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Types of Washing Machines

Washing Machines have become an essential part in any household in Malaysia. Although the function of washing machines is straightforward, did you know that there are four types of washing machines?

Top Load. A top load washing machine is one of the cheapest, durable and speediest of the other types of washing machines.

Front Load. Front Load washing machines are touted for their ability to handle delicate and sensitive garments better than top load washing machines.

Combination. Combination washing machines are usually washing machines with dryer capabilities. These washing machines are great if you like to have crisp dry clothes without having to hang them out to dry.

Portable. Portable washing machines are great especially if you find yourself moving around a lot.

You can find many of the washing machines above on Lazada Malaysia for the best prices and deals online.

Benefits of Dryers

Despite the strong heatwaves that occasionally take over Malaysia, monsoon seasons with strong winds and days of never ending rain are not uncommon either. If you are looking to buy a dryer but haven’t really decided, here are some of the benefits of using a dryer in a country like Malaysia.

Time Saving. Perhaps you just don’t have enough time to wait for your clothes and garments to dry? These and many other reasons make dryers the solution you have been looking for.

Convenient. Having a dryer is more convenient especially during rainy seasons when clothes take a longer time to dry because of rain.

Space Saving. If you live in an apartment, you might not have enough space to hanf all of your clothes. A dryer helps dry all your laundry and saving space.

Dryers are engineered to cut down the time need to dry your clothes, so you have more time to do more! You can also find dryers that are built into washing machines. So not only will you cut down washing and drying time, you will also be saving money at the same time!

Washing Machine Price in Malaysia

Washing machine prices in Malaysia can vary from brand to brand. There are many popular brands such as Panasonic, Samsung, LG and Toshiba that produce high quality, quick washing and durable washing machines and dryers in Malaysia. However, the properties and functions of washing machines can influence washing machine price. Washing machines that include dryer functions can cost more than a unit that is only a washing machine or a dryer. Lazada Malaysia offers you a wide range of choices while providing the best prices to satisfy all your needs!