big deal in the world of entertainment. Many people are becoming big fans of the different consoles, with most of them buying sets of gaming devices on their release. There are also people diving into the world of competitive gaming, with teams competing in pro-gaming tournaments, where they can win millions by becoming the best team in their chosen games. Companies have also taken notice of this, with developers making multiple games and selling them in game shop centers by bulk, giving gamers more options to play all the games that they want. So far, each console has amassed thousands of individual and unique titles that fill up each of their respective libraries, not to mention the millions of copies produced for each unique game. Of course to know whether you are getting PC games or console games, you should know which platform, and which game you should choose.

Select the Games You Like For Your Gaming Devices

So how do you, as a first-time gamer, know which from the thousands of games you should choose? Well, it actually depends on the device you own. Each gaming console has a list of its original and compatible titles to choose from, ranging from different genres to the number of players capable of supporting the game. Each console supports specific gaming disks, meaning that you should get only the disks that are supported by your company. If you have a PlayStation 3, you should get PS3 games. The different games also come in genres, all aimed for specific target audiences. There are single-player action and adventure games that you can play alone, or multiplayer sports games that you can compete against or play with friends. And there is the Massive Multiplayer Battle Arena, which allows hundreds of players to play within a massive map, and play within a community of games. If you are looking for the next big thing in entertainment, it is really certain that you should try out gaming.

    Console Games

  • Overview: Consoles are the most known form of gaming, with multiple companies ng investing on the creation of the next gaming devices each generation. Each group also has their own unique library of games, coming in different genres and player interfaces that many people would enjoy playing with.
  • Available genres: Each game from a console comes with its own genre of games, ranging from single adventure games for PS4 or multiplayer shooters for Xbox. These games are sold either as physical Blu-Ray disk copies, or as online DLC that will be saved on your respective gaming devices.

    PC Games

  • Overview: High-resolution and full 3D definition, the PC is considered as the most powerful and visually superior device to play your games with. While getting the proper PC specs for gaming can be quite pricy, nothing could ever feel more fulfilling than playing your favorite games on a high-end PC
  • Available genres: Unlike the consoles, the PC gaming library focuses more on single-player offline games due to the nature of the PC as a personal device. Yet, you can also use the computer’s Internet capabilities to play massive online games like the MOBA, or the MMORPG. Like the console games, the PC games also come in disk format, or downloadable content.

    Handheld Games

  • Overview: The most portable form of gaming is also often the most fun. Handheld console games are a bit limited, due to the consoles only made to target specific target audiences, but these are also quite proper due to the technologies put in the games for smaller devices.
  • Available genres: The handheld console games come in cartridge format that you can insert to the device and run your game. The devices’ library often consist of RPG games and single player adventure gaming. Nintendo games are often brought up when handhelds are involved.