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Kitchen Cabinet under the rack compartment storage rack
  • Compartment hanging basket wall hangers storage rack
RM 17.90 -24%
RM 23.60
Hong Kong SAR China
Wrought Iron kitchen cabinet bottom with rack free nail wardrobe hangers kitchen creative storage bearing hook shelf rack hook
  • Wrought iron Paint processing, is not easy to rust, bearing good, thick and durable.Export Country : AsianBrand : Thick muLoad-Bearing : 5 kg (not including)-10 kg (free)Adsorption way : Card HolderMaterial : IronHook Number : 4Hook type : Hook-and-eye
RM 20.00
Hong Kong SAR China
Country American wooden clothes hook wall hangers coat hooks coat rack
(1 reviews)
  • American decorative hanging clothes hook, simple and beautifulBrand : SHENXIAN graft/god salivaItem : Wooden alphabet hooksMaterial : WoodStyle : American country style
RM 40.90 -46%
RM 75.80
Hong Kong SAR China
Multi-functional 5 Position Mop Holder
  • 5, Clip-; 6 hook design more human nature; With the packaging with a free screw group and expansion pipe SleeveBrand: Qiao homeLoad-Bearing: 10 kg(not free)-15 kg(free)Adsorption way: NailHook Number: 6
RM 27.00 -19%
RM 33.30
Hong Kong SAR China
M wood viscose-storage clip
  • Design new convenient with pole can be hanging towel/curtains
  • Brand : Meters of wood (home)
  • Load : 1 kg (not included)-3 kg (including)
  • Item : 808
  • Adsorption way : Viscose
  • Material : Plastic
RM 11.10 -31%
RM 16.00
Hong Kong SAR China
Wardrobe storage rack metal shelf finishing frame kitchen cabinet under the rack compartment hanging basket wall storage rack
  • Brand : See description
  • Load-Bearing : 5 kg (not including)-10 kg (free)
  • Item No. : YL170101-003
  • Adsorption way : Card Holder
  • Material : Iron
  • Hook Number : 2
RM 21.20
Hong Kong SAR China
Traceless storage bathroom clothes hook adhesive hook
(1 reviews)
  • Multi-function door after hook, not hurt the door after hook, Not rust effect special good the door after Hook can be hanging towel and other clothing very practical door after hook door After hook door after hook creative seamless door after hook rack free nail iron bathroom hook hanger coat hooks towel rackBrand : Europe yun chulLoad : 15 kg (not included)-20 kg (including)Item : 107210/107292Adsorption way : Seamless mrtomatedMaterial : IronHook type : Hook
RM 40.20 -40%
RM 67.40
Hong Kong SAR China
Frame frame punch nail seamless adhesive hook
  • Today's activities: 2 only installed(buy three sets to send a set, Buy 6 sets to send 2 sets to send the does not need to shoot) does not hurt the wall, easy to create a photo wall
  • Brand: Mei Ke
  • Load-Bearing: 5 kg(not including)-10 kg(free)
  • Item No.: 0066
  • Adsorption way: Viscose
  • Material: Does not rust Steel
  • Hook Number: 2
  • Hook type: Adhesive hook
RM 13.10 -54%
RM 28.50
Hong Kong SAR China
Strong adhesive wall hangers adhesive hook
  • 12 only extra-large models 7x7 cm bearing 20 kg
RM 16.60 -39%
RM 27.10
Hong Kong SAR China
Storage entrance key organizing rack wall hangers
  • The default 3 hook need to plus to 5 hook under the single notes(free plus hook)Brand: Wonderful homeItem No.: Cd097987987Material: WoodStyle: Simple Chinese
RM 22.90 -57%
RM 53.50
Hong Kong SAR China
3m Goldman seamless magic buckle large sticky hooks
  • Farewell wall nail beautiful and not to hurt the wall weighing strong combination of more affordable
  • Brand: 3M
  • Load-Bearing: 1 kg(not including)-3 kg(free)
  • Item No.: Goldman seamless magic Buckle
  • Adsorption way: Seamless tape
  • Hook Number: 7,-and-or more
  • Hook type: Adhesive hook
RM 14.50 -36%
RM 22.80
Hong Kong SAR China
Wu Lala double celebration sucker mop rack seamless broom rack broom clip holder mop hook wall mop rack
  • Storage mop, broom and other home cleaning tools.
  • Brand : Shuang Qing
  • Load-Bearing : 3 kg (not including)-5 kg (free)
  • Adsorption way : Suction cup
  • Material : Plastic
RM 26.20 -3%
RM 27.00
Hong Kong SAR China
Shuangqing bathroom powerful suction mop rack adhesive hook
  • Seamless paste, can be washed repeatedly mobile use, to help you hanging mop, broom, toilet brush, etc.Brand: Shuang QingLoad-Bearing: 1 kg(not including)-3 kg(free)Item No.: WuAdsorption way: Suction FilmMaterial: PlasticHook type: Hook-and-eye
RM 15.60 -5%
RM 16.50
Hong Kong SAR China
Strong traceless kitchen wall stick hook viscose adhesive hook
  • Strong load-bearing seamless free nail one paste surface does not fall offBrand: Siviro/SIVIROLoad-Bearing: 15 kg(not free)-20 kg(free)Item No.: YTG-170317Adsorption way: ViscoseMaterial: Does not rust SteelHook Number: 1
RM 14.60 -43%
RM 25.40
Hong Kong SAR China
Hanging door shelf towel rack
  • With a high quality wrought iron, Seiko Painting Process, strong and durable, ring design! Can be flexible mobile! Door back-design, without playing hole Hit nail, won't hurt FacadeMake : Home homeLoad-Bearing : 3 kg (not including)-5 kg (free)Item No. : K6631Adsorption way : Card HolderMaterial : Iron
RM 8.40 -18%
RM 10.30
Hong Kong SAR China
Stairs station ladder wooden glove rack storage rack flower shelf wall pendant decorative products hook clapboard creative
  • Export Country : AsianNational/in : Hong KongBrand : Han FeiziLoad-Bearing : 5 kg (not including)-10 kg (free)Item No. : Ladder hookAdsorption way : ViscoseMaterial : Does not rust SteelHook Number : 3
RM 27.00
Hong Kong SAR China
Door back-storage rack adhesive hook
(1 reviews)
  • Bamboo design minimalist style and simple retro door muteBrand: Easy to the ageLoad-Bearing: 5 kg(not including)-10 kg(free)Item No.: ZXD895/ZXD896Adsorption way: Card HolderMaterial: Does not rust SteelHook Number: 5Hook type: Hook-and-eye
RM 31.20
Hong Kong SAR China
RM 7.60 -16%
RM 9.00
Hong Kong SAR China
Stainless steel hook wall clothes hook toilet wall door on the wall hanger kitchen room bathroom hook
  • Brand : Nuoer
  • Load-Bearing : 15 kg (not free)-20 kg (free)
  • Item No. : A002 #
  • Adsorption way : Nail
  • Material : Does not rust Steel
  • Hook Number : 5
  • Hook type : Hook-and-eye
RM 20.20
Hong Kong SAR China
American home decorations entrance hanging Key Holder
  • American creative home decorations entrance hanging Key Holder retro coat Cool art wall hook WallLoad : 1 kg (not included)-3 kg (including)Adsorption way : NailMaterial : ResinNumber of hooks : 5Hook type : Hook
RM 32.60 -32%
RM 48.00
Hong Kong SAR China
Creative 304 does not rust steel-free nail hook bedroom hanging clothes rack bathroom door after free punch hook strong hanging Clothing hook
  • 304 stainless steel door after hook, thick material, solid and durable; load-bearing 10 kg, Can be hanging clothing, bags and other heavy, get the most out door back space, does not affect the closingBrand : Home homeLoad-Bearing : 5 kg (not including)-10 kg (free)Item No. : D0811Adsorption way : Card HolderMaterial : Does not rust SteelHook Number : 1Hook type : Hook-and-eye
RM 15.10
Hong Kong SAR China
RM 24.20 -49%
RM 47.30
Hong Kong SAR China
RM 29.70 -56%
RM 68.10
Hong Kong SAR China
Strong cute girl's magic stickers traceless adhesive hook
  • Export Country: AsianNational/in: KoreaLoad-Bearing: 5 kg(not including)-10 kg(free)Adsorption way: ViscoseMaterial: PlasticHook Number: 1Hook type: Adhesive hook
RM 12.40 -54%
RM 27.00
Hong Kong SAR China
To dry rope sun quilt rope bold dormitory Snnei balcony outdoor hanging clothes lanyard hanging out clothes rope
  • 304 stainless steel waterproof anti-rust anti-corrosion, 3mm plastic coated wire rope
  • Brand: Ke Fei
RM 19.30 -40%
RM 32.40
Hong Kong SAR China
Jing Yin free punch door on the hanging creative free nail door after Hook
  • Can be hanging in chair, drawer or door on, hook with three, interval, Can be at the same time hanging 3, hanger, the below the round Hook can be hanging tie, bag and other, To get to take very convenient ~ Get the most out door after space, to seamless hanging the form hanging in doors at the top of, To door after adding 4 a hook. Applicable size: Door thickness 36mm the following, door spacing greater than 3mm.
  • Exporter : Asia
  • Country/region : Japan
  • Brand : Sanada
  • Load : 1kg the following
  • Item : 11624
  • Adsorption way : Clip
  • Material : Plastic
  • Number of hooks : 1
  • Hook type : Hook
RM 12.40 -37%
RM 19.80
Hong Kong SAR China
Strong traceless viscose adhesive hook
  • Bearing 20 kg adhesive force good loading capacity good; traceless 12 a pack/sets, buy 2 sets to send a set, with hair 3 sets, buy Four sets to send 2 sets hair 6 sets gifts random adhesive hook strong adhesive traceless nailless door hanging clothes bearing suction creative kitchen wall hanging on the wall is not sticky hooks
RM 13.10 -35%
RM 20.00
Hong Kong SAR China
Strong dress magic stickers bearing viscose transparent adhesive hook
  • Can be repeated use sticky force good for a major seamless load-bearing 15 kg suitable for a variety of wall-free nail magic stickersBrand: Plant Tree PeopleLoad-Bearing: 10 kg(not free)-15 kg(free)Item No.: 00002Adsorption way: ViscoseMaterial: PVCHook Number: 1Hook type: Adhesive hook
RM 12.30 -63%
RM 33.30
Hong Kong SAR China
RM 17.30 -31%
RM 25.00
Hong Kong SAR China
Japan LEC sucker hook 5 with Hook suction wall hook corner hook strong hook Wall Shelf row
  • Japan [sucker Hook], hanging rod design with [with 5, fixed-Hook ], Can be hanging more multi-items; [sucker-fixed], not damage wall, removal easy; suction cup for to head design, any rotating the angle, hanging rod can be applicable more multi-with special angle the environment, such as curved wall or corner; [Big sucker], sucker diameter of 65mm, assurance hanging rod more solid OH ~Brand : LECLoad-Bearing : 1kg the followingItem No. : H-301Adsorption way : Suction cupMaterial : PlasticHook Number : 5
RM 26.20 -41%
RM 44.50
Hong Kong SAR China
Korea home strong suction cup handle kitchen refrigerator toilet towel bathroom sliding door handle drawer small handle hook
  • Strong suction cup handle hook one can be load-bearing 5 KGBrand : Katei story/home storyLoad-Bearing : 5 kg (not including)-10 kg (free)Item No. : DHD60-WH60Adsorption way : Suction cupMaterial : PlasticHook type : Adhesive hook
RM 24.30 -45%
RM 44.50
Hong Kong SAR China
us fixate magic pad gel pads hook nano strong trace sucker stick wall stickers plastic stickers
  • Fixate powerful the adsorption capacity, life in the not can wall on the things, Basic all can suction was live, small to a key, Large to even small audio are can be easily on the wall. It does not need any glue or nail, use the as long as light a rejection, On the can be on their own stickers on the wall, you also do not worry about peeled off after, On top of Viscose will not good to, as long as the water in the wash with a single click, immediately change new, This way can be repeated use without and then throw.Brand: FixateLoad-Bearing: 1 kg(not including)-3 kg(free)Item No.: Gel padAdsorption way: Suction FilmMaterial: ResinHook Number: 1Hook type: Adhesive hook
RM 28.50 -72%
RM 100.10
Hong Kong SAR China
Every day special creative wrought iron door after hook-free nail hook door back hanging clothes rack door on the shelf rack hanging Clothing hook
  • Simple, practical, powerful storage capacity !!! Upgrade section standard version is not punch hanging basket, need to punch the pro Please note need to punch!Export Country : North AmericaNational : UsBrand : Good Jia YiLoad-Bearing : 15 kg (not free)-20 kg (free)Item No. : LH21Adsorption way : Seamless tapeMaterial : IronHook Number : 5Hook type : Hook-and-eye
RM 30.60 -49%
RM 60.50
Hong Kong SAR China
Genuine! Japan KM mop rack multi-function to trailers magic rack broom rack 4 head mop rack
  • Brand : Japan KM
  • Load-Bearing : 10 kg (not free)-15 kg (free)
  • Item No. : KM1147
RM 26.90
Hong Kong SAR China
Nailless door back style clothes hook adhesive hook
  • Universal door hook[Door thickness more than 2MM] to use!Products Export BEEKING documents: Bill of LadingBusiness Export Qualification: Foreign Trade Business's for the record registration tableExport Country: AsianNational/in: KoreaExport Detection Mechanism: SGSBrand: Ecoco/Italian cocoaLoad-Bearing: 15 kg(not free)-20 kg(free)Item No.: E1605Adsorption way: ViscoseMaterial: SteelHook Number: 6Hook type: Hook-and-eye
RM 34.00
Hong Kong SAR China
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