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GPS: Best Prices in Malaysia

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GPS Navigation Devices in Malaysia - Making Sure You Don't Get Lost

Getting lost isn't funny. No, really, stop laughing in the back! We here at Lazada Malaysia understand the frustration you feel when trying to find your way around Kuala Lumpur, and somehow ending up in Penang instead. That's way over-exaggerated but it's terrible isn't it? That's why we have GPS navigation systems to make these self-inflicted tragi-comedies a thing of the past.

With GPS systems so ubiquitous and prevalent within modern society nowadays, the need for dedicated GPS navigators has risen. Yes, you can indeed receive GPS signals on your smartphone with apps like Google Maps to guide you. However, GPS receivers use up a lot of battery power, and can drain your smartphone's battery at rate that could be charitably described as 'extremely quick'.

GPS – A System to Find Your Position, Globally

GPS stands for Global Positioning System, and is a network of 24 satellites that orbit the Earth. They beam signals for GPS receivers on Earth in order to determine their position. The signals sent out by these satellites have regular intervals as well as their positioning information at the time. With the signals from 4 or more satellites at once, a GPS receiver can calculate its position to an accuracy of 10 metres. A GPS system cannot operate with only 3 satellites because there is not enough information for the receiver to calculate its position due to possible errors in the transmission.

These 24 satellites are operated by the United States of America, under the auspices of the US Department of Defence. They were first launched in the early 1980s as part of the US' efforts to better coordinate its military forces and increase navigational accuracy. President Ronald Reagan decreed it would be free for limited public use when completed in the late 1980s, and President Bill Clinton decreed that they would be completely available for public use in 2000.

It was only after this series of events that GPS systems started being available for the open market.

Why a Dedicated GPS Navigator?

The answer to this question is simple. Convenience. Yes, your smartphone could fulfil the role. However, this prevents it from fulfilling other roles that it is designed for. Calling, texting or surfing the web are out of the question when if a navigation app is in use. This is because navigation apps require a lot of memory to run and the continuous downloading of map data also means that your data connection is constantly running. This means that it is not just the GPS antenna that is taking power, but also the constantly-on 3G or HSDPA connection. Consequently, the amount of power used is massive, resulting in very quick battery drain.

Dedicated GPS navigators have their maps built-in, and additional maps can be downloaded as and when necessary. They also have far better battery life, have dedicated screens that are able to display navigational information far more effectively and are also capable of displaying altitude.

Things to Consider When Choosing Your GPS Device in Malaysia

Take into account how often you will need your GPS system, and how much will you actually use it. Bigger screens naturally offer more detail and better views of your route, but also take up more space when stored (naturally, you would not leave your GPS device on display in the car when not in use). They are also more expensive as a result.

Take into account how many maps are supported. Do you only want maps that are dedicated to GPS navigation in Malaysia or do you want to include other countries or regions as well? Do put in some efforts to research on how easy it is to obtain other maps. Manufacturers like Garmin offer maps for different regions for a fee.

Battery life is also a concern if you do not plan on plugging in your GPS system to your cigarette lighter all the time. Generally, navigation devices from well known brands like Papago! have a battery life that is long enough for a 2 to 3 hours journey.

GPS Devices on Lazada Malaysia

With brands like Garmin, Papago! and gogopal available on Lazada Malaysia, we have the perfect navigation systems for you in our catalogue. After all, your phone should just stay as your phone.