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Lazada Highlights: Koleksi Taobao
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Mi Ni squeeze orange juice pomegranate juice home Lemon Juicer
(1 Ulasan)
  • Introducing the latest collection from Taobao on Lazada.
  • Buy More to Save More on shipping fees. Happy Shopping!
RM 11.00 -31%
RM 15.90
Manual juicer home multi-function children's Mini wheat grass pressed juice is hand Fruit Original juice machine a091
  • Brand: Other
  • Item No.: DM-ZZJ1
  • Feeding mouth shape: Round
  • Capacity: 601 ml(including)-800 ml()
  • Body Material: Plastic
RM 33.00 -38%
RM 53.20
Can be retractable air conditioning wind board out of the outlet guide wind cover
  • Anti-Air Conditioning wind straight blowing and design, without drilling, installation simple, adjust convenient, angle can be adjustable.Brand : You think living
RM 44.60 -19%
RM 55.40
Home mute 2 Speed Wind desktop fan small table fan
  • USB interface can be inserted computer charging treasure with Mobile Phone Charging head can be directly link power
  • The origin of the: China mainland
  • Brand: Rongxin
  • Power supply mode: USB
RM 38.40
Stainless steel tablecloth clip tablecloth home kitchen fixed clip
  • 430 stainless steel material, strong and durable, 2, dress cheap affordable, for fixed table cloth, To prevent pull, wind blowing results in tablecloth shift, tablecloth not mobile, dining more comfortableBrand : Home homeApplication of space : RestaurantMaterial : Stainless steel
RM 10.70
Multi-function folding retractable activities wardrobe in the hanging pants rack
  • Can be hanging five strip pants, a pants rack the space, for more, pants rack the function, Free up you the wardrobe space!
  • Exporter : Asia
  • Country/region : Japan
  • Brand : Nachuan
  • Whether manual : No
  • Popular elements : Solid
  • Item : White stainless steel pants hanger a0115
  • For the crowd : Vw
  • Application of space : Wardrobe/closet
  • Style : Japanese style
RM 18.10
Japan imported manual home squeeze orange juice is
  • Item : 228-H-3507
  • Feeding mouth shapes : Circular
  • Capacity : 1.001L (including)-1.5L (including)
  • The fuselage material : Plastic
RM 12.70 -35%
RM 19.40
Even large mini homemade ice mold silicone ice Lattice
  • [3 pieces or more] LEGO building blocks machine people silicone ice lattice with a food-grade silicone material, Strict in line with us fda standard! BENSE.O video product is still silicone products factory exclusive album high Qing Xi version of "building blocks/machine of ice lattice" production Molding Full process! [Warm prompt] building blocks/machine of ice lattice in total 9 style, please according to the need to shoot, Such as need to specify the color please see details and note, thank you! ~ _~
  • Brand : Fongyuan
  • Item : Robot ice lattice
  • Ice lattice ice kinds of products : Ice lattice
RM 6.40 -7%
RM 6.90
Baby baby stroller mini small fan clip fan can be charging student dormitory USB bed children's portable-
  • The origin of the: China mainland
  • Brand: Pole top
  • Popular elements: Small fresh
  • Item: F-198
  • For the crowd: Vw
  • Power supply mode: Other
RM 26.10 -54%
RM 56.60
Home multifunction sewing machine catcher sewing code edge Taiwan Production
  • this is fit for household multifunctional sewing machine presser foot, it is not feasible to old fashioned pedal sewing machine, industrial sewing machine, youth toys small sewing machine, not for singer 974; 8019; 8007; 9032; 9020 type
  • Brand : Singer
  • Sewing machine knitted machine type : Electric desktop type
RM 9.80
Home multi-function portable electric pocket manual sewing machine
  • Brand : Three thousand foxGw : 71 gramsSewing machine knitted machine type : Portable pocketItem : 0000
RM 10.10
Hualian T3-T5 T5 tool hand pressure buckle clamp + color
(2 Ulasan)
  • package a: hualian tools + box + t5 snap button 15 color * 10 sets of each color (total 150 sets);;;; package ii: hualian tools + box + t3 snap button 15 colors * 10 sets of each color (total 150 sets) pay attention to: snap button color will be random delivery, need specify the color of the, advance tell!!!!!
  • Brand : KAM
  • Types of sewing material kit : Apparel
  • Item : DK001
RM 16.60
Times brother stick spring mini free Hit nail telescopic rod
  • A top on the solid without Installation tool for a major can be retractable
  • Brand : Colombian times stick
RM 13.40 -36%
RM 20.80
DIY leather resin glue strong type adhesive agent on the glue stick
  • Brand : World without bamboo
  • Types of sewing tools : Other/other
  • Item : 11PJ00123-1
RM 7.80
RM 5.30
Bag home double Linen Fabric
  • Material: Hemp
  • Denominated in units: Parts
  • Style: China wind
  • Pattern: Solid
  • Sale mode: Cut loose
  • Craft: Printing and dyeing
  • Applicable object: Other fabric handmade diy
RM 11.70 -6%
RM 12.50
Japan juki SEWING machine 110SZ/180SZ multifunction electric household eat thick + docking station
(1 Ulasan)
  • yue cao the man juki chan argon tong jian circles gentry string together string the man 180SZ adze e ren kou awarded cun Xi river F duo sister yi ke ji Han Lian monkey jie 7 crepe ao e xi shi hun yu Anti-adze none two girls eㄧ┛ string together string Kuang Renqie namida nie nian wen Quan la adze han nie xi argon nie e du ze qu umbrella� xing Kuo Ma go ni arguments boil by Chi Zhang Jian ren hong cha Sui-inch howl ke guo� gui Guang ge zhen gentry mo gui lian noneョ gentry mo huo Ji qie Hong gentry mo gui dan ke guo� huo zhi branches of a tree wide� xing luan branches of a tree wide� gui mao branches of a tree wide� Quan gentry bulb Ma xiong keng mo xing QIA string together string mustard chu mo xing luan Gallium g la mo ci a rather mi fool mo Quan none Chen won piano awards� gui lian rather Kou� ci two girls none defense fool adze� 16 Qian village harm jie Dong Shan chain Hong Shui yi adze�
RM 441.70
Fruit in language ice cream manual juicer hand home Orange Juice fruit pressure juice original juice machine mini lemon
  • Can be do ice cream high juice rate slow speed hand pure juice does not add water
  • Brand: Billion
  • Item No.: 003
  • Feeding mouth shape: Square
  • Body Material: Plastic
RM 49.90 -82%
RM 275.30
304 stainless steel manual juicer fruit juice machine juicer press orange lemon squeezer potato fruits and vegetables mud juice machine
(1 Ulasan)
  • 304 stainless steel food grade safety and health strong and durable, mainly apply to soft fruit juicer.
  • Brand : Chang li
  • Feeding mouth shapes : Circular
  • Capacity : 401 mL (inclusive)-600 ml (including)
  • The fuselage material : Metal
RM 41.50
Cartoon cloth baby custom processing cotton twill cotton
  • Material: Cotton
  • Ingredient content: 100%
  • Denominated in units: Parts
  • Style: Japan and south korea
  • Pattern: Cartoon
  • Sale mode: Cut loose
  • Craft: Printing and dyeing
RM 9.80 -12%
RM 11.20
Wardrobe hanging pants clothes rack storage rack pants rack
  • Can be retractable design, easy to move, can be at the same time hanging put multi-strip pants, saving wardrobe space, Also applicable to hanging put blanket, scarf, etc.Export Country: AsianBrand: You think livingThe handmade: NoItem No.: WuSuitable for people: VolkswagenSuitable for Space: Wardrobe/coat roomProduct Type: Finishing/storage
RM 31.90 -29%
RM 45.10
Handmade patchwork DIY curtain bedding doll clothing set cloth
  • Material: CottonIngredient content: 91%(inclusive)-100%(not included)Denominated in units: PartsStyle: GardenPattern: Plants and flowersSale mode: Cut looseCraft: Printing and dyeingApplicable object: Bedding
RM 15.20 -10%
RM 16.90
Exquisite embroidery cloth paste universe fill hole patch jeans stickers decorative diy clothing bags accessories adhesive cloth
  • [cat iii] has insisted on homegrown, do high quality cloth! welcome old and new customers into the store to buy. [support wholesale, kind to customize, welcome to negotiate!]
  • Brand : Cat iii
  • Pattern : Figure
RM 9.00
Hualian DIY T5 baby coat curtain plastic snap button
  • 3.5 yuan 20 sets of buttons, hualian button no edges, barbless, cadogan has for the baby skin care a guarantee, environmental protection without stimulation, more suitable for baby clothes, children 's clothes, kam has been earmarked for foreign trade brandBrand : Hualian
RM 6.80
Multi-layer stainless steel home S-shaped pants folder pants rack
(1 Ulasan)
  • Stainless steel material can be hanging five strip underwear solid and durableBrand: YULAI comb familyItem No.: A-5897Suitable for people: VolkswagenProduct Type: Finishing/storage
RM 12.00 -63%
RM 32.80
DIY leather clearance special first layer of leather lychee pattern plain regular pieces by pounds, said
  • Pieces by of enough to cost-effective, rule use rate high
  • Material: Leather
RM 13.10 -14%
RM 15.20
Strong mini dormitory mute antique copper small fan
  • Strong Wind version USB fan retro mini
  • The origin of the: China mainland
  • Brand: Yi xing
  • Popular elements: Vintage wind
  • For the crowd: Adolescents
  • Power supply mode: USB
RM 26.10 -50%
RM 51.90
Retractable clothesline pole support Clothes Rod home Clothes Rod fork head clothesline laundry fork to take pick Clothes Rod drying clothes rod laundry clothes stick Clothing fork Rod
  • Green pp + sponge coated + spray carbon steel, solid green, non-slip handle up to 34 male points, Bold thick can be retractable, loading capacity is more strong, home more practical.Brand : Home home
RM 10.10 -8%
RM 11.00
Sewing Machine Electric multi-function can be replacement presser foot desktop foot home small mini Catcher
  • Brand: Other brand
  • Gw: 1 kg
  • Sewing machine knitted machine type: Electronic sewing machine
  • Item: 003
RM 64.40
Bao Ni excellent telescopic pants clip hanger pants rack
  • Love life aluminum pants rack home multi-telescopic pants rackProducts Export BEEKING documents: Customs singleBusiness Export Qualification: Into the export goods declaration Registration CertificateExport Country: AsianNational/in: JapanExport Detection Mechanism: BVBrand: Bao Ni excellentItem No.: DQ-9024-1 multi-function telescopic pants rackFactory Inspection Standard: NoProduct Type: Finishing/storageLength: 52.4-100
RM 106.50 -49%
RM 208.40
Fabric refrigerator top Dust Cover cover towel
(1 Ulasan)
  • Cover the refrigerator on, can be effective to prevent life in the dust, refrigerator dry net, Life is also very comfortableBrand : Home homeWhether manual : NoMaterial : OtherPopular elements : Pastoral styleStyle : Japanese styleTypes of dust : Dual refrigerator dust coverShape : Square
RM 5.60 -27%
RM 7.70
Double Yarn Fabric baby class baby cool gauze Cotton
  • Brand: Hi blossomingMaterial: CottonIngredient content: 100%Denominated in units: PartsItem: Blsb87Style: Japan and south koreaPattern: CartoonSale mode: Cut looseCraft: Printing and dyeingApplicable object: Clothing
RM 9.40 -38%
RM 15.20
1500 pieces button 19 yuan resin button buttons kindergarten children DIY color button painting material package
  • Do not pick models, random hair, because batches of different, button style update soon, picture only for reference
  • Brand : DIY
RM 17.30
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