Watches: What are their purpose today?

  • The sole purpose of watches is for timekeeping, and they do keep time, but with the influence of both fashion and technology, today’s line of different wristwatches showcase more than the usual timekeeping purposes and more than the standard looks we’re accustomed to see. Today, these items do more than keep time, they are also an accessory to any fashionable outfit and make a strong fashion statement. Whether its user wants to evoke a simple elegance or demonstrate a flair for fashion, these wristwatches are one of the go-to items to showcase either or both. The designs and styles of these products make every part of it crucial in showcasing and picking what you really want out of them. Truly, the uses of watches have come a long way from the original, although the original purpose is always retained, some people might consider other things in purchasing them like complimenting their fashion and looking great. With their uses now diversified, what is the true purpose of these items today?

    Watches don’t only make great accessories and keep time, but they are also good in syncing individual lifestyles. Some people may want a high-end watch just to impress, or others may be focused on a more feature-laden sports watch, whichever it is, deciding on what you need explains the purpose of these items themselves. Your wristwatch doesn’t need to be encrusted with diamonds, or have sixteen dials or tell you what the weather is on Finland right now. In other words, are you heading for a meeting in the office? Or are you climbing a mountain? Once you answered those questions, you had taken the most important step in deciding the right one for you, not to mention defining its purpose as well.

    The different wristwatches according to purpose

  • There are four different types of these items: business, casual, fashion and sports watches. All of which differs on their design, styles and functions, although some may have the same features and looks especially on the fashion and business types. The sporty type of these products are normally the most full-packed in features and functions but showcase the most rugged form and designs. Business wristwatches are the most sleek and elegant and the classiest as well while the fashion ones are the most dangling, colorful and with a lot of variations. If you want to compliment your relaxed and laid-back mood of the day, items under the casual types are the ones for you. These items usually have that carefree look and have the standard functions.

    With the existing wide selection for these products, purchasing must be decided largely by what you need and merely of what you want. Having a wide selection and variety of purpose for wristwatches are always on a positive note—that if you only know their purpose and that they will serve you with the right functions.
Women's Watches Men's Watches

    Business Watches

  • Business watches for women are known for its slim, toned and narrow structure, not to mention bezels. The most common design of these line of watches are bezels around their watch faces that are either round or square. Their most common colors are gold, silver, pink, rose gold and bright rose. They usually come with standard analog and chronograph analog display with roman numerals and standard clock number, not to mention day-date functions. These watches make a perfect accessory for corporate to office and business attires. Gucci, Claudia, Guess and XOXO are some of the famous brands for these products.

    Fashion Watches

  • A fashion watch for women is definitely included in the trendiest list. These line of watches are number one in terms of variety and style. Their structure is from basic up to the slim and fit designs, not to mention those in a bangle style of strap. Their designs can come in different ways depending on the material, watch face and straps and colors(monochromatic to multi-colored). Some of the famous brands are XOXO, Esprit, DKNY and Geneva.

    Business Watches

  • These are the types of watches that project that sleek, formal and elegant style of watches for men. Most of these items come in wide clock face and strap and normally are made with stainless steel material. Business watches for men have mostly standard analog to chronograph analog display that have roman numerals and standard numeric clock number with day-date display as the most common feature. Some of the famous brands are Michael Kors, Timex, Seiko and Tommy Hilfiger.

    Fashion Watches

  • A Fashion watch for men doesn’t come as stylistic as you expected. These line of watches are identified according to the overall design and look of the item and how the materials are utilized. These items can come in analog and digital display and their materials range from leather, stainless to plastic types. Colors are also a huge basis for fashion watches, as these products’ colors extends in a wide variety of choices. But for men’s fashion watches, neutral colors like black, white and gray and dim colors like dark green and brown are the most common. Some of the famous brand of fashion watches for men are Casio, Invicta, Fossil and Curren.

    Casual Watches

  • A casual watch for women explicit a not-so-formal and not-so-stylish look for watches. They come in both digital and analog display with colors ranging from neutral to bright colors such as pink, gold, apple green, violet and red. They are perfect to accessorize a dress, blouse, and simple shirts for the ladies. They can be made of leather, stainless or silicone materials with simple design and overall watch structure. Perfect for a laid-back mood of the day!

    Sports Watch

  • Sports watches for women are not as thick as how these watches for men go. Some of these even come in a rubber strap design because they must emphasize a lightweight structure so they must be as thin as possible. The thickest models of these watches are the Casio Baby-G models that are not that thick also. Their uses and features are the same of that in men—water and dust resistance and scratch resistance for durability together with compass, GPS and alarms as their most common functions. Other than the Baby-G series, other brands for these products include Timex, Q&Q, Puma, JC and Cherie Paris.

    Casual Watches

  • These are the most free-style type of watches for men. Men's casual watches come in materials such as rubber, fabric, nylon, leather, silicone and even plastic. These items also explicit both analog and digital display and can also have day-date functions. They range from the most basic structure and design to the most sophisticated and also the most durable structure for watches.

    Sports Watches

  • Sports watches for men carry that large, thick and rough style especially design to withstand the rugged plays of outdoors and sports. Some of these items have built-in GPS and compass to aid its user on its ventures not to mention a day-date display. Also, most of them have functions like alarms and have digital, standard analog and chronograph analog display. Sports watches for men are the epitome of durability and functionality. Water resistance is their most common feature. Casio G-shock is the most famous and trendiest brand for these line of watches.

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