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Water Purifiers: Best Prices in Malaysia

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Water Purifiers

It’s the essence of life, but even when it appears to be crystal clear, there may be contaminants in your water. Sometimes, contaminants simply make water taste metallic or bitter, and sometimes they can be dangerous bacteria. If you want to ensure that your water is both delicious and safe to drink, using a water purifier is your best bet. Types of water filter units are varied, but they’re available as pitchers, as sink attachments or as portable units ideal for use while commuting, jogging or camping. Only you can choose the best water purifier for your needs.

In the Fridge

Several companies market types of filter pitchers for home use. These pitchers offer the convenience of a removable active charcoal water filter that should be changed approximately every few months. With a water purifier pitcher, you simply fill the unit with water, which trickles through the filter into a separate compartment. The water will be pure, cold and ready to drink or use in cooking. These pitchers are available in a range of capacities, from smaller 6-cup containers to water dispenser units that hold 23 cups or more. Replacement filters for these units are sold both individually and in multi-packs, and some pitchers have a light that glows red when it’s time to change the filter.

In the Sink

If you’d prefer the convenience of faucet mounts, you’ll find many styles and colours available at Lazada Malaysia. These types of water purifiers screw or mount onto a faucet via clips, and they often have a side switch that can be flipped if you’d like purified water to drink or want to switch to unfiltered water when doing dishes. Faucet mount purifiers also use convenient replacement filters.

If you’re considering a reverse osmosis water purification system, you should select an under-sink unit. These systems are more complex and often require professional installation, but they are widely regarded as the best water purifier system on the market because an under-sink system often removes more contaminants than a carbon filter unit. These filtration systems are ideal when your source of water is a well.

In Your Backpack

When you want purified water on the go, you can always quickly fill up your water bottle using your in-sink filter, but if you’re planning on being away for more than an hour or so, you may want to invest in a portable water filter system. Many companies make portable water bottles with built-in filtration units that remove heavy metals, unpleasant taste and harmful microscopic pathogens.

Another choice for portability is UV light purification unit. These pocket-sized units usually run on battery power, and they purify water using strong UV light while you agitate or stir the water for about 90 seconds, depending on capacity. UV light purifiers are often touted as one of the best purification systems available by international travellers as well as long-distance and backcountry hikers.