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Spy Cameras: Best Prices in Malaysia

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Spy Cameras Are A Popular Way to Protect Family and Property

Spy cameras may sound like something straight out of a James Bond movie, but in reality, they are useful gadgets that come in handy in all sorts of situations. These popular hidden cameras are available in different sizes and shapes, and many are priced quite affordably. When the situation calls for tiny spy cameras to fit in tight spaces, pinhole cameras are the perfect choice. Before selecting a model, however, boning up on a few of the basics will help.

Establishing a sound reason to make this type of purpose is the first step. Many people consider hidden cameras to be sneaky. If misused, they certainly can be. However, plenty of legitimate uses for pinhole cameras and other types of surveillance gadgets make good sense. This type of equipment is useful for a lot of things like home security, monitoring babysitters, keeping track of older children who are home alone, office security, protecting pets, surveillance of special needs family members and last but not the least keeping an eye on the elderly.

Not all of these purposes require that surveillance equipment be hidden, but many all-purpose video cameras are appropriate for both covert and overt uses.

Types of Spy Cameras

The assortment of hidden cameras available is extensive. Some of them are wireless and thus easy to place at home or work. Others have to be hard-wired and typically require help from an electrician. Choosing spy cameras that are appropriate for the location saves installation time.

Another consideration is whether black and white or color video would work best. New black and white surveliance cameras take clear pictures, but when keeping track of children or special needs individuals, many prefer the superior visuals that color provides.

The size and appearance of the hidden camera is also an important shopping decision. For completely hidden surveillance, pinhole cameras are the most versatile. Because they feature minute camera apertures and very compact profiles, they fit inside clock radios, power adapters, smoke detectors and toys. They are virtually impossible to detect. Manufacturers have developed portable spy cameras designed to be worn on a necktie, on eyeglass frames or in a Bluetooth earpiece.

Some of the most popular spy camera features to look for include high resolution, low light recording capability, motion or voice video activation, audio recording, built-in memory with add-on SD card slot, time/date stamp, built-in DVR, mobile app for smartphone video review and the must have which is email and phone support.