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Tablets: Best Prices in Malaysia

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Tablets - The Best Device to Enjoy Your Content

Tablets or the concept of tablet PCs have been around for quite some time but was recently popularized by the most valuable technology company in the world, Apple. With its introduction of the Apple iPad, the company successfully changed the way how people from all around the world browse the Internet, watch videos and movies, listen to songs, play games and wade through photo streams. Consuming content has never been easier.

After seeing the success that Apple is enjoying, competitors like Samsung, Motorola, HP and Sony jumped into the scene with tablets of their own. Running on different operating systems such as Android and shipped with different sets of specifications, some of the tablets from these brands manage to capture the hearts of consumers but some of them failed miserably.

Tablet PC - Doing Everything With It

Tablet PCs are highly portable. Most of them come with a slim and light design despite having a big, bright and vivid display. With its portability, users are bringing the device with them everywhere they go. With processing powers and storage capacity that are capable of matching lower end laptops, users are finding tablets more convenient and powerful than smartphones for Internet browsing, gaming and high definition movies.

Android Tablets - Powered by Google Android

Android tablets are tablet PCs powered by Android, an open source mobile operating system from Google. Samsung Galaxy Tab is one of the most popular Android tablets. The Galaxy Tab 10.1 is the latest tablet offering from Samsung that comes with a vivid display, thin and light body, faster speed, multitasking capabilities, integration with various Google services and many other features.

The New iPad from Apple, also known as the iPad 3, was introduced in 2012 and the whole world goes wild again. With retina display, Apple's revolutionary screen display technology, and 4G connectivity, the tablet device from Apple is poised to outrank other brands in terms of popularity among consumers.

Tablets on Lazada Malaysia

If you are looking for a new computing device but want it to be portable, light and easy to use, you should consider getting yourself a tablet. Whether it is running on iOS from Apple or on Android from Google, you can definitely be sure that a tablet is the "best of both worlds" device between a handphone and a laptop.

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