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(3 reviews)
  • Equipped with a carbide saw blade in professional quality, the TC-MS 2112 crosscut and miter saw is quickly available to carry out minor jobs such as making crosscuts and miter cuts in workpieces made of wood, laminated panels and plastics The high-quality work table made of die-cast aluminium comes with an exact angle adjustment facility which can be latched single-handedly in various positions. The table insert is equipped with a practical scale for reading off the workpiece width easily from the working position. While workpiece supports on both sides and a reliable clamping device ensure exact operation, a cutting depth control facility permits even more challenging jobs to be performed with ease. The carbide-tipped saw blade in professional quality offers a cutting capacity of over 200 m in particleboard and is easily changed thanks to a spindle lock. A sawdust bag keeps the workplace clean and a transport brace ensures easy and safe transportation.
RM 413.80 -60%
RM 1,034.50
Sealey S0924 Pocket 4-in-1 Precision Screwdriver (Price for 1 unit)
(1 reviews)
  • Size Coverage: Slotted - 3, 4mm, Phillips - #0, #1
  • Includes pocket clip. Supplied in display box of 30.
  • Contents: Double Ended Bit Coverage; Slotted - 3, 4mm, Phillips - #0, #1
RM 10.60 -20%
RM 13.20
Einhell TS 125/115 Cutting Stand [NEW ARRIVAL FROM GERMANY]
(11 reviews)
  • The practical cutting stand makes an angle grinder into a precise cutting machine for steel, metal, profiles, tubes and rods.
  • The stand is universal and fits most angle grinders from different brands.
  • Equipment Stable base plate made of cast iron Solid pedestal made from cast aluminium with sturdy pivot hinge and spring relief.
RM 110.90 -60%
RM 277.20
(12 reviews)
  • Multi-setting turret stop
  • Spindle lock
  • Electronic speed control
  • Infinitely adjustable routing depth with fine adjustment
  • Clamp 6 and 8 mm
  • Parallel stop
  • Compass point
  • Copy sleeve
  • Dust extraction adapter
  • Cutter change tool
RM 259.80 -60%
RM 649.50
Siegen Composite Pegboard 2pc
  • Wall-mounting quality composite pegboard. 
  • Supplied with an 18pc assorted hook set. 
  • Additional hook assortment available, Model No. S0766.
RM 85.30 -20%
RM 106.60
Einhell TH-OS 1016 Multi Sander [NEW ARRIVAL FROM GERMANY]
(6 reviews)
  • Ideal for grinding/sanding small surfaces, corners and edges
  • Ultra-compact design for areas which are difficult to reach
  • Easy and quick paper change thanks to Velcro fastening system
  • Ergonomic grip areas with soft grip
  • With active dust extraction for a clean workplace
  • Filter bag for collecting the grinding/sanding dust
  • Vacuum cleaner connection option for maximum cleanliness
  • Complete with abrasive paper for an immediate start
RM 111.80 -60%
RM 279.30
Einhell TE-OS 1320 Multi-Sander [NEW ARRIVAL FROM GERMANY]
(12 reviews)
  • Easy sanding paper change thanks to Velcro fastening system
  • Soft grip
  • Perfect ergonomics
  • Dust collection box with filter
  • Cable clip
  • Incl. 3x sanding paper (P 120)
RM 126.20 -60%
RM 315.30
  • Solid base for a stable placing
  • Metal work table adjustable up to 45°
  • Quick-release clamp makes it easy to change the saw blade
  • Work piece hold-down
  • Connection for dust extrator
  • Saw blades included
  • The unit can be affixed directly to the workbench.
RM 447.20 -60%
RM 1,117.90
Einhell TC-HP 1334 High Pressure Cleaner [NEW ARRIVAL FROM GERMANY]
  • Small compact construction
  • Place-saving storage
  • Central carrying handle integrated
  • Ideal for mobile applications
  • Modular Jet-Click system for versatile applications
  • Versatile storage options for nozzles, pistols etc.
  • Easy package included:
  • pistol, lance, rotating nozzle, detergent tank, hose
RM 345.40 -60%
RM 863.30
Einhell BT-ID 1050 E Impact Drill (Blue)
(9 reviews)
  • Additional keyless chuck 
  • Rotate right / left 
  • Softgrip 
  • Mounded depth 
  • 2 speeds 
  • Adjustable depth mounded
  • Product is not eligible for vouchers
RM 165.00 -62%
RM 431.70
Einhell TC-SD 3,6 Li Cordless Screwdriver (Red) [NEW ARRIVAL]
  • The cordless screwdriver TC-SD 3,6 Li is a high-quality practical and versatile rechargeable screwing tool for ambitious do-it-yourselfers which should not be missing in any household.
RM 96.80 -60%
RM 241.90
Einhell TE-RS 40 E Rotating Sander [NEW ARRIVAL FROM GERMANY]
  • Solid and powerful rotating sander for most diverse applications
  • Double action (rotation+eccentricity); high sanding performance
  • Perfectly suited for high abrasive sanding and fine-tuning
  • Speed-electronics for material-compatible operation
  • Easy/quick change of sanding papers through mirco-velcro system
  • Low vibrations through solid alu balancing within the housing
  • Ergonomic grip areas with softgrip
  • Removeable additional handle for well-balanced handling
  • With active dust-extraction for a clean working area
  • Filterbox collects sanding dust
RM 266.60 -60%
RM 666.40
Bata Industrials Bora Safety Boots (Black)
(6 reviews)
  • Quality
  • Anti Slip
  • Flex  Lines
  • Lightweight
  • Steel Toecap
  • Steel Midsole
  • Extensive Size Range
RM 79.20 -20%
RM 99.00
Select Size
  • 32
  • 34
  • 36
  • 38
  • 42
  • 44
  • 46
  • 26/29
Sealey TC414 Tile Cutter 430 x 14mm Max Cut
  • Brand : Sealey
  • Heavy gauge steel sheet base with foam tile cushioning, measuring scale with adjustable stop and replaceable Tungsten Carbide cutting wheel.
  • Cut and break ceramic tiles with ease - just place tile on the cushioned base, draw the cutting wheel across the tile to cut it and apply pressure with the breaker foot.
RM 148.50 -20%
RM 185.60
Tools Depot Combination Spanner Set 12Pcs Metric (8-19Mm)
(2 reviews)
  • Drop forged Chrome Vanadium steel, offset at 15deg.
  • Fully polished mirror finish.
  • Hardened, tempered and nickel chrome plated for corrosion resistance.
  • Useful for etching in confined space.
RM 92.30 -25%
RM 123.00
Sealey Air Impact Wrench 1/2" (400 lb)
(1 reviews)
  • Drive: 1/2"Sq 
  • Working Torque: 400lb.ft (544Nm) 
  • Maximum Torque: 480lb.ft (653Nm) 
  • Ultimate Torque: 500lb.ft (680Nm) 
  • Free Speed: 7500rpm 
  • Air Consumption: 4.2cfm
  • Operating Pressure: 90psi 
  • Air Inlet Size: 1/4"BSP 
  • Weight: 2.6kg
  • Noise Power/Pressure: 107.4/96.4dB Vibration/Uncertainty: 6.12/2.45m/s²
RM 326.90 -53%
RM 700.90
Einhell BT-DH 1600 Demolition Hammer (Blue)
(2 reviews)
  • For heavy demolition work 
  • Hexagon chuck, 30 mm 
  • Additional handle 
  • Flat chisel (L = 400 mm, W = 30 mm) 
  • Pointed chisel (L = 400 mm) 
  • Transport and storage case made of plastic
RM 594.00 -60%
RM 1,499.70
Installment: 6 x RM 99.00
Sealey Battery Tester 12V Digital With CCA Setting
(1 reviews)
  • 12V Battery tester with large, easy-to-read digital display and LEDs indicating battery condition
RM 164.20 -68%
RM 515.20
Einhell TC-TS 2025 U Table Saw
  • 2 in 1 saw blade adjustment (height, angle 0°-45°)
  • Table width extension for wide workpieces
  • Saw blade guard with chip extractor connection
  • Parallel stop with eccentric clamp
  • Cross stop with angle scale (+/- 60°)
  • Housing with chip extractor connection for a clean workplace
  • Includes base frame for stability
  • Holder to wrap the power cord
  • Holder for included tools
  • Carbide-coated precision saw blade
RM 1,962.50
Einhell RT-AG 230 Angle Grinder (Red)
(1 reviews)
  • Soft start 
  • Disk guard quick adjustment 
  • Spindle lock 
  • Metal gear head 
  • Additional handle can be fitted in 3 positions 
  • Flange nut wrench 
  • Soft grip 
  • Low in vibrations 
  • Product is not eligible for vouchers
RM 225.00 -61%
RM 578.20
Sealey Heavy-Duty Magnetic Pick-Up Tool with LED 3.6kg Capacity
  • Heavy-duty five section telescopic pick-up tool.
  • Large Ø14mm magnet with 3.6kg capacity and recessed LED to illuminate target area.
  • Textured, contoured handle for added comfort.
  • Knurled twist on/off switch for ease of use.
RM 32.20 -30%
RM 45.90
Sealey HSS 1.5mm Drill Bit pack of 10
  • Popular roll forged HSS drill bit sizes sold in packs of ten for convenience. Suitable for general workshop use in both hand and pillar drill applications.
RM 7.70 -20%
RM 9.60
Sealey Cable Ties 4.8 X 200mm Pack Of 100
  • Manufactured from nylon 66 making them heat resistant over the temperature range -40°C to 85°C. 
  • Supplied in handy sized pack. 
  • Suitable for workshop, garden and home applications.
RM 11.60 -55%
RM 25.70
Sealey Crow's Foot Spanner Set 10PC
  • Manufactured from hardened and tempered Chrome Vanadium steel with a fully polished finish.
  • Suitable for limited access applications.
  • Sizes 10-19mm inclusive.
  • Supplied on storage rail.
RM 110.90 -20%
RM 138.60
Bata Industrials Clark Safety Boots (Brown)
  • Quality
  • Anti Slip
  • Anti Static
  • Steel Toecap
  • Tunnel System
  • Flexible Midsole
RM 143.20 -20%
RM 179.00
Select Size
  • 34
  • 36
  • 38
  • 42
  • 44
  • 46
Sealey Hydraulic Pipe Bender 12tonne [CLEARANCE SHOWROOM UNIT]
  • Sealey are one of the UK's leading suppliers of workshop tools and equipment, providing the best products, best value and a service that is second to none. With over 34 years experience in the industry we are the choice of the professional.
RM 1,217.70 -35%
RM 1,873.40
Installment: 12 x RM 101.48
Tools Depot Coil Spring Compressor Double Leg
(2 reviews)
  • Heavy-duty chrome vanadium construction.
  • Allows even compression of spring prior to installation
  • Allows safe compression of spring prior to installation
RM 94.10 -25%
RM 125.40
Siegen Composite Tool Organiser
  • Wall-mounting composite tool organiser. 
  • Suitable for storing frequently used tools such as screwdrivers, hammers, pliers and spanners. 
  • Includes accessory tray, four hanging hooks and two clip on parts/stationery holders.
RM 94.80 -20%
RM 118.40
Sealey Bottle Jack 2tonne With Carry-case
  • Cast base with threaded components for easy disassembly. 
  • Fully tested and fitted with overload valve to comply with the latest CE regulations. 
  • Service kits readily available. 
  • Supplied in tough carry-case and suitable for recovery trucks or car boot. 
  • The case prevents the jack from damaging other items and also prevents the spread of grease, oil or dirt from the jack.
RM 166.90 -20%
RM 208.60
Einhell BT-AG 2000 Angle Grinder (Blue)
  • Soft start 
  • Disk guard 
  • Spindle lock 
  • Metal gear head 
  • Additional handle 
  • Flange nut wrench 
  • Cutting disk not included
  • Product is not eligible for vouchers
RM 157.00 -61%
RM 403.40
Sealey Motorcycle Dolly -Side Stand Type
  • Motorcycle dolly holds a single motorcycle or sport bike with a side stand, weighing up to 565kg.
  • Easy manoeuvring around the workshop or garage.
  • Front and rear lever operated wedge gates allow for easy loading and unloading. 
  • Five position side stand platform to fit varied length side stands.
  • Front/rear steel pins to keep the motorcycle on the dolly during moving, and smooth rolling dual castor wheels.
  • Brand : Sealey
  • Model : MS063
  • Item Weight : 32 Kg
  • Product Dimensions : 113.2 x 43.4 x 15.8 cm
  • Item model number : MS063
RM 1,000.90 -20%
RM 1,251.10
Installment: 12 x RM 83.41
Sealey Sack Truck Stair Climbing 150kg Capacity
  • Tubular steel construction gives 150kg maximum load capacity.
  • Deep foot ensures cartons stay on trolley during transit.
  • Fitted with solid rubber wheels.
  • Handle design allows a firm grip whilst ascending and descending stairways.
  • Ideal for delivery drivers and couriers.
  • Suitable also for multi-level factories and offices.
RM 604.70 -20%
RM 755.80
Installment: 6 x RM 100.78
Sealey Compound Mitre Saw 250mm 230V [CLEARANCE SHOWROOM UNT]
  • Lightweight portable saw with aluminium base and chassis and polished aluminium table.
  • Includes table extension wings and work clamp.
  • Trigger control with guard safety catch provides added user safety.
  • Blade guard includes Ø48mm dust extraction port with removable dust-bag.
  • Saw arm features 45° swing and 45° tilt for cutting compound mitres.
  • Supplied with mini-tipped saw blade.
  • Saw arm latches closed for easy storage and transport.
RM 752.70 -60%
RM 1,881.80
Installment: 6 x RM 125.45
Sealey Tyre Changer Manual Operation
  • Steel construction with manual bead breaker.
  • Suitable for use on most open centred wheels.
  • Supplied with tyre bar.
  • To prevent damage to the rim of alloy wheels, it is essential to use a TC963 Tyre Bar.
RM 872.00 -20%
RM 1,090.00
Installment: 6 x RM 145.33
Einhell Universal Banquet E-Stand for Cutters
  • Maximum mounting depth of 41 cm
  • Working height of 81 cm
  • Aluminum-to-die-base mounting bracket with X reinforcement
  • An adjustable height-adjustable foot for the stability of the floor
RM 832.60
Sealey Magnetic Worklight
(1 reviews)
  • Compact work light with 24 LEDs for inspection use and additional 4 LEDs for directional use.
  • Incorporates a magnet on the back and a fold-away 360° swivel hanging hook both ideal for hands-free use.
  • Powered by 3 x AAA batteries (supplied).
RM 34.00 -30%
RM 48.60
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