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Tactical head comb High Strength Anti-static comb  

  • Brand : EDCGEAR

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    Product details of Tactical head comb High Strength Anti-static comb

    Full on Activity Date:2017-10-09 17:25:27-2018-02-28 17:25:27
    Orders over38.0Yuan,(Not area: Inner Mongolia, Hainan, Liaoning, Gansu, Qinghai, Ningxia, Xinjiang, tibet, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao, overseas ),
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    Orders over199Yuan,(Not area: Liaoning, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao, overseas ),
    Full 38 yuan automatic remote area
    19 yuan not to the head combTo do not to all down angle grinding [A head comb steel the cost on the 10 yuan more than also not including processing fee and mold fee]Perfect of carefully shot the venue and counter 400 yuan head comb


    Name; Tactical head comb high strength stainless steel material to play practical are all OK men and women applicable EDCGEAR


    Material;5CR13Martensitic Stainless SteelYou;Hardness good, wear-resistant of good, antibacterial good, but anti-magnetic a difference.

    Size mm;Long 14 cm the most wide, 3.8 cm thick 1.7mm

    You;EDC every day how to there is no comb? Feel very good the mirror light surface, comb body multi-up to 5 times stamping, each a root comb handmade polished trim, massage scalp and comfortable[But with a problem even if we a few days a few night on roller equipment grinding, comb also will be a little tip, therefore must be is and you the scalp-run-with long after only with grinding round the comfortable effect].Stainless steel material hard very, cool full of non-market other material and style comparable. Important of is, she is a pieces with tactical style the EDC product, men and women applicable, self-defense and practical works very well.

    Stainless steel and titanium CNC version comb the contrast, titanium will than now stainless steel the your 20 yuan. But use CNC craft, each a root comb also grinding the more good! Capacity I have time for making a batch titanium version of shelves.Spot goods only stainless steel version;

    Entity map;




    I was to find, often with rejoice shampoo water the boy to photo shoot, now this hair too dry.


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    The outdoor warrior "quick-drying wear removable-tactical lightweight long [Short] Pants spring and summer can be wear BENSE.O cat recommended
    Wrinkle the really powerful ah, wash the after or wrinkle the is very powerful, can only try ironing
    N * m

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    Specifications of Tactical head comb High Strength Anti-static comb

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    SKU ED358HBAAPHUN6ANMY-54271755
    Style Stainless steel version
    Model Not Specified
    Taobao Seller Name 天生玩家c
    Warranty type No Warranty
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