Power (watt/horsepower)
Power Consumption (Microwave mode)
Power Consumption
input voltage (V)
Size of Jug (Litter)
With Grinder
Oven Capacity (L)
Sewing Speed
Wattage (W)
Fan Speed (RPM)
Number of waffles
Number of Buttonhole Styles
Blade Side (inches)
Capacity (Litres)
Wattage (watt)
Room Size
Purification Capacity
Number of Stiches

Yogurt & Ice-Cream Makers

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Do-It-Yourself Ice Cream with Ice Cream Maker in Malaysia

Who would not love ice cream? For sure, each and every one of us has their own favorite ice cream flavor that they try in every ice cream parlor they visit. Different ice cream brands invent their own line of flavors that can simply blow our mind. Whether you are the simple vanilla ice cream lover to the salted caramel one, there is no denying it, ice cream is one of the best food creations ever. Whatever country you go to, they all have different versions of ice cream. Now, you can do your own version with an ice cream maker.

Ice Cream Anywhere, Anytime with Ice Cream Maker

Craving for a strawberry with banana ice cream but you can't find that mix of flavor in your local grocery store? Worry not, just put your dairy ingredients with some fruits in the ice cream maker and in less than an hour, you can enjoy your very own ice cream! Your flavor choices are limitless and you can keep on inventing your own. There are also yogurt maker for that sweet, sour, and delectable yogurt and a smoothie maker for a healthy shake that is beyond delicious. You can find ice cream makers or an ice cream machine in Malaysia online on Lazada Malaysia. If you're tired of ice cream, then try purchasing a yogurt maker in Malaysia.

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    Ice Cream Maker

  • Uses: Makes creamy and fresh ice cream, perfect for any ice cream flavor
  • Features: Create ice cream from scratch within 30 minutes, non-skid rubber feet, easy clean feature
  • Brands: Get the best ice cream maker from brands like As Seen on TV, Generic, Private Chef, Nice Ice, Raffles, Nostalgia Electrics, Severin, Shinelco, and more!

    Yoghurt Maker

  • Uses: Instantly turns fruits into delicious and healthy treats
  • Features: Can make a liter of yoghurt which is perfect for the whole family, easy-to-clean feature, comes with manual and different yoghurt mixes
  • Brands: Choose from brands like As Seen on TV, Generic, Private Chef, Nice Ice, Raffles, Nostalgia Electrics, Severin, and Shinelco

    Smoothie Maker

  • Uses: Easily make delicious smoothies by just putting ice and fruits in the smoothie maker
  • Features: Made with stainless steel material that can mix and make smoothies instantly, non-slip rubber feet for easy storage
  • Brands: Get that smoothie maker from As Seen on TV, Generic, Private Chef, Nice Ice, Raffles, Nostalgia Electrics, Severin, Shinelco, and more!